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The 25 Best Snowboard Clothing Brands [2024]

by Fraser

Let’s face it, snowboard clothing brands were not created equal.

Looking cool is one thing, but don’t be fooled – it doesn’t always mean a jacket’s going to keep you warm and comfy.

And when you’re shredding powder, everything from your base layer to outer layer has a big impact on the experience.

But don’t trip if you don’t know which companies to choose. In this article, I’m going to break down the best snowboard clothing brands.

Let’s find you the products that check all the boxes!

The Top 5 Snowboard Clothing Brands

  • Best Snowboard Clothing Brand For Outerwear: 686
  • Best Snowboard Clothing Brand For Baselayers: Mons Royale
  • Best Snowboard Eyewear Brand: Smith Optics
  • Best Value Snowboard Clothing Brand: Volcom
  • My Favorite Snowboard Clothing Brand: Oyuki

The Best Snowboard Clothing Brands In The World!

While snowboarding skills are crucial, so too is the gear you wear!

When you’re flying down the mountain, the last thing you want to worry about is being cold or wet. So let’s take a closer look at the best snowboard clothes of 2023-2024.

Best Outerwear!
  • Badass outerwear from a badass company
  • Built, owned and designed by snowboarders
  • On the forefront of innovation 
  • Great vibe and community spirit
  • Recommended: 686 Hydra Thermograph Jacket

Emerging from the heart of Los Angeles in the early ’90s, 686 are a snowboard clothing pioneer. They blend urban vibes with mountain functionality.

With roots firmly grounded in snowboarding culture, the passion and vision of its founder have resulted in some exceptional gear.

As someone who is very pedantic about their outwear, 686 never fails to impress me. Their innovative approach to design results in outerwear that not only looks great but also performs exceptionally on the slopes. 

If you’re on the hunt for snowboard clothing (particularly outerwear) that flawlessly combines style and substance, 686 should be at the top of your list.

Pros of 686 Snowboard Clothing:

  • High-tech fabrics for waterproof protection, breathability, and insulation.
  • Sustainable production.
  • Trendsetting designs.
  • Fair prices.
  • Designed by snowboarders, for snowboarders.

Cons of 686 Snowboard Clothing:

  • Limited Availability. Some collections are region-specific.
  • Designs might not appeal to everyone.
  • Offers premium quality with cutting-edge technology.
  • Sleek, minimalist designs that don't compromise on performance.
  • Renowned for its high breathability and weather-resistant features.

Originating from the rugged terrains of British Columbia over 30 years ago, Arc’teryx is the embodiment of precision and craftsmanship.

Sure, they’re not strictly a “snowboard brand” but their range of outdoor clothing is more than capable of fitting the bill. 

Arc’teryx pay ridiculous attention to detail. Every stitch, seam, and zip is a testament to their commitment to performance and durability. 

For anyone as meticulous about snowboarding attire as I am, Arc’teryx is undeniably a brand to consider during your next shopping spree (particularly for mid-layers).

Pros of Arc’teryx Snowboard Clothing:

  • Exceptionally lightweight mountain clothing, suitable for snow sports and mountaineering 
  • Sleek, low-profile designs
  • Great mid-layer range (warm but breathable)

Cons of Arc’teryx Snowboard Clothing:

  • Expensive!
  • Durable wear that's functional and fashion-forward.
  • Reflects its Pacific Northwest roots in design and ethos.
  • Tailored fits and comfort-focused apparel.

Originating from the Pacific Northwest, Bonfire has been a consistent player in the snowboarding industry for years.

Their gear strikes a balance between traditional snowboarding looks and modern performance features, making them a solid choice for riders of all levels.

I’ve always found that Bonfire focus on the essentials—good fit, durability, and functionality. They make straightforward gear that does the job on the slopes.


  • Reliable and durable construction
  • Blends classic and modern designs
  • Practical features for varied conditions


  • Some products lack advanced tech features (like Gore-Tex)
  • Range can be limited compared to bigger brands
Huge Range!
  • A true pioneer in the snowboarding industry.
  • One of the best snowboard clothing brands.
  • Consistently offers high-quality gear with innovative designs.
  • Collaborates with top athletes for performance-tested gear.

This snowboard clothing brand needs no introduction… but I’ll do one anyway!

Burton is one of the juggernauts of the snowboarding world. Starting out in the late 1970s, the brand has been super influential in shaping the landscape of the sport.

Love them or hate them, Burton should be respected for bringing snowboarding to the mainstream!

