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The Best Snowboard Brands Ever! 27 Brands Listed From A-Z

by Fraser

There are too many snowboard brands these days, from huge global companies to niche-product newcomers. 

This can get confusing… particularly for those new to snowboarding. 

Don’t worry. I got you!

I’ve put together an official list of the best snowboard brands. Every brand on this list makes high quality gear that I have personally tested and approved. 

Take a look through and see which ones match with your style, ethics and preferences. I’m sure you’ll find some pretty epic gear for the coming season.

The Best Snowboard Brands In The World

As a self-confessed snowboard gear addict, I’ve been through my fair share of brands. My many years in the snowboarding game have taught me an awful lot about what makes a brand great and… not so much. 

Every company mentioned has therefore truly earned a place on the official list of best snowboard brands.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Outerwear
  • Kickass outwear made especially for snowboarders 
  • Innovative tech - that does work
  • Better price point than competitors 
  • Dope ethos and ethics

Founded an impressive 30-years ago, 686 make incredible snowboard clothing with innovative technology. They’re a true snowboard company, founded by a very passionate snowboarder. 

I am extremely picky about my outerwear and really push it to the limits when I test it. 686 is one of the few brands that mostly stands up to these rigorous tests. 

Definitely worth a look when you’re next in the market for some new outerwear. 

  • Incredible shapes: great powder-slayers
  • Eco-friendly: Aiming to be co2 neutral!
  • They do things differently - check out their tech.

Amplid is the brainchild of ex-snowboard champion Peter Bauer and is dedicated to creating state-of-the-art freeride snowboards.

These boards are super nice in every aspect, from their tasteful graphics and outstanding workmanship to their superb customer service.

Peter Bauer and his team have strived to create a brand that blends ambitious ideas with cutting-edge snowboard technology. Riding an Amplid on groomers or in the backcountry is a joy. They have fantastic turning performance and a confidence-inducing feel.

  • Almost 30-years in the game!
  • One of the best snowboard brands for freeride
  • B-e-a-utiful natural wood topsheets

Arbor has been around since 1995. They started out with incredibly lightweight snowboards, all when snowboards were still pretty heavy. They stayed as a pretty small company until the legendary Brian Iguchi brought in his Yoda-style influences to help them out.

Most Arbor snowboards are biased towards freeriding. So you can expect some exciting shapes designed for floating in powder and supreme carving ability.

Their snowboards have an old-school feel, featuring wood laminate top sheets and stunning graphics. Arbor has also translated this style to their gorgeous cruiser skateboards, so you can still carve while waiting for the snow to fall.

Try The Surfer!
  • Bateleon make super fun boards for all conditions
  • If you've never ridden the surfer you're missing out! 
  • Innovative pro rider team (shoutout Tyler Chorlton) 

Bataleon steered away from the traditional snowboard designs, leading them to develop TBT (Triple Base Technology). Many dismissed this tech as a gimmick, but it really works.

TBT sees three separate plains at the nose and tail that raise the contact points. The result takes a few runs to get used to, but the loose feel is ideal for freestyle snowboarding. It also feels pretty good in powder!

  • Founded by snowboarding legend Jake Burton. 
  • A global company with huge RnD budget!
  • Actually make incredible gear - especially bindings.

Burton has been around since 1977 and was founded by the late and great Jake Burton. Jake is easily one of snowboarding’s most famous snowboarders of all time.

Ever since snowboarders started shredding the slopes, Burton has been there, offering innovative equipment and clothing.

Many of these innovations have been developed with the help of legendary snowboarders like Terje Håkonsen and Craig Kelly. But the likes of Shawn White and Mark McMorris continue to fly the flag for the brand.

Burton’s range of products is vast. They offer everything a snowboarder needs for a season and many products for the off-season.

Burton also owns several other brands, such as Anon, R.E.D., Gravis, Analog, and more.

Pro Tip: The Burton Malavita bindings are one of the best bindings for most riders. They’re seriously awesome!

  • Designed and hand-made in the French Alps
  • Beautiful selection of snowboards
  • Worldwide shipping 

Borealis Snowboards was founded in 2013 in France by Ben Hall, a French-English snowboarder. Ben’s team has over 30 years of experience to call upon to create high-performance gear. The snowboards are all hand-made from sustainable materials such as bio-based resin, sustainable wood, and natural bamboo.

