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The 5 Best Snowboarding Hoodies Ever Made (2022-2023)

by Fraser

Do you love riding in a hoodie? Me too! The coziness and flexibility are amazing. But if you don’t choose the right one, you’re gonna have a bad time. Luckily I tracked down the best snowboarding hoodies available. Drumroll please..

The Best Snowboarding Hoodies:

  1. 686 Waterproof Hoodie
  2. Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover Fleece
  3. Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie
  4. Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie
  5. Picture Organic Clothing Park Tech Hoodie
I put each of these hoodies through some pretty stringent testing. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them the best of the best!

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The Best Snowboarding Hoodies Ever Made

When it comes to choosing a snowboard hoodie, you need to be picky! 

Some hoodies will leave you miserable, soggy and questioning whether riding in a snowboard hoodie is even a good idea.

To avoid this, look out for the following essential features: 

  • Waterproofing: A regular hoodie will absorb snow instantly! Look for a decent waterproof rating or at least DWR (durable water repellent).
  • Pockets: Must have a zip! Last thing you need is a full yard sale every time you fall. 
  • Face Cover: Not strictly necessary but a nice bonus! 
  • Wrist gaiters: Wrist gaiters, thumb loops or thumb holes prevent snow getting into your sleeves. They also prevent ice burns to the elbows!
  • (Style): I know this shouldn’t really matter, but there’s no point rocking a hoodie if it makes you feel like your old gym teacher!

You’ll find that each hoodie on the list meets most of the above requirements. I pushed each one hard during product testing, both in the park and when riding powder. 

So let’s take a look!

1. 686 Waterproof Hoodie
1. 686 Waterproof Hoodie
1. 686 Waterproof Hoodie

Best waterproofing (10k + DWR).
Great face mask attached.
Awesome stretchy material.
Zippered pocket.

The absolute best snowboarding hoodie available (in my humble opinion of course). 

This hoodie smashed all of our tests, from Japanese powder to slushy park laps. 

Fair enough, it does cheat slightly as it’s sort of a cross between a hoodie and a jacket (a hacket?) but that’s what makes it so awesome! 

I actually barely needed my regular jacket when testing this, other than for the absolute coldest/wettest days. 

You’ll still need to layer up underneath (which is the case for most snowboard hoodies). 

On the downside it’s one of the more expensive options. However, the hoodie’s versatility means you’ll likely be able to wear it on more days of the year. 

2. Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover
2. Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover
2. Burton Crown Weatherproof Pullover

Great style and function.
A warm option, hmm fleecey. 
Dryride Mist-Defy DWR.

Tip: Order a size up if you want a longer/loose fit



The burton crown hoodie really stands the test of time. 

Boasting all of the essential features you’d expect of a snowboarding hoodie, you really can’t go wrong. 

It won’t be as waterproof as 686’s offering, however it’s much more like a “regular streetwear hoodie”. I can wear mine around town or in the gym and not look out of place. 

I did find it to be slimmer fitting than some of the other brands. I personally chose a size higher than my regular size when wearing it for snowboarding. This helped to avoid it riding up and letting snow in!

3. Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie
3. Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie
3. Quiksilver Live For The Ride Hoodie

3K Quiksilver DryFlight Tech.
Super comfy and flexible fit.
Cozy hand-warmer pockets.



If this is Quicksilver’s answer to the 686 hoodie, they did a great job! 

Offering some great waterproofing and a super comfy fit, I wore this on an extremely icy cold day and just about survived. 

This is another hoodie that blurs the line between hoodie and jacket – allowing you to ride it earlier in the season. Simply layer up underneath according to the weather forecast.

Why did the 686 come higher up the list? Quiksilver’s waterproofing doesn’t quite match up, but it’s close.

4. Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie
4. Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie
4. Volcom Hydro Riding Hoodie

Awesome "storm cinch hood".
Probably the warmest listed. 
Volcom just make great gear!



I love Volcom gear and this hoodie is no exception. 

Super comfortable, this is definitely one of the best snowboarding hoodies available this year. I’m not ashamed to admit that I often wear mine around the house on cold days (much to the dismay of my girlfriend). 

The cinch hood is awesome and for the helmet wearer’s out there (most of you I hope!) the hood is designed to fit over helmets. This forms a nice warm cocoon for freezing cold chairlifts and peaks. 

As with any DWR hoodie, the waterproofing won’t match up to a well-rated jacket. But it can certainly handle spring riding and back to back park laps. 

5. Picture Organic Clothing Park Tech Hoodie
5. Picture Organic Clothing Park Tech Hoodie
5. Picture Organic Clothing Park Tech Hoodie

Moisture-wicking warmth. 
Lovely soft interior. 
Adjustable drawcord hood.



Picture make incredible snowboarding clothing, all whilst helping to protect the mountains. 

The park tech hoodie uses their soft anti-microbial and moisture-wicking material which simply… works. It’s also DWR coated for water resistance. 

I use this hoody all the time – it’s very comfortable. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the very best snowboarding hoodies available. 

I tested dozens of hoodies in order to figure out which deserved a place on the list. 

If you have your own favorite snowboard hoodie… let me know in the comments so I can check it out! 

Happy riding my friend. 

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