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The Top 5 Snowboard Training Boards

by Fraser

Going mad in the off-season?

Or maybe you’re a beginner looking for a safer way to start your shredding journey?

Either way, you’re in luck… Snowboard training boards have you covered. These handy tools allow you to practice your skills from the comfort of your living room.

Today I’m going to review the top snowboard training boards!

Top Snowboard Training Boards

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Best Snowboard Training Board

Editor's Choice
The Addicted Training Setup
9.6/10 Our Score
  • The ultimate snowboard training package
  • From a super passionate snowboarding company
  • Includes a jib board, tramp board, balance bar and more...
  • Extra 5% off: SNOWBOARDINGDAYS

✖️ Premium product with a premium price-tag!

The Addicted Training Setup is a serious piece of kit. It includes pretty much all of Snowboard Addictions full training lineup. This includes:

  • A Jib Training Board
  • A Tramp Training Board
  • Training Bindings
  • A Balance Bar
  • Access to the full library of snowboarding tutorials. 
best snowboard training board-2

This means you’ll get not one, but two of the best snowboard training boards on the market.

I’ve had this setup for a couple of seasons, and it has made a massive difference to my presses, jibs and general fitness. 

The downside is the price. It’s certainly expensive. If you’re super passionate about snowboarding and want to keep your skills up, it’s a worthy investment. 

But if you’re a casual rider, you might be better off with a cheaper option.

Best Balance Training Board

Great Value!
Revbalance Core 32 Advanced Training Board
9.4/10 Our Score
  • Great value for money 
  • Allows you to get tricky with it 
  • Best option for improving your balance
  • Made by a team of dedicated USA riders

✖️ No "stop bars" on the deck, so the board can fly out if overbalanced. This is not ideal for complete beginners.

The Revbalance Core 32 is an innovative hybrid between a skateboard and a balance board. It’s great for trying spins and tricks (including kick-flips) whilst also harnessing your strength and balance. 

Unlike a conventional balance board, there are no bars along the bottom to prevent you from sliding off the roller.

This is intentional, as it allows freestyle practice. However if you’re a complete beginner, you might want to explore an alternative balance board.

Best Snowboard Jib Training Board

Best Jib Board
Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Setup
9.5/10 Our Score
  • The best jib training board on the market
  • Excellent build quality and reviews
  • Free access to their video tutorials
  • Extra 5% off: SNOWBOARDINGDAYS

✖️ Expensive

Another entry from Snowboard Addiction, and for good reason. Their gear is the best in the game (for snowboard training boards and balance boards). 

The Jib setup is awesome for fine-tuning your jibs and presses in the comfort of your own home. It’s also a cheaper alternative to the Addicted Training Setup, especially if you don’t have need for a Tramp board. 

Once again, it’s a little more expensive than some of the Amazon brand options. But those are trash. The last one I tested snapped during the first session! 

Best Snowboard Trampoline Training Board

#1 Tramp Board
Snowboard Addiction Tramp Board
9.5/10 Our Score
  • The Best Snowboard Trampoline Board!
  • High quality design and construction
  • Comes in wide too, for larger riders (like me!)
  • Extra 5% off: SNOWBOARDINGDAYS

✖️ More expensive than alternative options (which mostly feel plastic and cheap)

Tramp Boards are an awesome way to lockdown new grabs, spins and inverts. I landed my first backflip on a snowboard thanks to a trampoline session the day before!

Obviously, you’ll need to have access to a trampoline. If not, you’re better off with the Jib training board


It is possible to make your own snowboard trampoline training board (more on this later), but they’re often slippery, with incorrect flex. They’re also at risk of ripping the trampoline!

Best Budget Snowboard Training Board

Budget Pick
Yes4All Premium Balance Board
9/10 Our Score
  • The most budget-friendly option
  • Variable difficulty levels
  • Excellent customer feedback

✖️ Durability may be an issue
✖️ Not ideal for practicing tricks

The Yes4All balance board is the budget option. It’s a fairly basic wooden balance board, but it’s still great for improving coordination, balance and core strength. 

It’s not great for practicing tricks, other than the odd 90 or 180 degree pivot (if you’re feeling brave). 

Do Snowboard Training Boards Help?

Absolutely (in my experience of course).

I incorporated training boards into my pre-season routine around 5-years back. The main benefit I’ve found is that those early-season muscles pains are much more tolerable (or even non-existent). 

I no longer waste time just getting my strength back. When the season rolls around, I’m prepped and ready to hit the park!

I’ve also been able to put down some previously unattainable rail tricks. By spending a week or so on a jib training board, the trick in question becomes muscle memory. You then have a way better chance of landing it on snow.

Can You Make Your Own Trampoline Training Board?

You certainly can.

Will it be as good as the options above though? No chance.

I made my first “tramp board” by glueing skate shoes to a skateboard deck. This worked as a fairly rudimentary prototype. 

The main issues were it’s slippery base, unrealistic flex and that the shoes snapped off all the time. 

If you can afford it, a specially made trampoline training board is so much better. 

Final Thoughts

Picking up one of the top snowboard training boards can be a great investment. Particularly over the (looong) summer off-season. 

They’re great for maintaining strength, muscle and balance, all whilst learning new skills and tricks. 

If you’ve heard of any up and coming training boards, drop me a message. 

Happy riding!

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