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Snowboarding In A Hoodie – Are You Making An Awful Mistake?

by Fraser

When it comes to snowboarding gear, it’s crucial to prioritize warmth and comfort over style. Nonetheless, some snowboarders still seem to embrace hoodies over jackets (myself included). This got me thinking… is snowboarding in a hoodie really a good idea?

Snowboarding in a hoodie could be a mistake, especially during cold winter weather. Hoodies are more likely to become wet and less likely to have adequate insulation  However, these problems can be resolved by using a specialized snowboarding hoodie. 

Let’s take a look at why you should (or shouldn’t) be snowboarding in a hoodie this season. I’ll also reveal which hoodies passed our stringent winter testing.

Alternatively, head straight to the best snowboarding hoodies on the market.

Let’s ride…

Girl snowboarding in a hoody

Why and When You Shouldn't Wear a Hoodie For Snowboarding

When choosing your snowboarding gear, warmth and comfort are the first things to consider…


I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to choosing style over function.

However, whilst a hoodie can be stylish and comfortable, it’s not always suitable for snowboarding…


  • Most cotton hoodies will absorb more water than your average sponge! 
  • They can expose your body to snow-burns. 
  • Regular hoodies lack wrist gaiters or straps.
  • Wind chill can blow right on through.

These problems are particularly bad in regular hoodies; specialized snowboarding hoodies are much better. 

It’s a worthwhile investment if you plan to snowboard a lot this season. 

Once you have a great riding hoodie, I recommend being selective about which days you wear it…


You should only really wear a hoodie when the weather isn’t too aggressive.

Spring snowboarding is absolutely perfect

One of life’s great joys is flying down a slushy slope whilst rocking your favorite hoody.

However, this might not be the case on a cold January morning at the top of an icy peak!

Equally, snowboarding in a hoodie makes for a great morning of park riding. But it ‘ll soon get miserable if you’re headed to higher altitudes in the afternoon. 

Be aware. Manufacturers may claim that a hoodie is waterproof, but this is rarely 100% true. Prepare to get wet!

Features To Look For In A Snowboarding Hoodie

I discuss this in detail here. I also revealed which hoodies passed the ultimate Snowboarding Day’s test. 

Check it out!

What To Wear When Snowboarding

The base layer (inner clothing) of a snowboarder should be flexible.

Consider wearing leggings and track pants for the lower body and long johns and long-sleeved tops for the upper body. Aim for warm but less absorbent materials, such as fleece and polypropylene.

Keep away from excessive wool and cotton—this will help prevent you from sweating too much.

The mid-layer should be warm but not too bulky. If it’s especially chilly, you can use fleece or a sweater. If it’s warmer, you might not need the mid-layer.

For the outer-layer, snow pants should come on after the leggings or sweatpants since they’re moisture-proof. However, ensure that they cover the boots to keep you dry inside.

Finally, choose a less bulky jacket to keep the wind and cold away. You can use a hoodie as a substitute for this layer.  

What Not To Wear When Snowboarding

As I mentioned earlier, comfort and warmth are paramount when snowboarding.

Therefore, you can wear pretty much anything, as long as it’s comfortable, warm, and cozy. 

However, here are some clothes to avoid when snowboarding:  

  • Jeans. These are rigid and not comfortable for snowboarding. Don’t do it!
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants. These are bulky and therefore uncomfortable when using them as a middle or base layer.
  • Cotton pieces. While cotton is warm, it doesn’t wick moisture from your body and tends to get drenched. 

Final Thoughts

A good snowboarding outfit should be comfortable and warm, especially during heavy falls.

You can use a hoodie when it’s warmer, but it would help if you avoid doing so in chilly weather, especially if the hoodie isn’t waterproof.

Nonetheless, snowboarding in a hoodie does provide a sense of freedom like no other. It also allows you to really stretch for those unreachable grabs and tricks. 

If you do decide to snowboard in a hoodie (which I certainly will) then make sure to choose the right day… and hoodie!

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