They also have an impressive clothing range, from base layers to outerwear. This of course includes their sister company, Anon.


  • Globally established and trusted 
  • Wide product range catering to beginners and experts
  • Commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives


  • Being a premium brand, some items can be pricey
  • Due to popularity, specific models and sizes can sell out quickly
Kids Choice
  • Offers a wide range of versatile outdoor clothing.
  • Particularly good for their kids range
  • Trusted globally for its reliability and durability.

Recognized globally, Columbia has made a significant mark in the outdoor gear sector, with snowboarding being no exception.

Originating in 1938, Columbia’s strength lies in its commitment to producing dependable gear that suits a variety of outdoor adventures.

Using Columbia gear on the slopes, it’s evident that they focus on creating products that are both versatile and durable. They ensure that you stay warm and dry, whether you’re hitting a black diamond or enjoying the après-ski.


  • Reliable gear, suitable for multiple winter activities
  • Affordable prices
  • Often more affordable compared to specialized snowboarding brands.
  • Wide distribution, making it easy to find and purchase


  • Being a broader outdoor brand, snowboarding isn’t their only focus
  • May lack the advanced features found in dedicated snowboard brands
Best Gloves!
  • Dakine make epic backpacks, outerwear and accessories
  • Multifunctional gear suitable for mountain and daily life
  • Bold and unique designs that stand out
  • Recommended: Dakine Baron GORE-TEX Mittens

Since 1979, Dakine has been a reliable force in the snowboarding scene, known for both its apparel and its range of accessories.

What strikes me about Dakine is the brand’s commitment to durability. Whether it’s gloves, packs, or outerwear, Dakine products are designed to withstand the challenges of mountain life.

Their gear is both functional and stylish, catering to riders who want reliability without compromising on aesthetics.


  • Broad product range, spanning from apparel to accessories
  • Great quality mittens
  • Stylish designs that reflect modern snowboarding culture


  • Pricing can sometimes be on the higher end for specific products
Best Boots!
  • Best snowboard clothing brand for boots! 
  • Merges urban style with performance-enhanced features
  • Offers dynamic and fashionable snowboard wear
  • Reliable durability for tough terrains

DC Shoes initially carved out a niche in the skateboarding world. However, it didn’t take long for the brand to make a mark in snowboarding too.

Their urban roots offer a unique blend of street style and mountain functionality, specifically crafted with snowboarding in mind. 

The brand prides itself on creating products that don’t just look good but perform exceptionally well on the slopes. They also make badass boots, as discussed in my review of the DC Judges


  • Strong urban aesthetic
  • Incredible snowboard boots
  • Incorporates skate culture and design into snowboarding gear
  • Consistently focused on innovation and performance


  • As a crossover brand, some purists may overlook them
  • Their distinct style isn’t for everyone
Helly Hansen
  • Offers designs inspired by its maritime heritage
  • Emphasizes breathability in its gear

Norwegians know a thing or two about snow gear, and with Helly Hanson’s products, the proof is in the pudding.

Based out of Norway, Helly Hanson dates back to the 19th century. Originally they provided waterproof clothing for sailors, but they now boast a catalog of fine-tuned snow gear.

Thanks to Helly Hanson’s Helly Tech and LifaLoft insulation, its snowboarding clothing is super lightweight and flexible and provides warmth and waterproof protection.

It’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach -40°F in Norway. So, if Norwegians trust the brand’s clothing, it should work for your snowboarding needs.

Pros of Helly Hanson Snowboard Clothing:

  • Tried-and-true resistance against winter elements
  • Highly durable materials
  • Flexible products

Cons of Helly Hanson Snowboard Clothing:

  • Not necessarily designed specifically for snowboarders, which is evident from the aesthetics. 
Backcountry Pick
  • Sustainability-driven with a strong commitment to eco-friendly production
  • Backcountry excellence makes it a top choice for adventurers
  • Collaborative designs with renowned snowboarders

Jones Snowboards, founded by legendary snowboarder Jeremy Jones, has quickly become a beacon for backcountry enthusiasts and big mountain riders.

The brand is driven by an unwavering commitment to sustainability, performance, and adventure.

When you set out with Jones equipment, you’re armed with gear that’s been tested and refined in some of the planet’s most demanding terrains. 

Their snowboards and clothing reflect a deep understanding of the needs of the serious mountain adventurer.

jeremy jones, jones snowboard clothing brand

For those seeking top-tier performance and a brand with a profound respect for the mountains, Jones is a benchmark.


