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The 11 Best Snowboard Bibs [2024]

by Ben

Calling fellow powder chasers! If you’re reading this, chances are you’re on the hunt for the perfect snowboard bib. 

I get it. Just last winter, I was in your boots (pun intended).

With so many options on the market, I found it ridiculously hard to choose. But don’t stress; I’ve got you covered. I ended up testing over 20 different bibs last season alone! 

Here’s the lowdown on how to snag the best snowboard bib possible…

Our Snowboard Bib Top Picks

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The Best Snowboard Bibs (Men's)

Editor's Choice
1. Burton GORE-TEX Reserve Bibs
9.5/10 Our Score

Brand: Burton
Fabric: GORE-TEX 2-Layer
Insulation: Shell

  • Best bib of the season!
  • The perfect combination of price and performance
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Handled everything, from park to pow!
  • An excellent, trick-capable fit
  • Well-designed Mesh-Lined Test-I-Cool™ Vents

✖️2-Layer GORE-TEX
✖️If you have the budget, the 686 Pro 3L is next level

In my quest to find the ultimate snowboard bib, the Burton Reserve Gore-Tex Snowboard Bib really stood out.

It’s Gore-Tex construction ensures top-tier waterproofing, making those (delightfully) wet East Coast days a non-issue. 

The fit is both stylish and functional, offering room to tweak out those grabs (without feeling baggy*). Plus, the thoughtful placement of pockets and venting zippers was much appreciated!

*I sized up from my normal Medium to a Large. I found this gave a more flexible and freestyle-friendly fit. 

best snowboard bibs - the burton reserve GORE-TEX

Now… is this the most technologically advanced snowboard bib on the list? Nope!

But it definitely offers the best balance between price-point and performance (in my not so humble opinion). In other words, the Burton Reserve GORE-TEX is the best bang for your buck!

Want to spend less? There are certainly cheaper options on the list, but you’ll miss out on GORE-TEX. 

Money no object? You lucky son of a gun! Scroll down to the next bib on the list…

The Most Premium Snowboard Bib:

Premium Choice
2. 686 GORE-TEX Pro 3L Thermagraph Bibs
9.5/10 Our Score

Brand: 686
Fabric: GORE-TEX 3-Layer
Insulation: Thermagraph™

  • A truly unbelievable bib!
  • Packed full of technology
  • Over-engineered for perfect performance
  • A snowboarder-owned brand
  • Includes HYDRASTASH tech
  • BOA compatible boot gaiters 
  • As good as it gets!

✖️The price tag!

The 686 GORE-TEX PRO 3L Thermograph Bib has a list of features almost as long as it’s name!

Essentially, 686 have crafted a snow-stopping masterpiece. 

The articulated fit is designed to move with the rider, whilst the U.S. Special Forces spec’d Polartec Alpha Thermograph insulation has been strategically placed over the butt and knees (where we spend most of our time – innuendo not intended). 

The outer-layer itself is crafted from 3-Layer GORE-TEX PRO; the most rugged, durable and windproof material yet.

Get thirsty on your hike or on the way down? Not a problem. The bib includes 686’s “hydrastash” technology – essentially a hidden water bladder within the bib itself.

I know this sounds like a gimmick, but this was freaking fantastic on a hot day! 

I won’t bore you with every single feature (of which there are many). But it’s basically just an uber-premium snowboard bib.

Why isn't This the best snowboard bib of the season?

Well, because I always take price into consideration. If your pockets are deep, or your snowboarding addiction is particularly untreatable, the 686 GORE-TEX Pro 3L is undoubtedly an epic choice. 

But for the average aspirational rider (myself included) this price-tag is probably a step too far. 

3. Volcom Rain GORE-TEX Bib Overalls
9.3/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: GORE-TEX 2-Layer
Insulation: Shell
GPT Articulated

  • Still one of the best snowboard bibs 
  • Super comfy articulated fit
  • Hard-wearing materials  
  • Excellent venting
  • Includes Zip-Tech
  • Awesome aesthetics 
  • Reasonable pricing (for quality GORE-TEX)

✖️2-Layer GORE-TEX
✖️Slightly heavier than the most premium options

Another of the crème de la crème of snowboard bibs, is the Volcom Rain GORE-TEX Snowboard Bib.

This was in fact my very first snowboard bib… and it’s still going strong!

The GORE-TEX integration is a game-changer, granting unparalleled waterproofing for those unpredictable days. The design strikes a balance between trendiness and practicality, allowing unencumbered movement.

volcom rain snowboard bib pants

What I particularly love about Volcom products is their Zip-Tech. Whilst less important with bibs than pants, this feature allows you to zip your jacket and pants together, forming a snow-tight barrier. Pretty awesome. 

They also reinforce the common wear-points, use premium zips and have mastered snowboard bib venting. 

In a market flooded with options, the Volcom Rain Bib has certainly earned its stripes.

