Is Rome a Good Snowboard Brand? [The Inside Scoop!]

by Tom

Choosing your next snowboard brand is certainly not easy.

One brand you’ll almost certainly come across is Rome snowboards. But is Rome a good snowboard brand? 

Rome Snowboards may not be the most famous brand, but most snowboarders regard them as a great company. Rome SDS (Snowboard Design Syndicate) has been producing high-end snowboards since 2001. They have since collected a band of devoted riders.

But what makes Rome SDS a good snowboard brand?

The History Of Rome SDS

Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate (SDS) is a snowboard brand founded in 2001 by ex-Burton employees Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz. Their headquarters are based in Vermont, USA.

They are known for their innovative snowboard designs, technology and quality.

Rome SDS has been at the forefront of the snowboard industry, introducing new technologies such as the “Pop Core Matrix” and “QuickRip Technology”.

The company’s focus is on creating high-performance snowboards that cater to the needs of all riders, from beginner to advanced.

Over the years, Rome SDS has gained a reputation for producing some of the best snowboards on the market, which are also used by multiple professional riders.

Rome SDS Snowboard Technology

Rome SDS is known for improving snowboard performance and durability with their innovative technology.

The brand’s in-house developed Pop Core Matrix combines different types of wood and carbon, creating a lightweight and responsive core. This enhances the snowboard’s pop and responsiveness.

Their Airpop Core Matrix features air-filled channels to further reduce the snowboard’s weight and increase its responsiveness.

They have also more recently released their HotRods – thin inserts designed to add insane levels of pop and power. Rome’s video explains this better than I can:

Rome have also created the Rome QuickRip Technology. This unique sidecut design allows a snowboard to turn easily at slow speeds, while still providing stability and control when you’re hauling ass.

Many Rome SDS snowboards are reinforced at high-impact areas to increase durability and prevent board damage. You can be pretty confident that they’ll stand up to the punishing nature of shredding mountains. 

This season they’ve also added “Flax walls” to a handful of boards to further strengthen your deck. 

is rome a good snowboard brand?

On top of this, the Basalt Impact Plates placed in high-impact areas increase durability and reduce board chatter at high speeds.

Tech Summary

Rome SDS often release snowboards that are a little different to the norm. This may be a new shape or the introduction of new materials, but either way, Rome SDS snowboards offer something to look forward to.

Pros and Cons Of Rome Snowboards

  • Highly durable, thanks to Rome SDS's high-quality materials. They're known to withstand regular use on the slopes.
  • Rome offers all-mountain, park and powder snowboards
  • High-performance thanks to innovative technology that enhances stability, control, and responsiveness.
  • Rome cater to riders of all skill levels
  • (You can also buy Rome SDS bindings which are excellent)
  • Rome SDS snowboards can be a bit expensive, so they may not be the best choice if you're on a budget

Rome SDS Snowboard Warranty

Rome offer one of the best warranties in the industry. They provide a 2-year limited warranty on pretty much all of their gear (from the date it was purchased at an authorized dealer).

Several years back, my beloved Rome mod rocker started cracking halfway down the top sheet. Rome were incredible and sent a replacement out to me in the middle of my trip, in the middle of the French Alps. Legendary!

Where To Buy Rome Snowboards

If you’ve decided to try a Rome Snowboard, the best places to pick one up are:

United States:

Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Rome Snowboards

So, is Rome a good snowboard brand?

Heck yeah!

Rome SDS produce high-end snowboards with consistent quality and performance. Personally, my old Rome mod rocker is one of my favorite boards of all time!

Most people will have a fantastic experience with a Rome snowboard. Yes some people find them a little pricey, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

If you ride a Rome SDS snowboard, you will not regret spending the extra cash. Rome make durable, high-performing snowboards that stand the test of time.

Happy riding!

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