Best One Piece Snowboard Suit!

The Best Snowboarding Onesie Available [2024]

by Ben

Every year, as is tradition, I embark on a noble quest: to find that one piece of gear that makes me feel special. 

This year, my fixation was clear – I was on the hunt for the best snowboarding onesie! 

Now, for those unfamiliar with this cozy masterpiece, let me enlighten you. The one-piece snowboard suit, lovingly called the “onesie”, is no longer only for newbies and 80’s legends.

These bad boys are one of the best ways to keep snow in it’s rightful place – outside of your pants! Pull one on and you’re immediately sealed away from the elements. 

That’s the magic of the onesie!

However… cheap one piece snowboard suits are less use than a paper bag. This article is the result of many hours of testing!

Spoiler: The best snowboarding onesie is the Volcom Jamie Lynn GORE-TEX Jumpsuit. It's built with GORE-TEX 3-Layer Stretch C-KNIT materials and a multitude of storage options. It carries a hefty price tag though, so be warned!

One Piece Snowboard Suit Buying Guide

Once I’ve revealed the best one piece snowboard suit, you’ll be mighty tempted to try it. And for good reason…

1. Comfort is King

First things first, when I wear my onesie, I want to feel like I’m wrapped up in a cocoon of comfort. Think about it. The mountains can be unpredictable. 

One moment you’re basking in a sun-soaked ride down the slope, and the next, a gust of wind is threatening to send you into a snow drift.

The onesie has your back, quite literally. With no gaps between the jacket and pants, the cold doesn’t stand a chance.

2. Express Yourself!

Neon, patterns, retro vibes – the onesie world is your oyster. While some may opt for understated elegance, I gravitate towards the bolder choices.

I remember one suit that looked like it came straight out of a 1980s ski movie, and let me tell you, it was a showstopper. 

3. Practicality Meets Performance

Beyond the unique look, the best one piece snowboard suits are the epitome of practicality. Pockets, I need pockets!

For my phone, my snacks (yes, mid-ride munchies are a thing), my lift pass, and maybe even a cheeky pocket for my flask.

Room for an avalanche transceiver is equally essential.

The suit must also be breathable. No one likes the sweaty aftermath of an intense ride (giggity), so the ideal onesie keeps me warm but not stifled.

4. The Bond of the Onesie Brotherhood

Perhaps the most unexpected bonus in my search for the best one-piece snowboard suit? The community.

The knowing nods from fellow onesie wearers, the camaraderie at the lodge, and the shared jokes on the chairlift. It’s like an unspoken bond, a brotherhood (and sisterhood) for those who dare to stand out and make a statement.

The Best One Piece Snowboard Suit

Editor's Choice!
The Volcom Jamie Lynn GORE-TEX Jumpsuit!
9.5/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: GORE-TEX 3-Layer Stretch C-KNIT™
Insulation: Shell
Relaxed but not oversized

  • Insanely premium quality! 
  • Top-spec GORE-TEX 
  • A flexible, trick-friendly fit
  • Excellent venting system
  • Looks absolutely badass
  • Backed by Jamie Lynn
  • Basically impenetrable 
  • I never wanted to take it off!

✖️The price-tag (although not quite as crazy considering the cost of buying a 3L GORE-TEX jacket and pants separately)

Hot diggity dawg, this thing is incredible!

When it comes to snowboard onesies, the Volcom Jamie Lynn Jumpsuit blows the competition out of the water.

Made with an unreasonably premium GORE-TEX 3-Layer Stretch C-KNIT™ material, the suit is more breathable, more windproof and just as durable as other 3L Gore products. It’s also softer and more flexible… perfect for tricks!

This sets it apart from pretty much every other one-piece snowboard suit on the market!

gore-tex c-knit

It’s also packed with pockets, storage space and hidden bonus features. For example, strong YKK® AquaGuard® zippers, unique 420 pockets, and a hassle-free drop seat zipper (for bathroom breaks). 

Best One Piece Snowboard Suit!

It of course also has hand/boot gaiters, Volcom’s 2-way cuff system and a hidden toggle cinch hood. Basically, snow ain’t getting in!

I was initially concerned about overheating… essentially hot-boxing myself. Fortunately the 20k+ breathability made this impossible, and the large mesh-covered venting system works a charm. 


I’m aware I’m a little over-enthusiastic about this one, but I genuinely loved it. 

But for the sake of balance, let’s discuss the downsides

The most obvious one is clearly the price. This is a serious piece of kit, for a seriously dedicated rider. If you’re a newbie or proud weekend warrior, you might want to steer clear (unless your pockets are deeeep). 

For backcountry explorers, and those headed to powder stashes (like Japan and Baldface), this is a good buy. Buying a separate jacket and pants in a 3-Layer Stretch GORE-TEX will cost you well over a thousand bucks anyway. 

The Downside of One-Piece Snowboard Suits

Of course, it’s worth considering the drawbacks associated with rocking a one piece. 

  1. Bathroom Breaks: Bathroom breaks can be cumbersome. Look for “easy-access” zip systems. 

  2. Temperature Regulation: Onesies can cause overheating on warmer days (fortunately the Volcom Jumpsuit has great venting). 

  3. Fit Issues: One-pieces don’t offer the option to mix and match sizes.

  4. Style Constraints: With a onesie, you’re committed to one style for the day, no chance to mix and match.

  5. Cost & Versatility: Onesies can be pricier and less versatile than buying separate pieces.

  6. Maintenance & Durability: Damage to one section of a onesie might mean replacing the entire suit.

  7. Limited Choices: The market offers more variety in two-piece sets in terms of design and features.

What About Cheaper One-Piece Snowboard Suits?

To be entirely honest, I wouldn’t personally wear a cheap one-piece. They tend to focus on style over function, risking poor waterproofing and an even poorer design. 

Sure you can get away with them on slushy, spring park days, but they’re not going to survive the backcountry. 

If the Volcom Jumpsuit isn’t for you, I’d recommend checking out a bib pant and jacket combo. 

The Best One Piece Snowboard Suit for Women!

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about our onesie wearing sisterhood! This is the best women’s one piece snowboard suit.

(You guessed it. Another masterpiece from Volcom).  

Ladies Choice!
The Volcom Shiloh Snow Suit (Women's)
9.3/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: V-Science 2-Layer 15k/15k
Insulation: Shell
Loose Fit

  • Excellent bang for your buck!
  • Stylish and practical 
  • Durable 15k materials 
  • Mesh-lined zippers
  • Fully taped seams 
  • Great range of movement

✖️No GORE-TEX option (although that would skyrocket the price)

Another master-one-piece from Volcom! 

Whilst not quite as premium as the men’s pick, it comes with a much more palatable price-tag. In fact, you can pick this up for less than your average snowboard jacket!

best one piece snowboard suit for women

It (of course) comes with Volcom’s usual bells and whistles. You’ll be getting mesh-lined venting, drop seat zippers, cinch hood and cuffs, boot gaiters and more. 

A worthy companion for your onesie wearing adventures!

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually squeeze myself into this suit for testing. However my female riding compadres raved about it following the outerwear testing day. 

Final Thoughts

The one-piece snowboard suit, affectionately termed the “onesie,” has made a resounding comeback.

But not all one piece suits are created equal!

Whether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or a newcomer to the scene, the key lies in weighing the pros and cons, understanding your priorities, and finding a suit that fits like a sleeping bag. 

Fortunately, I’ve done the hard part for you:

Check them out and let me know your feedback. 

Happy one-piece riding amigo!  

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