is rossignol a good snowboard brand

Is Rossignol a Good Snowboard Brand? [An Expert Opinion]

by Ben

Rossignol is a well-established and respected French brand in the snowboarding industry. But they actually started out by manufacturing skis. Nowadays they offer a wide range of high-quality snowboards for riders of all levels, from beginner to advanced. But is Rossignol a good snowboard brand?

Whilst Rossignol aren’t one of the bigger names in the snowboard industry (yet), they are a good snowboard brand. In recent years, Rossignol have released some extremely high performance freeride boards and have significantly expanded their product range. 

Should you buy a Rossignol snowboard? Let’s take a look behind the scenes…

Who Are Rossignol?

Rossignol have been in the winter sports game for over 100 years! During this time, they have built a reputation as one of the best ski manufacturers in the world.

The brand has always had a primary focus on skiing but started developing snowboards in the 1980s, just as snowboarding started to become popular.

Those early boards were super heavy when compared them to other brands. However, Rossignol improved its snowboard technology and construction methods to make some pretty good snowboards. Much of Rossignol’s ski technology has found its way into their snowboards; therefore, you can expect quality construction and super fast bases.

Who Rides Rossignol Snowboards?

One of the great things about Rossignol is that their boards are reasonably priced. This means you can get a decent snowboard that performs well… without breaking the bank.

Rossignol is a good brand to check out if you’re a beginner snowboarder. Their wallet-friendly beginner and freestyle boards are an excellent way of getting into the sport. However, experienced riders can benefit from Rossignol’s free ride and big-mountain snowboards, such as the award-winning XV line designed by the legendary Xavier De La Rue.

the rossignol sashimi! (is rossignol a good snowboard brand)
The Infamous Rossignol XV Sashimi

Owning A Rossignol Snowboard

Rossignol makes some very good snowboards. However, they are not known for being a high-end snowboard brand… until you look at their freeride offerings.

Neither are they a low-end brand, as the quality of their snowboards is pretty good. You can expect excellent constructions and durable bases. These qualities have trickled down from the brand’s experience in the skiing industry. This is also why you can expect a fast base with lots of glide, which is reassuring when you get to flat sections and long cat tracks.

Rossignol Snowboard Tech

One of the unique features of Rossignol snowboards is their signature “Amptek” camber profile, which provides a balance of control and forgiveness. Several of their boards also offer LITE FRAME TECHNOLOGY, which integrates a visible urethane strip all the way around the board. This adds extra shock absorption, making for a super smooth ride. 

The technology, high-quality materials, and construction techniques make Rossignol snowboards durable and long-lasting.

In addition to snowboards, Rossignol also offers a range of snowboarding accessories, such as bindings, boots, and protective gear.

My Favorite Rossignol Snowboard?

My all time favorite Rossignol snowboard has got to be the XV Sashimi. This directional freeride snowboard is simply incredible in powder. I rode the Sashimi at these Japanese resorts and rest assured, it absolutely shredded!

The nose is much wider and longer than the tail. This allows your back foot to sink down into the powder. The Sashimi therefore offers an incredible floaty ride, even in 3 feet of fresh snowfall. 

The downside? It’s one of the more expensive boards in Rossignol’s line-up. But for good reason. 

Here’s a quick (but thorough) review of the Sashimi:

Pros and Cons Of Rossignol Snowboards

  • Reasonably priced
  • A good range of snowboards for beginners
  • They make some great big-mountain and freeride boards
  • A brand with lots of history and experience
  • Super fast bases
  • Durable construction
  • The XV Sashimi
  • Some riders don't like that Rossignol is more of a "skier's brand". 
  • The high-end freeride boards aren't especially cheap

Where To Buy Rossignol Snowboards

The best place to pick up your new Rossignol board is directly through Rossignol’s website. They offer a 15% discount on all first time orders when signing up to the newsletter. But you can also check the below for sales and price drops. 

United States: The House
Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Rossignol Snowboards

Although Rossignol may not seem like a sexy or particularly snowboarder-focussed brand, they do produce some excellent snowboards. Many snowboarders have started their sideways sliding careers on Rossignol snowboards and continue to use them to this day. 

Overall, Rossignol snowboards are known for their performance, quality, and innovation and are a popular choice among snowboarders looking for a top-performing board at a reasonable price.

Have you tried a Rossignol snowboard yet? Is Rossignol a good snowboard brand?

Let me know in the comments.

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