is jones a good snowboard brand

Is Jones a Good Snowboard Brand?

by Ben

Jones Snowboards was established in 2010 by backcountry legend Jeremy Jones. He set up his own brand after being dropped by Rossignol. Since then, the brand has gone from strength to strength, winning several awards for its products. So is Jones a good snowboard brand?

Jones snowboards is a very good snowboard brand. They have quickly become one of the mountain’s most respected and highly-rated snowboard manufacturers. However, it is worth noting that they are more focused on freeride gear than freestyle.

Stay with me and we’ll take a look at whether you should invest in some Jones gear…

Who Are Jones Snowboards?

Jones Snowboards were recently acquired by a parent group, comprising of Bataleon, Flow, Now, Yes, and Switchback.

But Jeremy Jones is still heavily involved in shaping the snowboards as well as testing and promoting them.

The brand is one of the most sustainable in the snowboard industry. It gives 1% of profits to sustainability-oriented, nonprofit organisations such as Protect Our Winters.

is jones a good snowboard brand - commitment to the planet

The snowboards are made from sustainably sourced wood, and the resin that holds them together contains 27% plant-based carbon instead of petroleum products. All this goes towards reducing Jones Snowboard’s carbon footprint.

Who Rides Jones Snowboards?

Jones snowboards offer a slightly different lineup than other brands.

They don’t really cater to freestyle riders as the brand leans more towards freeriding. Therefore, if powder riding (or all-mountain riding) is your thing, you will undoubtedly find a Jones snowboard to suit you.

The brand offers directional freeride snowboards, directional all-mountain snowboards, a surf series and splitboards. They also offer an impressive lineup of women’s snowboards.

But it’s their surf series that offers up some truly unique masterpieces.

the jones snowboards surf series

These boards are designed by Jeremy Jones and his surfboard shaper buddy, Chris Christenson. The aim was for them to be as floaty in powder as possible, so that you feel like you’re riding waves in the sea.

Jones Snowboards Tech

You can expect some fantastic tech in Jones snowboards, and much of it is environmentally friendly.

Some Jones snowboards feature Magnetraction, which is the wavy edges that give you extra traction on icy slopes. The boards are also strengthened with basalt stringers for durability, and the eco-plastic top sheets are kinder to the environment… while still being tough.

Jones has also developed Spoon Technology which creates a curve in the nose to give the board more playful ride characteristics and extra float in powder.

There are many more technological features integrated into Jones snowboards. I won’t mention them all or we’ll be here all day!

Pros And Cons Of Jones Snowboards

  • The high-quality materials make Jones snowboards extremely durable
  • Jones snowboards perform exceptionally well, especially if you love the backcountry, riding powder or carving.
  • Buying a Jones snowboard is one of the most eco-friendly ways to go snowboarding.
  • They make amazing looking boards 
  • Jeremy Jones is a snowboarding legend!
  • No real dedicated park options
  • Jones doesn't really cater to snowboarders on a budget

What Is The Best Jones Snowboard?

Ok, I tried to remain somewhat unbiased so far. But here’s where I can really let loose…

I’ve tried nearly every board in the Jones line-up over the years. These are my two all time favorites:

  1. The Storm Chaser: A shorter, fatter, powder-slaying machine. I love this board. I took it to Rusutsu (Japan) and and had the best powder turns of my life!
  2. The Jones Mountain Twin: A true all-mountain master. This was the first board I actually felt deserved the “all-mountain” tag. I rode this thing everywhere, including powder and park.
The Jones Storm Chaser
The Jones Mountain Twin

If you’re in the market for a splitboard, Jones make some absolute beauties. They do come with a premium price tag, but if your credit card can handle the strain, they’re worth it (especially the Storm Chaser Split).

I should also mention that Jones make some very nice bindings and outerwear too. 

Where To Buy Jones Snowboards

I recommend these vendors for your Jones gear. They all have a great range and excellent customer service. 

United States: Evo
Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Jones Snowboards

Jeremy Jones knows what he’s talking about. He also has strong ethics, creating a fantastic snowboard brand.

Of course, most of the company’s offerings are best suited to freeriders and anyone who likes to push their limits off-piste. They also make excellent snowboards for those who like carving and riding aggressively.

However, if you are a beginner, it might be better to wait until you’ve developed your skills before strapping into a Jones snowboard.

So after reading this, what do you think? Is Jones a good snowboard brand? Let me know your own experience in the comments below!

If you still want to explore some other options, browse our A-Z of snowboard brands.

Happy riding!

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Frank June 24, 2023 - 6:50 pm

Jones has a reputation for delaminating top sheets because their eco friendly materials aren’t as good as traditional materials. You might think your saving the environment but then you have to buy a replacement board a lot sooner so now you have double the environmental impact

Fraser June 27, 2023 - 10:49 pm

Hey Frank. This is new to me, had several Jones boards over the past few seasons and they’re holding up great (though I could just be lucky). Which boards have you had issues with? I’ll have a search and add a warning if it’s an ongoing issue!


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