Borealis is a niche company, but they are definitely worth checking out if you want to improve your green credentials and ride something a little different.

Insane Boards!
  • Snowboards are built in the Austrian Mothership! 
  • Founded on true snowboarding anti-establishment vibes!
  • Incredible attention to detail when designing snowboards
  • They make the legendary DOA! 

I’ll be honest with you straight off the bat… I love Capita snowboards. I’ve ridden a huge number of their snowboards and they get it right damn near every time. 

Created in the year 2000, Capita aimed to disrupt the status quo, shaking out the profit-hungry corporations invading the snowboarding world. They succeeded. They had soon signed numerous pro riders and later moved their team to Austria, where they built The Mothership!

The mothership is a huge facility where Capita carries out all of their research and development. More impressively, they use a self-generated energy supply which is 100% clean and boasts zero-carbon emissions

They source 98% of their materials locally and make some really incredible snowboards with them. If you’re looking for pop, Capita have you covered!

If you’re looking for one-board to rule them all, you can’t go wrong with the Capita Defenders Of Awesome (DOA).

Best Boots
  • Comfiest boots of all time (in my opinion)
  • Some lines now compatible with burton step-ons
  • Also make great outerwear with high spec
  • Incredible team riders like Torstein Horgmo 

DC started out as a skate shoe company in 1994. They moved into building snowboards in the mid-2000s with a heavy bias towards freestyle… thanks to the skating background and their board’s poppy feel.

D.C. then brought its shoe-making expertise to snowboard boots with great success. Their snowboard boots are so darned comfortable, I swear I forget they’re on my feet. 

DC were also one of the first brands to use the Boa lacing system.

Their pro riders include Torstein Horgmo, Devin Walsh, and Todd Richards.


Gentemstick is a niche brand from Japan. They make some of the most sought-after powder snowboards with a spiritual surfy feeling. Gentemsticks snowboards are hand-made and designed to float in the deepest powder.

When you hold a Gentemstick you can really feel the quality of the build. 

This is a passionate brand deep in the core of snowboarding. They aren’t just in it for the money, and they handpick snowboard shops to sell their boards; ones that reflect their ideology.

  • Part of the huge Mervin snowboarding machine
  • Innovative tech like magnatraction (explained below)
  • Make exclusively environmentally friendly boards

GNU is part of the snowboarding giant Mervin Manufacturing. Mervin Manufacturing is responsible for several snowboard brands but also makes skis, skateboards, and surfboards.

Founded in 1977, Gnu has focussed on manufacturing environmentally friendly snowboards. But during this time, they have developed awesome tech such as Magna Traction. Magna Traction snowboards have wavey edges that give you incredible edge hold.

This can be a game-changer on those icy days!

Gnu makes some great snowboards with responsive handling and fast bases. They also have great graphics and some interesting shapes.

  • Started by snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones 
  • Focused on mountain-conscious mountain gear  
  • I'll personally vouch for the mind expander - what a board!

Jones was started by Jeremy Jones with a heavy focus on making environmentally friendly snowboards. But their boards are also high-performing and have a bias toward freeriding.

The company is also a pioneer in split-board technology. Check out the Jones Hovercraft split-board if you want to hike into the backcountry. This helps you to find the best powder lines (and have the most fun).

Jones is now owned by the Swiss company, Nidecker, which has been around for many years. So Jones therefore has the resources to keep creating great boards.

  • Originally a ski brand, K2 now produce incredible snowboard gear
  • A rare all-round: the bindings, boots and boards are all great
  • The K2 Lien bindings are supremely comfortable

K2 is a ski brand but was one of the first to break into the snowboard market in the 1980s. K2 Make some great snowboards, using their ski manufacturing expertise and technology.

Their solid background also allows them to offer a wide range of snowboard products. No matter what kind of rider you are, K2 will have boards, boots, and bindings to suit your needs, ability level, and preferences.

  • One of the original snowboarding brands - now making a comeback!
  • Retro graphics with new technologies
  • The Apex is such a fun snowboard!

Canadian snowboard company Kemper has been around since the late 1980s. They became one of the most prominent snowboard brands in the 1990s but fell by the wayside by the end of the decade.

Kemper was then revived in 2018!

