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The 7 Best Snowboard Wax Kits [2024]

by Fraser

A good wax job is the unsung hero of your snowboarding adventures. But with so many kits out there, which one’s got the magic touch?

Well, last season I set about the painstaking task of testing everything I could get my hands on.

Let’s cut to the chase and check out the best snowboard wax kits on the market…

Our Snowboard Wax Kit Top Picks

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The Best Snowboard Wax Kits

Editor's Choice!
1. The Demon Charger Complete Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit
9.4/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: Yes
Includes Base Cleaner: Yes
Number of Waxes: 5

  • The best snowboard wax kit on the market!
  • Includes everything you could ever need 
  • Excellent quality, especially the wax 
  • Includes tuning instruction guides
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Outstanding customer reviews

✖️ Probably overkill for those only planning to wax their board (rather than tune or repair)

Having used the Demon Charger Snowboard Wax Kit extensively myself, I’m pretty confident that it’s the best snowboard waxing kit on the market. 

It features a super comprehensive set of tools, without breaking the bank. I tried to add up the cost of buying every item separately, and lost count at $220!

demon charger complete ski and snowboard wax and tuning kit

The kit comes with a massive wax supply, including universal and temperature-specific waxes.

The waxing iron is super compact and worked well. Is it the best iron on the market? Nope. But those cost more than the entire Charger Kit put together!

My only caution is that the sheer number of tools and accessories may overcomplicate things for a beginner. They could probably save a few bucks and get the option below. 

Great Value!
2. Demon Complete Snowboard Wax Kit
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: No
Includes Base Cleaner: No
Number of Waxes: 1

  • The cheaper alternative to the above 
  • Same high-quality items as the Charger Kit
  • Still includes everything the average rider needs
  • Includes instruction manual
  • Excellent universal wax included 
  • Equally outstanding customer reviews 

✖️ You do get more for your money if you can stretch to the full charger package

Basically the same great package, minus some of the bonus accessories. Choose this option if you’re happy with one wax (the snow lightning universal wax) and going without the base cleaner and apron. 

demon complete snowboard wax kit

You’ll still be able to complete a full hot wax and some basic edge tuning (which is more than enough for most riders).

Remember that you’re likely to need to grab a base cleaner and top up the wax though, which may end up being more expensive overall. 

An All-Rounder!
3. The OutdoorMaster Snowboard Waxing Kit [Upgrade]
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: OutdoorMaster  
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: Yes
Includes Base Cleaner: No
Number of Waxes: 3

  • Perfect combination of value and quality
  • Almost as comprehensive as the charger kit
  • Includes ski brake retainers and fixing screws
  • Includes wax for 3 different temperatures
  • Great quality carry bag

✖️ No base cleaner
✖️ Demon products feel slightly higher quality

15% Discount Code: SBDAYS15

This is the closest competitor to the Charger Kit, both in terms of number of items and value for money.

It’s slightly cheaper (especially with our discount code), but still provides all of the essential items and 3 wax blocks. 

The waxing iron has a precise adjustable temperature control and the application process was smooth and effortless.

I was particularly fond of the brushes and scrapers, which felt robust and efficient.

Traveling with this kit was a breeze too due to its compact design and durable carry case.

If I were to nitpick, professionals might find themselves looking for more sturdy and precise edging tools. However, for most snowboarding enthusiasts, the OutdoorMaster Upgrade Kit provides everything you’d need.

The Best Budget Snowboard Wax Kit

Budget Pick
4. Winterial Snowboard and Ski Wax and Tuning Kit
9.1/10 Our Score

Brand: Winterial 
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: Yes
Includes Base Cleaner: No
Number of Waxes: 1

  • The best budget-friendly snowboard wax kit
  • A lightweight and user-friendly wax iron
  • Includes an apron (wax on clothes is bad!)
  • Great quality all-temp snowboard wax

✖️ No brushes
✖️ The instruction manual wasn't amazing (watch some Youtube videos instead)

A great kit for those on a tight budget! 

Comes with everything needed for a hot wax and edge tune. They haven’t included any brushes, which is a shame – but this step of waxing is fairly optional anyway. 

You could also choose the Demon Complete Basic kit (below) which is the exact same price and does include a brush. However the iron is on the smaller side. The choice is yours!

winterial snowboard tuning kit

The Best Snowboard Wax Kit For Travelling

Travel Pick
5. Demon United Ski and Snowboard Wax Kit- Travel Edition!
9/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: Yes
Includes Base Cleaner: Yes
Number of Waxes: 1

  • A perfect vacation or travel waxing kit
  • Designed for quick wax jobs and base repairs
  • Includes all the essentials for a full hot wax
  • Heavy-duty travel bag

✖️ Only one wax (would prefer more at this price-point)
✖️ No Edge Tuner

Another gem of a waxing kit from Demon. I got the chance to try my buddies’ after I forgot my own at home (a common event). 

I was surprised that it included most of the features of my Charger Kit, but with a stronger emphasis on portability. It’s also slightly cheaper. 

Disappointingly he only received one wax (despite there being two in the pictures). But it’s otherwise a very nice kit. 