  • Focused on high-performance and backcountry riding
  • Strong commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Designed and approved by professionals


  • Geared more towards advanced riders, which might be intimidating for beginners
  • Product range is specialized and might not cater to casual riders

Check out my full Jones snowboard brand review here.

  • Superb quality with a focus on weather resistance
  • Some decent options for women and kids

In 1976, Marmot was the first apparel company to use GORE-TEX. Today, the company still leads the charge in the latest technologies, utilizing multiple industry-standard and in-house fabrics.

Some of the less-established snowboard clothing brands have limited style and color options. Well, Marmot takes care of that problem. Its jackets, pants, beanies, and gloves come in a variety of colors and styles.

Pros of Marmot Snowboard Clothing:

  • Variety of styles and color options (especially for jackets).
  • High-tech technologies designed by Marmot.
  • Functionality.
  • Respected reputation.

Cons of Marmot Snowboard Clothing:

  • More generalized winter gear, so some items may lack snowboarding-specific features
  • Designs may be more function than fashion
Best Baselayers
Mons Royale
  • Combines style and function using comfortable merino wool
  • Versatile pieces for on and off the mountain
  • Focuses on odor resistance and temperature regulation

Born in the adventure-packed landscapes of New Zealand, Mons Royale has risen to fame primarily for its commitment to producing top-tier merino wool products.

Wearing Mons Royale, particularly their baselayers, means experiencing the best of merino’s thermal regulation, odor resistance, and comfort.

mons royale best snowboard clothing brand for baselayers

Their products strike a balance between stylish design and the technical demands of active snow sports, ensuring riders feel and look good.


  • High-quality merino wool products, perfect for thermal regulation
  • Exceptional baselayers that are both comfortable and efficient
  • Contemporary designs for the modern rider


  • Premium merino products come with a higher price tag
  • Might be lesser-known outside of core snowboarding communities
Most Recognizable
The North Face
  • Globally recognized for rugged durability and performance
  • Constantly innovates with new materials and designs
  • Wide range of products suitable for various weather conditions

The North Face is a master of outdoor apparel, and its reputation is well deserved. What started as a small company selling rock climbing and camping gear has turned into one of the best snowboard clothing brands.

Since 1977, The North Face has produced dry, breathable clothing for the harshest snow conditions.

Today, the company designs top-of-the-line snowboarding clothes and accessories. Their most advanced jackets use FUTURELIGHT technology. FUTURELIGHT is ultra-breathable and provides incredible waterproof protection.

The North Face’s wide catalog appeals to all types of riders. And, of course, the logo has become iconic!

Pros of The North Face Snowboard Clothing:

  • FUTURELIGHT technology.
  • Sustainable production.
  • Trusted, high-performing products.
  • Wide range of clothing and accessories.

Cons of The North Face Snowboard Clothing:

  • As a diverse outdoor brand, snowboarding isn’t their main focus.
  • Sometimes perceived as too mainstream (due to popularity).
  • Premium quality rooted in Norwegian craftsmanship
  • Strong focus on sustainable production
  • Designed for skiing and snowboarding (slightly more ski focused)

Norrona, like Helly Hanson, is a Norwegian brand that’s gaining popularity in the United States.

Its snowboard clothing is tailor-made for bitterly cold temperatures, backcountry adventures, and big mountain riding. 

The brand may not be as versatile as companies like Columbia, but that’s no reason to write it off.

norrona lofoten gore-tex jacket

In 1977, Norrona produced the first European Gore-Tex jacket. So, the company knows all about implementing the latest technology.

Today, Norrona also uses materials like PrimaLoft, Polartec, and pureOrganic to create premium, sustainable products.

Pros of Norrona Snowboard Clothing:

  • Focus on sustainability.
  • Great for backcountry and big mountain snowboarding.
  • Latest technology and materials.
  • Wide variety of products, styles, and colors. 

Cons of Norrona Snowboard Clothing:

  • Premium branding results in premium prices.
  • Limited availability outside of Europe.
  • Pioneers in lens technology
  • High-quality apparel that complements their eyewear
  • Uses athlete collabs to optimize performance

Starting out as a small company selling motorcycle grips, Oakley quickly expanded its horizons. They’re now a global icon in the world of eyewear and sports gear.

And when it comes to snowboarding, Oakley’s influence is undeniable, particularly in goggles and sunglasses, but also in their evolving range of snow apparel.

They now make a great range of jackets, pants, mid-layers and helmets.