They stick to the retro graphics and colors they were famous for back in the day… but use modern technology and shapes. There’s no doubt we’ll start to see more neon Kemper snowboards on the slopes in the near future.

Korua Shapes
  • A relatively new and exciting brand!
  • Influenced by the Japanese art of carving 
  • A strong focus on tech over graphics

Korua Shapes is one of the best snowboard brands and they only started out in 2014!

These boards are incredible and feature bizarre and interesting shapes for powder and carving. 

The company is based in Switzerland but is heavily influenced by the Japanese carving movement. Their ethos is to get people to re-discover the art of the turn, as this is what we do most of the time… whether riding deep powder or groomed pistes.

Korua Shapes snowboards don’t have fancy graphics. Just a white top sheet and red base (or 100% black on the Plus models).

This means their development and production budget goes into how the board rides rather than how it looks (but they are still beautiful). All their videos are shot in black and white, which adds a new level of coolness. Check out the ‘Yearning for Turning‘ video series to give you a taste of what these fantastic boards are used for and capable of.

Lib Tech
  • Another Mervin masterpiece!
  • Boards for all types of terrain 
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Some of the best graphics around

Lib Tech is another snowboard brand under the Mervin Industries umbrella.

In the 1990s, they were primarily a freestyle snowboarding brand featuring riders like Jamie Lynn. But their most famous rider these days is Travis Rice.

The brand has a massive range of snowboards, including backcountry, all-mountain, freestyle, and splitboards. Lib Tech is also big on sustainability, using more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and materials.

Lib Tech also takes its green credentials to manufacturing skateboards, surfboards, and skis.

  • Founded by Icelandic snowboarders Eiki & Heldor Helgasson
  • Boasting similar tech to Bataleon's TBT 
  • An eccentric brand that is simply... fun 

Lobster was started by Eiki and Heldor Helgasson, two pro riders from Iceland. They got help from Bataleon (who previously sponsored Eiki), so you can expect similar tech to Bataleon’s TBT.

Lobster is a characterful snowboard brand that stays away from the norm.

This is exemplified by their sponsored riders, such as ‘the Fridge.’ This guy always rides wearing a backpack, even in international slopestyle competitions!

  • Founded way back 1862, they're now world-recognised!
  • Make some of the best transceivers and avalanche airbags
  • The best quality avalanche shovels and probes

If you’re looking for a premium avalanche transceiver or airbag backpack… look no further than Mammut. 

Every single item I’ve tried from them as been of incredible quality and has held up for years. 

I use them for pretty much all of my backcountry safety gear.

Never Summer
  • Incredibly well made boards! 
  • Only sold by a select few authorized stores.
  • Beautiful range of powder boards
  • The proto range are super fun to ride!

Never Summer has been around since 1983, but it never gained the traction of the more prominent brands. But their reputation for building quality and robust snowboards shone through, earning them a following of loyal riders.

Unlike some brands, Never Summer build their own boards in-house rather than farming production out to large manufacturing facilities.

They also only supply snowboard shops that share the same spirit, rather than just sending them out to every shop they can.

  • Excellence comes in budget prices!
  • A brand that pushes snowboarding forward 
  • The mosquito is downright incredible 
  • Their bindings also rival the bigger brands 

Nidecker has a surprising history, as it was founded way back in 1887! Of course, snowboarding wasn’t around then, but the Swiss family-run company branched out into snowboards in 1986.

They have since become one of the best snowboarding brands around.

Nidecker snowboards are still more popular in Europe; most riders are probably more familiar with their other brands, such as Jones, Yes, Slash and Volcom.

But Nidecker snowboards are excellent and offer something for freeriders, freestylers, and those who like to ride a bit of everything.

Check out the ‘Slice n’ Dice‘ video series to see pro riders Dave Crozier and Lewis Sonvico get creative on Nidecker snowboards.

Best Shapes!
  • As Nitro would say, they're "Built For Good Times!"
  • Most diverse line-up in the game! 
  • You'll want to try every single shape and size
  • The pow is a downright masterpiece!

Nitro is another old-school snowboard brand. Founded 1990 in Seattle, the brand has always stayed at the core of snowboarding, putting riders first.

They’ve managed to maintain this despite becoming one of the largest brands in the industry!

There is a full spectrum of Nitro products, from boards, boots, apparel and bindings – all of which are great! Their quiver range consists of some super interesting and quirky shapes, making fun a priority.