The Best Snowboard Wax Kit For Beginners

Beginner Pick
6. Demon Complete Basic Tune and Wax Kit
9/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Includes Wax Iron: Yes
Includes Apron: No
Includes Base Cleaner: No
Number of Waxes: 1

  • The best snowboard tuning kit for beginners!
  • An intuitive and easy to use waxing kit
  • A user-friendly, travel-sized wax iron
  • Decent quality wax and accesories
  • Handy compact travel case

✖️Iron is on the smaller side, and so takes longer.
✖️If you plan to stick with snowboarding, upgrading to a larger kit (and wax iron) is a worthy investment

The Demon Complete Basic Tune and Wax Kit is one of the best snowboard waxing kits for beginners. 

It includes all the essentials, in an easy-to-use and super travel friendly package. 

It’s also very reasonably priced!

Everything is slightly sized-down though, so waxing does take slightly longer. If you’re not travelling with the kit, it may be worth pitching for one with a larger iron. 

The Best Rub-On Snowboard Wax Kit

Best Rub-On Wax
7. North The Factory Team Wax & Tune Kit
8.8/10 Our Score

Brand: North (Swix)
Includes Wax Iron: No
Includes Apron: No
Includes Base Cleaner: No
Number of Waxes: 1 (Rub-On)

  • Great option if you already have an iron
  • Higher quality edge tuning tools
  • Small and super compact
  • Rub-on provides a faster waxing solution

✖️Requires you to already own an iron (if planning to hot wax)
✖️More expensive - given the smaller number of items included

The Factory Team Wax Kit is perfect if you’re a fan of time-saving rub-on snowboard waxes. This would also be a great option if you already have an iron, but are looking to upgrade your accessories. 

The scraper and tuning tool are extremely high quality, as is the super-compact travel case. 

*Don’t choose this option unless you already have some equipment – unless you don’t plan on hot-waxing your board.

Snowboard Wax Kit Alternatives

If you’re on the look out for the absolute best snowboard wax kit available, you’re usually better off putting one together yourself. This allows you to choose the best snowboard wax iron, the best wax and the best snowboard wax scrapers

But be warned…

This will cost you!

A top-quality digital wax iron costs over $75, without any of the accessories. 

The choice is yours!

Snowboard Wax Kit Buying Guide

Like any sport, snowboarding demands the right equipment and maintenance.

Wax-starved snowboard bases are slow, harder to control and prone to damage. Enter the world of snowboard wax kits.

Often doubling up as tuning kits, these are an indispensable part of your snowboard arsenal. I thought I’d therefore give you the lowdown on the features and items to look out for. 

1. Types of Wax

A comprehensive wax kit should offer a variety of waxes.

  • All-Temperature Wax: As the name suggests, is suitable for a range of conditions. Great for those unpredictable days.

  • Temperature-Specific Wax: These waxes are tailored for specific conditions, whether it’s cold, warm, or somewhere in between. They optimize your board’s performance in particular temperatures.

  • Fluorinated Wax: This type of wax is known to repel water better than its non-fluorinated counterparts, making it ideal for wet conditions. It is however banned in most places!

If you can only have one wax, go for a respected all-temp snowboard wax

2. Waxing Iron

A good wax kit should include a reliable waxing iron. You want even wax melting and application, without erratic temperature changes or burning wax.

The top wax irons will have digital screens for accurate temperature control, but these are rare to find in a waxing or tuning kit. 

3. Scraping Tools

After the wax is applied, it needs to be scraped off to achieve that smooth finish. Look for kits that come with a decent plastic scraper for wax removal, and a metal scraper for p-tex repairs. 

Don’t use the metal scraper for wax removal, they can gouge your base!

4. Brushes

Brushing the board after scraping helps with texturing the wax, creating better glide. A good wax kit should have a range of brushes, from coarse to fine.

5. Edge Tools

While primarily focused on waxing, a comprehensive kit will come with tools to maintain the edges of your snowboard.

Edge tuners allow you to reset the bevel on the edges, for sharper carves and improved precision.

Files and gummy stones can be used to remove burrs and dings from your rails. 

6. Portability

A compact, organized kit is a must, especially if you’re traveling to multiple snowboarding destinations. Look for kits that come in a durable, compact case.

7. Eco-Friendly Options

As we grow more conscious of our environment, several brands offer eco-friendly waxes and base cleaners made from natural ingredients. They are less harmful to the environment and are a great choice for the eco-conscious rider.

8. Application Guides and Manuals

For beginners, a waxing guide or manual can be incredibly helpful. Even if you’re experienced, a refresher on the best practices is always handy. 

Once you’ve got the steps down, waxing only takes about 20-30mins

If your kit didn’t come with instructions, the video below is super thorough. 

Best Snowboard Tuning Kits

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the best wax kits are also the best snowboard tuning kits. They include the same tools, gadgets and accessories. 

For the uninitiated, snowboard tuning refers to the process of sharpening your board’s edges, cleaning and waxing its base, and repairing any damage. 

The best snowboard tuning kit is therefore the Demon Charger Complete Wax and Tune Kit

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right snowboard wax kit is an investment. If you can afford the top-rated kit – The Demon Charger – then you’ll be pretty much set for the season (and beyond!). 

But even the cheapest option – The Winterial – will provide a very decent wax and tuning kit. Not to mention saving you $20-50 a pop compared to dropping by the ski and snowboard store!

So grab one of the best snowboard waxing kits, and hit the slopes.

Happy riding.

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