Is K2 a Good Snowboard Brand? [An Expert Review]

by Ben

K2 have been around since the early 1960s and started making snowboards in the 1980s. You don’t see many on the slopes, even though the company is still going strong. So is K2 a good snowboard brand?

The short answer is yes. K2 make some exceptional snowboards, designed for all kinds of rider and ability. The company played a significant role in the progression of snowboard technology and heavily invest in product development.

So let’s take a closer look at K2 snowboards and consider whether you should buy one…

About K2 Snowboard Equipment

K2 make snowboards for every mountain condition and riding ability. Their extensive lineup features freeride, freestyle, all-mountain, powder snowboards, and splitboards; they even have a couple of bindingless snow surfers to choose from.

The brand also makes a great selection of boots and bindings which complement each type of board they offer. They also have an impressive range of snowboard-associated equipment.

Interestingly, K2 was one of the first snowboard brands to develop quick-release boots and bindings back in the 1990s, the K2 Clicker.

They have now developed the Clicker’s design beyond the simple disc and lever setup, creating a more secure and adjustable binding. This might be a worthy rival to the Burton Step-on!

You previously couldn’t even buy K2 Clickers online, but they’re now available at most of the stores I recommend further into this article.

Who Rides K2 Snowboards?

K2 snowboards are usually ridden by people who like to go fast. This comes from the brand’s skiing roots, and many of K2’s lineup feature stiff and powerful boards, perfect for charging hard.

But this doesn’t mean that K2’s freestyle snowboards aren’t up to scratch. You can buy K2 snowboards in jib-friendly shapes and soft flex ratings, which will suit beginners and park rats alike.

K2 Snowboard Tech And Construction

One of the big things K2 has going for them is that they are an established brand with many years of experience. Their engineers and riders work together to create durable and high-quality snowboards.

For example, some of their boards feature carbon fibre to help energy transfer and stability at high speeds. This is a good thing considering they brought ski base technology to their snowboards, ensuring blistering performance!

Many of these boards also have trade-marked core technology to complement every rider’s mechanics, geometry, and riding style. Needless to say, there are some super high quality boards in the current line-up!

Should You Ride A K2 Snowboard?

As always, I recommend that you try a K2 snowboard before you buy one. This is because every rider has their own preferences and style. Undoubtedly, K2 makes great snowboards, but they don’t suit everyone.

This may be down to brand snobbery, as some people associate K2 with skis more than snowboards. However, a few runs on a K2 snowboard may put all of that to the back of your mind, leaving you with an excellent addition to your quiver.

If you are a skier who has had some experience with K2 skis, there’s a good chance you’ll like riding a K2 snowboard. This is because they use similar materials and technology in both (which isn’t a bad thing at all).

The Pros and Cons Of K2 Snowboards

  • There's a K2 snowboard for everyone
  • K2 is an established brand with lots of expertise
  • Their boards are super fast
  • You can choose from some really cool shapes
  • The Niseko Pleasures is dreamy
  • You may prefer a more "snowboardy" brand

What Is The Best K2 Snowboard?

Obviously this depends on where you plan to ride. But my favorite all-round, all-mountain slayer for most riders is the legendary K2 Raygun.

This board has been around for years, and has aged like fine wine. It has all of K2’s most essential tech and is forgiving enough to suit a beginner – whilst still allowing progression. 

(I also love the Niseko Pleasures Snowboard. But this is a specialized powder board, thus not ideal for most conditions/riders).

k2 rayon snowboard
K2 Raygun
k2 maysis snowboard boot
K2 Maysis

If we’re talking boots though, you can’t beat the K2 Maysis. These are strapped with loads of tech, but are somehow still super comfy. They’re a little stiff for complete beginners, but if you’re rapidly progressing through the snowboard skill levels, strongly consider these boots!

Where To Buy K2 Snowboards

Check the prices at these top stores. Hopefully you’ll find a bargain!

United States: The House or Evo
Europe: Blue Tomato

Wrapping Up K2 Snowboards

Is K2 a good snowboard brand?  


K2 is one of the industry’s top brands. They have been around for years and have brought their ski knowledge and expertise to snowboarding… improving it in the process.

There are now many K2 snowboards, meaning there should be one to suit every rider. Try one before you write them off. I’ve left a K2 Snowboarding video below. This should hype you up even more!

But if you’re still not convinced, head to our snowboard brand comparison

Happy riding.

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Rob August 26, 2023 - 7:52 am

Quite right! My Raygun is still one of the best boards in my quiver!

Luther November 16, 2023 - 3:03 pm

My k2 board is still going after 10 years! great craftsmanship. meanwhile my capita board imploded after 2 weeks!

Fraser November 16, 2023 - 10:48 pm

Which Capita board? I love both brands


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