is roxy a good snowboard brand

Is Roxy a Good Snowboard Brand? [Ask An Expert]

by Ben

Roxy is part of Quiksilver. They launched in 1990 to provide female surfers and snowboarders with high-quality and stylish clothing. They now make their own women’s specific snowboards and skis. But is Roxy a good snowboard brand?

Roxy are a great snowboard brand for female riders. Their gear looks fantastic and performs exceptionally well. The brand also has the backing of the much larger Quiksilver corporation. This provides a substantial research and development budget. 

Let’s dig deeper into the Roxy brand and consider whether you should buy one…

Who Is Roxy?

Roxy is a well-known brand in the snowboarding and surfing industry. You’ll find most of their products in Quiksilver stores – they stand out with their bright colours and funky designs.

They focus on creating quality products to suit the demands of the female snowboarder of all ability levels.

is roxy a good snowboard brand? some of the snowboards

Their snowboards and skis are made by Mervin Manufacturing. This is the company that produces Lib Tech, Gnu, and Bent Metal Bindings.

All of which are incredibly high-performing products and durable. They are also highly eco-friendly as they do everything possible to reduce their products’ environmental impact.

Who Rides Roxy Snowboards?

You mean aside from two-time Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim?

Roxy has a limited collection of snowboards… just seven models currently. All of their snowboards are versatile, and they are all-mountain boards. However, some are slightly more suited to freestyle riders, while others lean towards freeride.

You can get these boards in various profiles to suit all riding styles and abilities. 

All this means that Roxy snowboards are best suited to riders who want their boards to do a little bit of everything while being specifically designed for women’s physiology.

Roxy Snowboards Tech

Roxy snowboards are built alongside other big-name brands, sharing much of the technology. For example, they use the same camber profiles as Lib tech and Gnu boards. These are designed to suit different riding styles and terrain.

However, the shape and flex patterns are specific to female snowboarders’ riding preferences and anatomies. This means female riders get to ride responsive and forgiving snowboards.

Roxy snowboards feature high-quality materials within their cores. For example, poplar, paulownia, and bamboo are lightweight materials that contribute to a responsive feel.

These snowboards also have a sintered base which provides lots of glide in all snow conditions. The bases are also incredibly durable, so they can withstand rock impacts exceptionally well.

The Pros and Cons Of Roxy Snowboards

  • Roxy is renowned for keeping up with and setting fashions regarding snowboard clothing and hardware. This makes them appealing as well as functional.
  • Due to the excellent manufacturing facility, Roxy snowboards are incredibly high quality and built to last.
  • Not all women find unisex snowboards suitable. The women's specific Roxy snowboard design should meet female riders' unique demands.
  • Some people don't regard Roxy as a "serious" snowboard brand. But if you love their boards, this shouldn't bother you.

Where To Buy Roxy Snowboards

These are the stores I recommend using: 

United States: Evo (or REI )
Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Roxy Snowboards

So, is Roxy a good snowboard brand?

It’s certainly easy to see why female riders are attracted to Roxy snowboards and their clothing options.

They look fantastic and perform exceptionally well. This brand is an excellent choice for female riders; however, being female doesn’t mean you need a female-specific snowboard.

Check out all the options for your style of riding height and weight before you choose a snowboard based on its looks. Head over to our List of Snowboard Brands (A-Z)

Happy riding!

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