Snowboard Gear Discount Codes!

Discount Codes

Here’s some discounts for the companies and products that I use, know and trust. 

Keep an eye out for new codes – they’re updated regularly!

I put together some snowboarding gear discount codes, especially for you! I can vouch for every product and company on the list. Keep an eye out for new codes, they’re updated frequently. 


Put them to good use!

Outdoor Master

15% Discount: SBDAYS15

Outdoor Master specialize in high-quality, high-value goggles. They offer similar features to premium brands such as Smith and Oakley but at a fraction of the cost. I currently use the Ultra goggle and Diamond helmet as my go-to gear. 

Rippl Impact Gear


Rippl make an awesome range of snowboarding protective gear. They are also much more affordable than some of the bigger brand names. Their impact shorts are definitely worth checking out!

endeavor logo

Endeavor Snowboards


Endeavor are a small but powerful snowboard brand. They’re responsive for multiple legendary boards, such as the Archetype and BOD. Based out of Vancouver, their boards are expertly crafted and more importantly…. super fun.

Airhole Facemasks


My all time favorite facemasks! What sets them apart is the signature airhole, right where your mouth is. It’s such a simple idea, but it makes a huge difference. You can breathe so much easier and your goggles won’t fog up.

Snowboard Addiction


I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard of these guys! Not only do they make awesome training videos, they also have a great range of training gear. I’ve been using their balance bar to hone my jib skills. 

Smith Optics

15% Off With Email Sign-Up

Smith are the best in the game when it comes to snowboard helmets and goggles. Having been at the forefront of snowboard safety technology for decades, their products are a super-solid investment.

Sandbox Helmets


Sandbox Helmets are super stylish and comfortable. They’re a great option for riders who want top-level protection without the bulky look. The Classic 2.0 MIPS is definitely worth checking out. 


10% Discount*: SBDAYS10

OutdoorPlay sells pretty much anything you could need for the outdoors (including winter sports). Free shipping is an added bonus!

*Discount does not apply to boats, boards, frames, sales or close out items, may not be combined with other discounts, and excludes some select items and vendors. 


Discount Code Pending

Evo is one of my favorite snowboard stores. They have an awesome product range and great customer service. I don’t have a discount code right now but I’m working on it!


15% - Sign up for emails!

Another great snowboarding store! They’re in the process of hooking us up with a custom discount code. Until then, get 15% off your first order when you sign up for emails.

dragon goggles discount code

Dragon Goggles


Here’s a Dragon goggles discount code for you! The Dragon Alliance make super dope snowboard goggles with a massive field of vision. If you’re in the market for goggles, check these guys out.

(The new Dragon RVX Mag are insane!)

burton snowboards discount code

Burton Snowboards

25% Hardgoods: BRTNHG25

The legendary Burton Snowboards needs no introduction! They may have received some hate in recent years, but there’s no denying that they make amazing gear. They’re currently running a 25% sale, which is definitely worth checking out. 


10% Off - Sign Up For Emails

Salomon snowboards make some really solid gear. They offer legendary boards such as the Assassin and Huck Knife. Their boots, helmets are bindings are pretty damn good too. Join their popup newsletter for 10% off. 


15% - Sign up for emails!

Rossignol make some incredible snowboards. My favorite is the Sashimi – which absolutely shredded in Japan! Scroll to the bottom of their homepage to get 15% off your first order when you sign up for emails.

smith and bradley discount code

Smith & Bradley

25% Discount Code: SBDAYS

Not really a snowboarding brand, however Smith & Bradley make some awesome watches! I’m currently rocking the Atlantis Blackfish which is an absolute beauty. They were nice enough to offer you 25% off any purchase using discount code SBDAYS.

Indo Board

10% Discount: HOLIDAY2022

The Indo Board is the original balance and exercise board! I use mine through the summer to keep my riding muscles in check. It’s also great for honing your balance.



Pro-Tech make some awesome helmets for snowboarding, skating and biking. They’re definitely worth checking out. For the holiday period only, they’re offering a site-wide 20% discount!

DOD Outdoors

10% Discount Code: SBDAYS

A super cool new brand selling quality Japanese gear for camping and the outdoors. Not strictly snowboarding I know… but I promised to include any new brands that I’m stoked about. Take a look if you’re curious…

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