Nitro has some of the world’s best riders on their books, such as Eero Ettala, Bryan Austin, and Marcus Kleveland. 

Try The Warpig!
  • You have simply got to try The Warpig at least once!
  • Amazing selection of boards/boots/bindings/gear. 
  • Super fun team and community

Found in 1992, Washington State-based Ride Snowboards started off with boards heavily influenced by skateboarding (they even had a snowboard with grip tape on the top sheet). Therefore they focussed on freestyle. 

Like Nitro, Ride is at the core of the sport, striving to be an excellent snowboard company rather than trying to be the biggest. Their board range now covers all the bases with split-boards, freestyle, park, powder, all-mountain, and carving boards.

They exude quality and have certainly earned a spot on the list of best snowboard brands. 

Best Bindings!
  • The best bindings in the game! 
  • Another incredible all-rounder 
  • Incredible customer service 

Rome was started by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz in 2001. These guys used to work for Burton… but didn’t like the big company mentality and that the company seemed to have lost the ethos of snowboarding.

This independent brand has done a great job of making its own way in the snowboard market. They even managed to sponsor some of the world’s best freestyle riders, such as Ståle Sandbech and Alek Oestreng.

I can personally vouch for their bindings which I swear by on most of my boards. 

  • A ski brand that has mastered snowboard production
  • Their XV line is pure magic - especially the Sashimi! 
  • Secret tip - Rossignol gives 15% off when you subscribe!

Rossignol is an old French ski bran, introducing a few snowboards to its product lineup over the years.

However, this isn’t a bad thing, as the company has used its ski-making knowledge to make some pretty dang good snowboards.

The quality of Rossignol snowboards shines through when you see the likes of Xavier De Le Rue dominating the Freeride World Tour on one of their boards.

Xavier is also heavily involved in developing the company’s big mountain snowboards. If you like to ride fast, maybe you shouldn’t discount a Rossignol before you’ve tried one!

The Rossignol Sashimi for example is the best board I’ve ever tested in powder. I can’t recommend it enough!

For The Ladies!
  • Delivering the goods for the female shredders!
  • Great boards and ever greater outerwear. 
  • Something for all ages, abilities and styles.

Back to another Mervin brand, Roxy has become popular with female shredders pretty quickly!

The brand diversified from bikinis and surf clothing to produce some great snowboards for women.

Even though they focus on women’s snowboards, their range has something for all abilities and styles. They even make skis if you fancy going over to the dark side.

  • Once just a ski company, now conquering both. 
  • The Salomon Assassin is an all-round beast!
  • Make hella good boots and bindings too. 

When Salomon started making snowboards in 1999, many people saw them as a soulless ski company jumping on the snowboard bandwagon.

There may be an element of truth in this (even though their first board was really nice with a super fast base.)

However, over time, Salomon has managed to convince snowboarders that they belong in the one plank world.

They make excellent snowboards and constantly develop their products to give snowboarders high-performance equipment. Check out the Salomon Assassin and Huck Knife for some great examples!

  • Founded by the legendary Gigi Rüf!
  • The Slash ATV and Happy Place are amazing
  • Also do great kids snowboards. 

This Slash has nothing to do with Guns n’ Roses but is one of Nidecker’s other brands. This small brand was started by Gigi Ruff, and the boards are based on his riding style.

So if you like to shred everything the mountain has to throw at you, from side hits to backcountry, look into Slash’s options. Slash also has some great options for kids!

  • A masterful range of snowboards!
  • Some of the most innovative powder shapes
  • Checkout the Yes 20/20

Yes Snowboards was started by David Carrier Porcheron, Romain De Marchi, P Solberg, and Tadashi Fuse. In 2009 these top riders broke their ties with Burton to set up their own brand under Nidecker’s wing.

The backcountry freestyle skills these riders have are translated into their snowboard lineup. You can expect these boards to be fun to ride and super versatile, allowing you to shred wherever you find yourself.

Final Thoughts

There are more companies I could have put on this snowboard brands list, but it would take you until spring to get through them all!

I therefore narrowed it down to only the very best snowboard brands on offer.

These are the most prominent and exciting snowboard brands. 

Each offers innovative products that keep snowboarding alive, maintaining it’s title as the best sport in the world.

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