is head a good snowboard brand

Is Head a Good Snowboard Brand?

by Ben

You’ll find Head snowboards in rental stores across the world. They are pretty robust and fairly beginner friendly. But is Head a good snowboard brand? 

Head is an average snowboard brand. They provide well-rated, durable and budget-friendly boards for beginners. However, they are less suitable for intermediate and advanced riders. They are therefore more popular in rental stores than retail stores.

You might want to explore some of the best-rated snowboarding brands. Or keep reading to learn more about Head…

Who Are Head Snowboards?

Head was technically founded in 1950 by Howard Head, an aeronautical engineer. 

Having been frustrated at the limitations of traditional wooden skis, Howard used his engineering expertise to redesign them. This resulted in a revolutionary ski made of metal, plastic, and wood.

Unfortunately, the ski community was slow to accept them!

Head therefore took a brief detour into the tennis industry, before landing in the snowboard market in the 1980’s. 

Head have subsequently become a well-known brand in the winter sports industry… particularly as a provider of rental gear. They now also offer a range of snowboard boots, bindings, and other accessories. 

Head Snowboard Tech

Head started out with innovation and have attempted to stay that way. 

In all fairness, some of their higher-end models are actually jam packed with tech. Unfortunately, they’ve landed squarely in the beginner market and so struggle to break into the premium line-up.

Nonetheless, here’s some of the tech used in Head snowboards:

  1. Graphene: Head is the first company to incorporate Graphene, the lightest and strongest material ever discovered, into snowboards. Graphene enhances the board’s strength, flexibility, and response.

  2. Camber/Rocker Profiles: Head uses different combinations of camber (the upward curve of the board) and rocker (the downward curve of the board). This creates some pretty interesting and fun riding profiles. 

  3. Sandwich Construction: This involves layering different materials (wood, metal, and plastic) to create a more lightweight, strong, and durable board.

  4. KERS Technology: KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) converts the energy generated by your movement into additional power, providing a more explosive ride.

Pros And Cons Of Head Snowboards

  • Great value: Head snowboards are priced competitively. They provide really good bang for your buck.
  • Durable: Head aim for durability and their extruded bases are pretty damn tough
  • Great for beginners: their price-point and the forgiving nature of the boards make them a favorite for rental stores (particularly in Europe)

  • Hard to get hold of: Head snowboards are not as widely available as other brands.
  • Not suitable for all types of riding: While Head snowboards are great for progressing and carving, they may not be as suitable for more advanced freestyle riding.

What Are The Best Head Snowboards?

My favorite Head snowboard is the Anything Lyt. As per the name… this is their answer to the “one board for anything” type deck.

It’s a great combination of pop, response and forgiveness. Most people could get on with this deck. Whilst it’s a little stiffer than the average beginner board, you’d be just fine learning on it. Just make sure to get the right snowboard size.

is head a good snowboard brand? the anything lyt!

Where To Buy Head Snowboards

These are my preferred online stores. As Head products aren’t stocked by many retailers, Amazon is the best option.  

United States: Amazon
Europe: Amazon

Is Head a Good Snowboard Brand For Beginners?

Head is a good snowboard brand for beginner snowboarders, especially those on a budget. They make durable and forgiving boards at an excellent price-point. 

My personal thoughts however are that you might be better off with a beginner model from brands like Salomon or Rossignol.  By spending a little more now, you have a board to progress on for several seasons. 

However – if you’ve been gifted a Head snowboard or found a second hand one at a steal, don’t worry! The board will be plenty good enough to start out on. 

Final Thoughts On Head Snowboards

My first ever rental board was a Head snowboard. I’m still snowboarding several decades later… so it can’t have been too bad!

Head snowboards are durable, forgiving and stable. They are more than enough snowboard to get your through a season or two. 

However, whilst they do now make some more advanced snowboards, most experienced snowboarders will opt for other brands.  

But if there are any Head fans out there, what do you reckon? Is Head a good snowboard brand?

Let me know in the comments below. 

It’s also worth considering how long a snowboard lasts. If you’re going to be riding a lot, you’ll have more than enough chance to try more brands in the future. So don’t get too hung up on it. 

Happy riding!

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