Is Salomon a Good Snowboard Brand? [An Honest Review]

by Tom

Salomon. Another brand that started out in the skiing industry. They first branched into snowboarding in the 1990s, so have been in the snowboard industry for many years. But is Salomon a good snowboard brand?

Absolutely! Salomon is one of the best snowboard brands around, offering excellent boards, especially for advanced riders and women. They also produce extremely well-rated snowboard boots and bindings.

Let’s take a closer look at Salomon as a snowboard brand. 

The History Of Salomon Snowboards

In the 1990s, Salomon poached several snowboard designers from established brands and combined their expertise with their in-house ski technology.

The result was an innovative board with a new monocoque construction and the fastest base we had seen on a snowboard so far.

They developed the snowboard with feedback and extensive testing from pro riders such as Daniel Frank and Michelle Taggert. This is a philosophy that Salomon still employs, which allows them to continuously create better snowboards!

Salomon Snowboard Tech

Salomon is known for incorporating advanced technology into their snowboards to improve the riding experience. Some of their notable technologies include:

  • Rock Out Camber: A unique camber profile that blends camber and rocker to provide stability, pop, and float in powder.
  • EQ Rad: A sidecut design that provides a more balanced and predictable ride.
  • Ghost Green Core: A sustainably-sourced wood core that provides a light and responsive feel.
  • Sintered Base: A high-density, sintered base material with durability and a fast glide.

These technologies are combined with other high-quality materials and construction techniques to create snowboards that perform at a high level in various conditions and terrains. Some of these technologies are shared between Salomon’s skis and snowboards.

What’s It Like To Own A Salomon Snowboard?

Many Salomon riders quickly become fans of the brand, and after a few turns on one, it’s easy to see why!

Salomon snowboards are pretty aggressive and entertaining to ride. They are speedy without compromising other characteristics. They are also very durable so you can enjoy your Salomon snowboard for many seasons.

The stiffness and aggressiveness of Salomon snowboards may be a little too hardcore for beginner riders. There are a couple of beginner boards in the range, but you may want to compare them to similar boards from other brands to ensure you choose the right one.

My Favorite Salomon Snowboard?

My favorite Salomon snowboard of all time has got to be the infamous Assassin. It’s an all-mountain hero, capable of shredding the entire hill with ease. It also looks incredible – every, single, year!

Here’s an overview of the Assassin:

For reference, I’ve also tested the Huck Knife, Sickstick and Sight. All great boards, but the Assassin is hard to beat. For those on a tighter budget, the Sight is well worth considering though. 

Pros and Cons Of Salomon Snowboards

  • High-quality materials and construction, so you know that yours will last a long time
  • Packed full of innovative tech
  • Many different types of boards to choose from. Plenty to suit your riding style
  • Reasonably environmentally friendly
  • You can complement your Salomon snowboard with matching boots and bindings
  • Not many options for beginners, but what they have are pretty good!

Where To Buy Salomon Snowboards

The best place to buy your Salomon gear is directly through Salomon’s website. But you can also check the stores below for sales and price drops. 

United States: Evo or The House 
Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Salomon Snowboards

Salomon is considered an excellent and high-quality snowboard brand. They offer a range of snowboards for various types of riding, from freestyle to backcountry, and are known for their innovative technology and design.

I believe that of the many ski brands who branched out into snowboarding, Salomon is the best. With their excellent choice of pro riders, innovation, and style, they have managed to shake the stuffiness of skiing. They are now a well-respected snowboard brand!

Have you tried a Salomon snowboard yet?

Let me know in the comments.

Then check out these other incredible snowboarding brands!

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Drew April 30, 2023 - 12:49 am

My gear and my friends keep falling apart and their warranty service is the worst ever. Dont buy their products!
5 pair of boots have fallen apart in 1 year for 2 people. They dont offer a similar replacement if they warranty, just a dollar amount, so when they are out of stock you are out of luck

Fraser April 30, 2023 - 9:35 am

Hey Drew,

Sorry to hear that.

What gear did you have?

I’ve had 5+ Salomon boards and they’ve held up super well (except the villain, but I snapped that doing a failed tamedog).



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