is nidecker a good snowboard brand?

Is Nidecker a Good Snowboard Brand? [The Honest Truth!]

by Ben

Nidecker have been around for over 130 years. Strange considering that snowboarding isn’t that old! They branched out into snowboarding during the 1980s and have since become part of a parent group that comprises Jones, Bataleon, Flow, Now, Yes, and Switchback. 

So with access to all the technology and development, is Nidecker a good snowboard brand?

Nidecker are a good snowboard brand in that their snowboards are well-made and reasonably priced. However, some snowboarder’s will be disappointed with Nidecker’s lack of options in the expert and higher-performance categories. 

But should you buy a Nidecker board? Let’s take a more detailed look…

2023 Update: Since first writing this, Nidecker have released some premium gems like The Mosquito and The Thruster. Some amazing high-performance additions to their lineup. Good work!

Who Are Nidecker?

Nidecker are pretty well known in Europe but not quite so prevalent in other countries. The company has a good reputation and a long history in the industry.

They started out as a family business who had seen opportunities in the winter sports niche. They created some great products, many of which were pioneering.

The brand isn’t considered a high-end snowboard brand, although their boards are very well-made, so they are not at the bottom of the pile either. They have a few exotic snowboards in their lineup, which are incredibly expensive. Still, most of their boards are reasonably priced.

Who Rides Nidecker Snowboards?

Some riders absolutely love Nidecker snowboards, but others find the range quite generic. But you can definitely choose from some good snowboards with medium to stiff flex suitable for intermediate riders. They also have some pretty enticing price-points.

In the past, Nidecker has been accused of not having many options for advanced riders, but things have changed. Their boards are geared more toward advanced and intermediate riders, but there are a few Nidecker snowboards for beginners.

However, if you like the idea of hard carving and extreme edge hold, Nidecker makes some incredibly good carving snowboards. But this is quite a niche discipline of snowboarding.

is nidecker a good snowboard brand - the mosquito!
The Nidecker Mosquito!

Nidecker Snowboard Tech

Nidecker has a wide range of exciting snowboard shapes to choose from. Most of their boards are geared towards riding in the resort and in powder, but there are a few park boards to choose from too.

Their lineup features five profiles, six shapes, and five different constructions. Nidecker combines all of these to create specific riding characteristics. You can also expect a variety of wood cores reinforced with varying arrangements of carbon and three types of base, all of which are very fast!

Nidecker Snowboards Tech
Some Nidecker Tech

Nidecker also has exclusive features (per the above picture) such as the 3DN-Concept, which allows the board to flex differently under each foot to enhance control. You will also like their sidekick technology which raises the edges at the widest point of the nose and tail. This increases float in powder and makes initiating turns extremely easy while reducing the likelihood of catching an edge (a little bit like Bataleon’s 3BT).

The Pros and Cons Of Nidecker Snowboards

  • A good option for intermediate and advanced riders
  • They offer some fun and exciting shapes
  • Great for riders who love the art of the turn
  • Most boards are very reasonably priced
  • Well-made snowboards
  • Not great for beginners
  • Not regarded as a high-end brand (though this is now changing)

The Best Nidecker Snowboards?

nidecker snow surf series

I’m a big fan of Nidecker’s relatively new Snow Surf Quiver Series. These three boards are designed for a flowing, surfy ride and really excel when carving or riding pow. They were designed by legendary ex-pro rider, Thierry Kunz. Obviously, he’s done an incredible job. 

I’ll drop a video review below, but if you want to know my personal favorite, it’s definitely The Mosquito. For more traditional boards, I can also recommend The Escape and The Score. 

Where To Buy Nidecker Snowboards

The best place to buy Nidecker gear is directly through Nidecker’s website. They usually offer discounts when you subscribe to the newsletter – so check this out. You could also use one of our other trusted stores below.

United States: Evo
Europe: Blue Tomato

Final Thoughts On Nidecker Snowboards

Most snowboarders will be happy with what Nidecker offers. Their snowboards are well-made and reasonably priced. It’s a shame that the brand doesn’t leverage its heritage and reputation to provide exceptional snowboards… although since writing this they have seriously upped their game. 

One of the best things about Nidecker is that they don’t usually overcharge, so it depends on your personal take on the brand. Many of us started our snowboarding career on a Nidecker (myself included) and look back on them fondly.

If you’ve tried a Nidecker board, what did you think? Is Nidecker a good snowboard brand? Let me know in the comments.

Then head over to my list of recommended snowboard brands.

Happy riding!

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