  • Industry-leading eyewear technology, offering excellent clarity and protection.
  • A robust range of snow apparel, stylish and functional.
  • A reputation for durability and quality.


  • Renowned more for eyewear than apparel, though this is changing.
  • On the expensive side.
Best Warranty
Outdoor Research
  • Emphasis on innovation and research-driven designs
  • Wide range of products for various outdoor activities
  • Super generous Infinite Guarantee

Outdoor Research, as the name suggests, has put serious research into its outdoor gear.

Based out of Seattle, the brand has built a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest, where snow is plentiful. The gear is designed with in-house waterproof technology that’s shockingly breathable and flexible.

The brand is considered a perfect middle ground between generic and premium products.

For beginners and intermediates who want reliable gear, you can’t go wrong with Outdoor Research products.

Oh, and the best part? The company offers its INFINITE GUARANTEE policy. So, when you buy its products, you’re investing in snowboard clothing that will last a lifetime.

Pros of Outdoor Research Snowboard Clothing:

  • Excellent bang for your buck.
  • Top-notch insulation.
  • Industry-respected products.

Cons of Outdoor Research Snowboard Clothing:

  • Not exclusively for snowboarding.
  • Fairly plain designs.
Best Overall!
  • Japanese craftsmanship ensures top-tier quality
  • A solid focus on comfort and durability
  • Recommended Products:

Oyuki Pep Gore-Tex Mitts
Oyuki Tamashii Mittens
Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Jacket

Now for my best snowboard clothing brand of the season…

Emerging from the snowy landscapes of Niseko, Japan, Oyuki is a brand that truly understands the needs of snow enthusiasts.

With a name that translates to “big snow,” Oyuki is crafted with deep respect for the winter environment and the requirements of those who revel in it.

Slipping into Oyuki gear, there’s an evident blend of Japanese craftsmanship and functional design. Their products, especially their renowned gloves and mitts, embody a combination of minimalist design and utmost efficiency.

In short, their gear is tailored for deep powder days!


  • Super high-quality materials, especially in their glove and mitt line.
  • Minimalist, yet highly effective designs.
  • Deep understanding of cold-weather conditions, rooted in their Niseko origins.
  • Super sleek aesthetics.
  • Less mainstream, allowing a more unique fit.


  • Product range is narrower compared to more established brands.
  • Pricing can be on the steeper side (due to the emphasis on quality).

For more details, read my full Oyuki gear review

  • Leads in environmental responsibility and sustainability
  • Offers top-notch quality with a timeless appeal
  • Ethical production and transparent business practices

Patagonia–yeah, you’ve heard of em’, who hasn’t?

When it comes to the best snowboarding clothing brands, you simply can’t leave this company off the list.

Patagonia offers premium jackets, like the Micro Puff Storm Jacket and Storm Shift Jacket (pictured). These products were designed to flow with riders’ natural movements.


And don’t worry about blistering cold powder sessions. Patagonia uses a unique liner that offers warmth and wicks moisture away.

Not only is Patagonia’s range of snow apparel top-quality, but they’re also ultra-sustainable. The company carefully traces each strand of fiber and uses as many recycled materials as possible.

When you buy from Patagonia, it also supports the brand’s various sustainability programs. So, although the products may come at a steeper price, the quality and the company’s missions are as good as it gets.

Pros of Patagonia Snowboard Clothing:

  • Leader in sustainability practices.
  • Awesome repair services.
  • High-performing products.
  • Well-respected product reputation.

Cons of Patagonia Snowboard Clothing:

  • Higher price tags.
  • Their focus on various outdoor activities may dilute their snowboarding specialization.
Picture Organic
  • Uses recycled and organic materials for eco-friendly production
  • Unique and vibrant designs that stand out
  • Strong commitment to reducing carbon footprint

Since its inception in 2008, Picture Organic has made waves in the snowboarding community.

Birthed from the minds of three childhood friends, this brand holds the environment at the core of its mission, all while delivering stellar snowboarding gear.

Every piece they produce uses organic, recycled, or bio-based materials, ensuring riders are clad in gear that’s both planet-friendly and performance-driven.


  • A pioneer in producing 100% recycled, organic, or bio-based products.
  • Modern designs that don’t sacrifice function.
  • Transparent about their environmental initiatives and product sourcing.


  • As a relatively young brand, lacks the reputation of older names.
  • Limited distribution in certain parts of the world.
  • Blends style with function for surf and snow
  • Iconic designs that have been loved for decades.
  • Great pro line-up, including Travis Rice!

