best balance boards for snowboarding

The 5 Best Balance Boards for Snowboarding!

by Tom

Some snowboarders spend months preparing for the snowboard season, others just turn up on opening day. 

Regardless of where you stand, balance is key!

One of the best tools to help you get there is the trusty balance board. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the best one for snowboarding? 

Well, I’ve tested over a dozen balance boards in recent years. Read on to see our top picks and how they’ll benefit your boarding game.

Our Top Balance Board Picks

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The Best Balance Boards For Snowboarding

Editor's Choice
1. Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Setup
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Highly transferable snowboarding skills!
  • The most premium option on the market 
  • Designed by snowboarders, for snowboarders
  • Free access to their video tutorials
  • Extra 5% off: SNOWBOARDINGDAYS

✖️ The price-tag!
✖️ Not a traditional rolling "balance" board

The Snowboard Addiction Jib Training setup ain’t cheap, but it’s easily one of the best balance boards for snowboarding. 

Admittedly, it’s not exactly a conventional balance board. Rather than balancing on a roller, it comes with a balance bar which simulates rails and boxes. 

This is awesome for practicing presses, rail tricks and jibs. Plus, if you opt for their Freestyle Setup, the board can also be used on trampolines. I landed my first inverts by putting them down on a trampoline first. 

If you’re just getting started with snowboarding, or the budget is tight, opt for the option below. 

Best Value!
2. Revbalance Core 32 Advanced Balance Board
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Most popular option!
  • Teaches balance and tricks
  • Excellent for keeping your muscles in check
  • Made in the USA, for riders, by riders!

✖️ No "stop system" on the base, making it a little more advanced

Now we’re talking… this is a classic twist on the balance board. They’ve used a super-durable skateboard deck design, which enables ollies, tricks and spins. 

The base is smooth, with no stop bars. This is part of what makes it so great for tricks, but it’s also why beginners may find this too difficult. I’ve taken a few spills on mine, but that’s part of the fun. 

Beginner Option
3. Revbalance 101 v2 Balance Board
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Most beginner-friendly option 
  • Designed and built in the USA!
  • The magnetic stop system can be adjusted and removed depending on your ability

✖️ Less freestyle-capable

Another great offering from Revbalance. The 101 v2 is wider, with adjustable magnetic stop bars on the base. These prevent you from rolling past the point of no return (and falling!). 

This option is therefore much better for beginner to intermediate levels, or for a more relaxed balance board. It’s not so great for trying tricks and spins though. 

Budget Pick
4. Yes4All Premium Balance Board
9/10 Our Score
  • Cheap and effective!
  • Three adjustable difficulty levels
  • Premium grip-tape topsheet
  • An Amazon best-seller

✖️ Less durable
✖️ Minimal freestyle potential

The Yes4All balance board is pretty similar to the Revbalance 101 v2. As the cheapest option on the list, it’s a great option on a budget!

As you’d expect, it does feels slightly less premium. The grip is a little coarse and I’ve heard stories of the ends popping off the roller. But it’s the top-selling balance board on Amazon for a reason, it works. 

The Original!
5. INDO BOARD Original Balance Board
8.9/10 Our Score
  • Simple, durable, effective
  • Used by surfers and snowboarders worldwide

✖️ Limited features considering the price

Indo Board make one of the best-selling balance boards in the world. Made popular by surfers, snowboarders soon realised the potential. 

The design is pretty basic – a wide wooden board with a really well designed roller. The board does lack grip tape and adjustable stop bars though. At this price point, I’d therefore recommend the options higher up the list. 

Why Snowboarders Need Balance Boards

Balance plays a huge role in snowboarding. These nifty devices work by challenging your stability, requiring you to engage your core, legs, and even your mind. 

Training with a balance board can improve your overall balance, agility, and body awareness – skills that are paramount on the slopes.

Regular practice on a balance board also helps strengthen your core, and leg muscles, increases your joint stability, and boosting your reaction times. 

A few seasons ago, I adopted balance boards into my off-season snowboard practice. It made a massive difference when the season rolled around!

The Benefits of Balance Boards

Balance boards serve as an excellent tool for snowboarders, offering a wide array of transferable skills and benefits.

Here are the key benefits of using a balance board for snowboarding:

  1. Improved Balance: The most obvious benefit… it’s in the name! Balance boards help to enhance your overall stability and equilibrium, crucial for maintaining control on your snowboard.
  2. Core Strength: Balance boards require the continuous engagement of your core muscles to stay upright, thus helping to build core strength!
  3. Lower Body Strength: Using a balance board regularly can also strengthen the muscles in your lower body. This males your turns and jumps more effortless.
  4. Enhanced Coordination: The constant shifting of weight on the board closely mimics the movements needed in snowboarding, which can lead to more fluid movements on the slopes.
  5. Joint Stability: Regular use of a balance board can strengthen the ligaments and muscles around your ankles and knees, increasing joint stability. This not only improves your performance, it helps prevent potential injuries.
  6. Improved Reflexes: By continually adjusting to maintain balance, your body becomes better at making quick, corrective actions.
  7. Mental Focus: Maintaining balance requires significant mental concentration, which can translate into better focus while snowboarding.

Final Thoughts

Using one of the best balance boards for snowboarding is an excellent way to get that pre-season edge.

They will hone both your skills and your strength. Plus, it’s pretty fun once you get the hang of it!

I use mine while watching TV or listening to a hype-worthy snowboarding playlist.

Got any questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy riding balancing!

Top Choice
Revbalance Core 32 Advanced Balance Board
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Best option for most riders

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