The Snowboard Finder!

Looking for the perfect snowboard? Enter some basic details into our Snowboard Finder and we’ll suggest some of the best options for your size, style and riding preferences!

How To Use The Snowboard Finder

I tried to make our snowboard finder tool as straightforward as possible. All you need to know is:


✔ Your Measurements
✔ Your Profile Type
✔ Your Preferred Snowboard Shape
✔ Your Ability Level
✔ Your Riding Style (if unsure, choose All Mountain)
✔ Edge Tech Preferences 


Returned zero results?


Sadly, some options are simply incompatible. For example, there are very few traditional camber splitboards. If this happens, simply hop back over to the tool and try another combination. If you’re still having issues, drop me a message

How The Snowboard Finder Works

The Snowboard Finder Tool is an innovative digital solution designed to help both beginners and experienced riders find the perfect board.


By inputting information such as your weight, height, riding style, preferred terrain, and skill level, the tool sifts through an extensive database of snowboards to generate a curated list of options best suited to your specific requirements.


Is it perfect?




No tool can fully account for your personal preferences and individual needs. The snowboard finder quiz just simplifies the process of board selection. It’s like having a knowledgeable, impartial snowboard shop expert available at the click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

Didn't Find What You're Looking For?

Sometimes there are still too many options. How do you reduce 100 great options to just a final few?


Well, I’d suggest checking out our thorough review articles below. And if that still doesn’t work, get in touch!

Final Thoughts

Finding a snowboard is extremely difficult these days!


With thousands of different models, a dozen different profiles and a host of amazing snowboard brands, we’re spoilt for choice!


I’m hoping that by whittling down your options, and discussing the most important features, you’ll have a much easier time choosing. 


If you want to leave some feedback on the new tool, or need further guidance, please don’t hesitant to get in touch.


Happy riding! 

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