Born on the beaches of Australia in 1969, Quiksilver has evolved from a surf-centric brand into a global force in the world of action sports.

Their journey from surf to snow was marked by an infectious spirit for adventure and a dedication to crafting high-performance gear.

Quiksilver’s snowboarding collection is infused with their surf heritage, resulting in gear that’s as stylish as it is functional.


  • Rich history in action sports, bringing a distinct style to snowboarding gear.
  • Wide product range.
  • Commitment to innovation, often leading to breakthroughs in materials and design.


  • Given its surf origins, some purists might not see them as a “core” snowboarding brand.
Best for Women
  • Designed to empower and outfit women in sports
  • Fashionable yet performance-driven gear
  • Collaborates with female athletes for design insights

As the sister brand of Quiksilver, Roxy stormed onto the scene in 1990. They’ve since carved out a niche as the first exclusively female-focused surf brand.

And it wasn’t long before Roxy extended its reach, introducing a line tailored for snowboarding.

Their collections capture a unique blend of style and function, all while ensuring that women, whether they’re carving waves or snowy trails, have tailor-made gear.


  • A trailblazer in female-focused action sports gear.
  • Products designed with a keen understanding of women’s specific needs in snowboarding.
  • Balance of vibrant aesthetics with top-tier functionality.


  • As a gender-specific brand, it might not appeal to everyone.
  • Some designs lean towards a younger demographic.

Check out my full Roxy brand review here.

  • Known for innovative tech and reasonable prices
  • Fairly simple aesthetic, nothing too eccentric 

Emerging from the heart of the French Alps in 1947, Salomon began its journey with ski bindings. But over the decades, it has expanded its horizons and delved deep into the world of snowboarding.

When you step into Salomon gear, you’re stepping into a legacy of mountain sports innovation. Known for their relentless pursuit of quality and performance, Salomon delivers snowboarding gear that uses intensive research, development, and real-world testing.


  • A storied history rooted in mountain sports, guaranteeing expertise in gear production.
  • Continuous innovations, especially in snowboard boot and binding technology.
  • A broad spectrum of products catering to beginners through to pros.


  • As a brand with a wide focus, snowboarding isn’t their sole specialization.
  • Some purists prefer brands solely dedicated to snowboarding (like thirtytwo).

Check out my full Salomon Snowboard brand review here.

Best Eyewear
Smith Optics
  • Super advanced eyewear lens technology
  • Consistently prioritizes safety and functionality, making them a top choice for professional athletes
  • Recommended Products:

Smith Team Logo Hoodie
Smith Mag Goggles

Founded in 1965 by Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist and avid skier, Smith Optics began its journey by introducing the first-ever sealed lens goggles.

This innovation set the stage for a brand that would continually push the boundaries in eyewear and helmet technology.

Choosing Smith Optics, you’re donning decades of pioneering work in lens technology and design. Their apparel and accessories are pretty darn good too!


  • Pioneers in advanced lens technology, improving visual performance and protection.
  • A comprehensive line of goggles and helmets.
  • Commitment to sustainability initiatives.


  • Predominantly recognized for eyewear, so those seeking apparel might look elsewhere.
  • Cutting edge tech comes with a premium price tag.

Check out my full Smith Optics brand review here.

  • Specializes in footwear with a focus on comfort and style
  • Designs based on feedback from professional riders
  • Lightweight and functional designs for better performance
  • Recommended Product Lines:

thirtytwo Bibs
thirtytwo Jackets

Established in 1995, ThirtyTwo has anchored itself firmly within the snowboarding community. In fact, they were the number one fan favorite in our Instagram poll. 

It seems their unwavering dedication to producing the best-fitting, highest-performance snowboard boots has earned them a loyal following.

But their outerwear and accessories are getting pretty awesome too. I’ve worn their bibs for a few years, and they’re holding up super well. 


  • Original focus on snowboard boots ensured specialized expertise.
  • Notable for their lightweight designs without compromising on durability.
  • Snowboard-focused aesthetics


  • Limited product range.
  • Don’t use Gore-Tex (although their propriety materials are still 25k/25k)

For the full details, read my ThirtyTwo Brand Review.

Trew Gear
  • Functional and stylish gear for all riders
  • An emphasis on user feedback for product improvements
  • Great snow bib line-up

Looking for style and technical performance? Duh, who isn’t?

Well, Trew Gear packs a serious punch when it comes to snowboarding clothes that look fresh and include the latest features.

