are bataleon are a good snowboard brand?

Is Bataleon a Good Snowboard Brand? [The Honest Truth]

by Tom

Choosing your next snowboard brand is one of the toughest decisions you’ll make. It can make or break your season!

If you’re considering Bataleon, you’ve come to the right article.

So, is Bataleon a good snowboard brand? 

The Short Answer

Bataleon is an excellent snowboard brand. They make some of the most leading-edge snowboards on the market. Their boards have excellent build quality and feature their famous triple base technology, called 3BT. Check out their latest models here.

Let’s take a closer look at Bataleon and whether you should go with them for your next board! 

Who Are Bataleon?

Bataleon Snowboards have been around for 19-years. They are leaders is snowboarding innovation, releasing creative designs and unique base technology. They also have a super strong pro-rider team and a loyal fan base.

Their snowboards are very high quality. They are hand-made in the Mothership (Austria) and feature Bataleon’s triple-based technology. Let’s take a look at this feature in closer detail…

What Is 3BT, And Do I Need It?

Next time you’re in a snowboard shop, look at the base of any Bataleon snowboard. You’ll notice it has a visible 3D shape.

The result makes the base a little bit like a boat hull, with
the centre section more pronounced than the edges. The 3BT shape raises the edges, reducing the likelihood of you catching an edge. It also gives the board some nimble handling and swift edge change abilities.

Once mastered, you’ll notice that initiating turns is effortless, as the raised edges don’t fight you when starting your turn. You might worry that this will make the edges wash out?

Strangely, you also get excellent edge hold,
forgiveness, and playfulness. The folks at Bataleon are magicians!

As the centre of the board is raised, you can ride much faster in a straight line, which is helpful on mellow cat tracks and flat sections.

Be warned though. 3BT can take a bit of getting used to. However, most riders do love it once they get a feel for it. The trick is to commit to every turn, as you need to get over the rolling sensation other boards don’t have. 

Bataleon Snowboard Shapes, Construction, And Bases

Bataleon claims 3BT makes their boards more versatile. Having tested Bataleon snowboards back-to-back with other high-end ones, I can tell you that they float well in powder, are forgiving, and go from edge to edge exceptionally well.

These characteristics come from the 3BT and the positive camber profile. 

Bataleon Snowboard Shapes

Bataleon offer the following shapes:

  • Directional
  • Directional twin
  • True twin

So there will certainly be something in their range for you. There are some pretty interesting shapes, such as the fishtailed Surfer or the “Camel Two Gimbal God” freeride board.

is bataleon a good snowboard brand?
The Bataleon Surfer (Beautiful!)

Bataleon Snowboard Construction

Bataleon uses six wood combinations for their cores, including the high-end “Super UltraLight Core”  which uses an 80%-20% mix of paulownia and poplar. But they also have an
even fancier core called AirRide, which has excellent vibration-damping properties at high-speed.

Bataleon Snowboard Bases

Your Bataleon snowboard will have one of 4 bases. All are pretty slippery but look for the “Nano Speed S” base if you want to ride at warp speed.

Some Bataleon snowboards have multicoloured bases, known as Flip Flop bases. Each Flip Flop base is unique, featuring two or more colours. This is not for looks, nor is there anything wrong with the base. These
bases are made of P-Tex left over from manufacturing processes, making them more environmentally friendly.

Pros and Cons Of Bataleon Snowboards

  • Effortless turn initiation
  • Fast straight-line speed
  • Some interesting shapes to choose from
  • They have a playful feeling
  • The surfer is a work of art
  • Handmade in the Mothership
  • They take some getting used to
  • Some people complain about edge hold on ice
  • When you get it serviced, you need to find a competent shop with a tech who knows how
    to sharpen the edges properly

Where To Buy Bataleon Snowboards

If you’ve decided to try a Bataleon Snowboard, the best places to pick one up are:

United States:

Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts

Bataleaon make excellent snowboards and snowboarding apparel. Not everyone gets on with the 3BT, but you’ll come across plenty of dedicated die-hard fans.

Many Bataleon riders are loyal customers who keep going back. Are you going to join them?

Happy riding!

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