is burton a good snowboard brand?

Is Burton a Good Snowboard Brand?

by Ben

Burton is one of the OG snowboard brands. They’ve built a reputation for producing high-quality snowboard hardware and clothing.

But they’re also one of those brands that divide opinion, with many riders feeling Burton lost their way.

So with this in mind, is Burton a good snowboard brand?

The Short Answer

Despite being somewhat controversial, Burton is a very good snowboard brand. The quality of their snowboards, bindings and outerwear is indisputably excellent. Despite this, some riders question Burton's morals and whether they have become too "corporate". Check out their latest models here.

So let’s take a look behind the corporate veneer, and decide whether you should buy Burton gear!?

Who Are Burton Snowboards?

Burton is probably the most famous snowboard brand in the world. They also have a variety of sub-brands, including Analog, Anon, and Red.

Their range of snowboard clothing and hardware is extensive; there is no doubt you will find a snowboard set-up that will suit your riding style and ability… no matter who you are.

This video is a great introduction to Burton.

Many people regard Burton products to be overpriced. Many of their products are indeed on the expensive side. However, part of this extra cost is down to their excellent warranty.

So even though you have to pay a little more, you have peace of mind.

The Controversy Surrounding Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards, while renowned for their quality snowboards, bindings, and outerwear, has faced its share of controversy within the snowboarding community.

Critics have often pointed to the brand’s increasing commercialization and perceived departure from the sport’s core values.

burton snowboards snowboarder

This sentiment stems from concerns that Burton, as a dominant player in the industry, might prioritize corporate interests over the authentic spirit and culture of snowboarding.

These controversies have sparked debate among riders about the brand’s impact on the snowboarding world, on one hand they’ve contributed to the sport’s growth, on the other they’ve assisted in it’s commercialization. 

Who Rides Burton Snowboards?

Some snowboarders are absolute advocates of Burton products. They love the high-quality, warranty and the fact that there’s a dealer in nearly every ski resort.

Burton makes snowboard equipment and clothing to suit anyone, from toddler to big mountain rider. On the other hand, some riders don’t like the large corporate feel of the Burton brand. They believe that it doesn’t represent the core principles of snowboarding anymore.

This well well be true, but does this really matter if the gear they’re pumping out is awesome?

No matter which way you look at it, Burton is a good snowboard brand. They have a heritage that dates back to day one of snowboarding. Burton also has the infrastructure to provide quality products and customer service.

Burton's Snowboard Tech

As Burton has been around for such a long time, they’ve had the opportunity to develop some of snowboarding’s most innovative technologies.

For example, their binding channel system lets you almost limitlessly customise your riding stance. It was initially met with doubt and critique, but actually it really does work. 

burton channel system

They have also developed step-on bindings that allow you to get underway in record time. Other brands have followed suit, but Burton were the first to really succeed. 

The boards feature “Infinite Ride Technology“, which ensures the flex and pop are maintained throughout the lifetime of the board. This is complemented by the combination of different types of fiberglass to provide specific flex patterns.

is burton a good snowboard brand - fiberglass build

Pros And Cons Of Burton Snowboards

  • The family tree line is beautiful!
  • Burton Snowboards are known for their high quality and durability
  • You will always find new technology incorporated into Burton snowboard design
  • The extensive range of Burton equipment means there is a set-up for every rider
  • Excellent warranty - they replaced a board for me in the middle of Niseko, Japan
  • Burton Snowboards and clothing are generally more expensive than other brands
  • Some people feel that Burton care more about profits than snowboarding

What Is The Best Burton Snowboard Gear?

Burton making plenty of amazing gear. So i’ve decided to talk about two of the most legendary snowboards of all time. 

  1. The Custom Flying V: An incredible all-mountain slayer. This board has really been fine-tuned over the years. The “Flying V” version is a little more forgiving than the pure camber original. 
  2. The Burton Fish: The original powder surfing machine. Many have copied, none have replaced. I never travel to Japan without a fish in my bag!
Burton Custom Flying V
burton fish snowboard
Burton Fish

If we’re talking bindings, the Malavita are an all-time favorite. They can handle pretty much any snowboard and ride nearly all conditions. If you’re rocking a board with the channel system, go for the EST version. If you’re on a traditional 4X4, go with the classic.

Where To Buy Burton Snowboards

These are the best-rated stores to grab your new Burton Snowboard gear. Check them out. 

United States: Burton, The House or Evo
Europe: Burton or Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Burton Snowboards

A scroll through Burton’s website should reveal an option for every snowboarder.

Their products offer high-quality performance, and you’ll often find that they’re loaded with tech. 

However, some riders dislike modern Burton and their highly corporate feel. But this is something you need to decide for yourself. 

Personally, I love some of Burton’s gear. I’ve had some epic times on my Burton Fish and Malavita. 

But what do you think? Is Burton a good snowboard brand? If you’re undecided, click on over to our list of best snowboarding brands

Happy riding!

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