The Oregon-based company uses epic gear technology, like the in-house PNW3L custom fabric and the highly waterproof and flexible Dermizax membrane. 

If you like the tech features of Trew Grew, you’re going to like their style even more.

Whatever vibe you want your apprael to express, this company has got it. From subtle earth tones to off-the-wall colors, like ginger, the style options are limitless.

The first time you wear your gear, you’ll understand why Trew Gear is one of the best snowboard clothing brands.

Pros of Trew Gear Snowboard Clothing:

  • Super comfortable clothing.
  • Latest fabric technology.
  • Epic style and color options.
  • Great outlet sales.

Cons of Trew Gear Snowboard Clothing:

  • Being a younger brand, they don’t have the extensive history of some others.
  • Limited global recognition reduces availability in some regions.
Best Value!
  • Modern designs that embrace cultural trends
  • Offers top-notch performance on the slopes
  • Constantly collaborates with artists and athletes for unique collections (like Bryan Iguchi)

Since 1991, Volcom has championed the trifecta of skate, surf, and snow. They offer a distinct blend of fashion, function, and culture.

In fact, the iconic stone logo has become an iconic symbol for a generation of action sports enthusiasts. 

Whether it’s their outerwear, layering, or accessories, Volcom has consistently showcased its commitment to innovative designs, unique aesthetics, and high-quality craftsmanship.

For example, Zip-Tech allows their jacket and pants to zip together seamlessly, preventing snow from entering. 

I also find that Volcom provides excellent value for money, offering Gore-Tex outerwear at lower price-points than most competitors. 


  •  Unique blend of street style and technical functionality.
  • Massive product range
  • Strong commitment to sustainability with initiatives like their Farm to Yarn traceable organic cotton program.


  • Some designs lean towards youth culture, which might not appeal to everyone. 
  • The high-end products demand an eye-watering price-tag. 

For a more detailed look, head to my Volcom brand review

Features of The Best Snowboard Clothing Brands

I’ve covered most of the better-known brands, but there are still plenty of others that didn’t make the list. 

If you’re looking at a smaller or newer brand, here are the features to look out for.

1. Tech Features

Top-tier brands, like Arc’teryx and Patagonia showcase an impressive array of tech in their materials and design. Their products keep you warm without being bulky. Look for added features, such as wrist gaiters, Recco beacons, zip-able armpit vents and internal goggle pockets.

2. Breathability and Waterproofing

Waterproof ratings, measured in millimeters (mm), indicate how much rainfall a fabric can withstand before moisture breaks through; a 10,000mm rating means it can endure 10,000mm of rain.

Breathability, measured in grams (g), is the vapor amount a fabric lets out in 24 hours, ensuring sweat doesn’t accumulate.

Most riders should aim for at least 10,000mm waterproofing and 10,000g breathability in their outerwear. 

3. Mobility and Fit

Brands like ThirtyTwo, renowned for their snowboard boots, and Trew Gear, a modern name in outerwear, offer an unparalleled balance of snug fit and freedom of movement. It’s no fun feeling restricted in your gear, and these brands ensure your clothing complements your ride rather than hinders it.

4. Style Meets Function

Volcom stands out in my memory for effortlessly blending street style with mountain functionality. While I’m an advocate for performance, I also believe looking good on the slopes gives you that extra boost of confidence.

Brands that seamlessly fuse fashion and function certainly earn top marks in my book.

5. Commitment to Sustainability

In an era of environmental awareness, brands like Picture Organic and Roxy have raised the bar with their commitment to eco-friendly practices. Knowing that my gear is crafted with respect for our planet is always an added bonus.

6. Specialized Expertise

There’s undeniable value in brands that specialize. Smith Optics, for instance, has transformed the game in eyewear and helmet technology. When a brand dedicates itself to perfecting a specific segment of snowboarding gear, it often results in industry-leading innovation.

7. Legacy and Reputation

Old-timers like Burton and Salomon have left indelible marks on the snowboarding world. Their longstanding reputations come from consistently delivering high-quality gear season after season. There’s a certain comfort in opting for brands that have stood the test of time.

Final Thoughts

Why settle for dull snowboarding apparel when there are so many great options?

Choose products from our list of the best snowboard clothing brands to enhance your mountain experience.

High-performing items are necessary for comfort and growth as a rider. But that doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

There are tons of great, affordable products. Not to mention, all of these brands frequently run sales.

So, step up your clothing game, and get ready to shred powder like never before!

Wait… were you looking for the best snowboarding gear brands too? They’re right here!

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