Best Newcomer
4. Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Bibs
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: Oyuki
Fabric: YamaPro™ Always Dry 20K/20K 3-Layer
Insulation: Shell

  • Incredible Japanese craftsmanship
  • Oyuki's proprietary materials 
  • Bolder colorways than most
  • Flexible upper section
  • Fully taped seams
  • Generous venting 

✖️Slightly closer fitting 
✖️Not quite on-par with GORE-TEX

Oyuki have burst onto the snowboard gear scene recently. But rest assured… they’ve been mastering their craft for decades. 

If you haven’t heard of the Oyuki brand, they were born in the snow-laden mountains of Niseko, Japan. Their gear is therefore designed to tackle deep powder and sub-zero conditions. 

I’m certainly rapidly becoming an Oyuki fanboy. And the Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L bib has been another revelation.

Oyuki Goshiki YamaPro 3L Bibs

The three-layer construction is impressive, especially given the fact they’ve created their own outer-layer membrane (which almost rivals GORE-TEX). 

The fit isn’t necessarily my normal look (I’m still clinging to the baggy fit of my youth) however it still provides an excellent range of movement. 

The Best Insulated Snowboard Bib:

Insulated Pick!
5. 686 Hot Lap Insulated Bibs
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: 686
Fabric: infiDRY® 15K/10K
Insulation: infiLOFT® 40g
Modern (not too loose, not too slim)

  • Super cosy and well-made
  • Another great 686 product
  • Perfect amount of insulation
  • Feel super durable
  • Full range of movement 

✖️Waterproofing and breathability may not be enough for hikes and hardcore park sessions

In my search for the best snowboard bibs, the 686 Hot Lap Insulated Bib warmed my heart (literally). 

I took these out on a particularly bone-chilling day, and was surprised by how cozy these were… without compromising maneuverability!

They also didn’t make my legs look like over-filled sausages. An added bonus when it comes to insulated bibs!

686 hot lap snowboard bib

I’d therefore highly recommend these if you want to simplify layering, or tend to run cold. It’s worth noting though that on the coldest days, you should still wear base-layers (check out my guide to snowboard layering). The insulation in these is purposely on the thinner side. 

Regardless, this bib has clinched a prime spot in my snowboard gear roster.

Great Value!
6. Volcom Roan Bib Overalls
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: V-Science 15k/15k
Insulation: Shell
Modern Relaxed Fit

  • Amazing value for money
  • Great combination of price and tech
  • Classic snowboard styling
  • Super durable 
  • Includes Zip-Tech!
  • Handles everything 
  • An upgrade on the V.CO (if your budget has some wiggle room)

✖️Heavier than GORE-TEX
✖️Side-zip occasionally opened slightly when bending forwards

Straight off the bat, the Volcom Roan Bib fuses classic ruggedness with contemporary snowboard tech.

This season’s colorways are BADASS.

Volcom’s V-Science 15k/15k material is also both durable and breathable. Okay it’s not GORE-TEX, but in all honesty, most riders don’t need that level of waterproofing anyway. 

It’s also worth noting that these pants have been available and fine-tuned for almost a decade. These incremental improvements have enabled them to keep up and stay fresh. 

If your budget is tight, the Roan (and the V.CO further down) are a great way to cut costs. 

The Best Budget Snowboard Bib:

Budget Pick!
7. Volcom V.CO Sparta Bibs
9.1/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: V-Science 10k/10k
Insulation: Shell
Ergo Fit

  • Cheapest option (by far!)
  • Durable reinforced hems 
  • Roomy, relaxed and classic fit
  • Super comfortable
  • Suitable for most budget-conscious riders

✖️Large buckles (can press into your chest)
✖️Waterproofing and breathability could be better - upgrade to the Roan if your budget allows

My search for the best snowboard bibs quickly led me to the budget section. Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty! 

My first outings ended in water-laden pants and broken dreams (a little dramatic?). 

That’s why I’m super confident that the Volcom V.CO Sparta Bib is the best budget option.

Unlike other brands, Volcom have maintained decent styling and functionality across their affordable range. With a flexible, ergonomic fit, durable reinforced seams and a respectable 10k membrane, the V.CO Sport is good to go.


I wasn’t so keen on the large plastic buckles, as they can press into your chest a little when falling or wearing a backpack. Although this isn’t an issue if you have a reasonable base-later on. 

The only other drawback is the omission of Zip-Tech. If you have a little wiggle room in your budget, the Roan offers a little more for your money.

But if not, the V.CO Sparta is still a great buy!

The Most Versatile Snowboard Bib:

Most Versatile
8. 686 Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo Bibs
8.9/10 Our Score

Brand: 686
Fabric: infiDRY® 20k/20k
Insulation: Removable SMARTY® 3-in-1 Midlayer
Modern Fit

  • Super versatile option!
  • Free removable mid-layer
  • Super comfortable fleece liner
  • BOA compatible gaiters
  • Great build quality

✖️Venting partially obstructed when wearing the mid-layer 

Last on our list of stoke-worthy snowboard bibs, another hidden gem from 686 (what can I say, they make good bibs!). 

The Smarty 3-in-1 Cargo bibs offer an innovative 3-in-1 design. On colder days, the removable insulation layer provides impeccable warmth, for warmer sessions, you can leave it at home!

686’s “Modern Fit” provides an average fit – not too loose, not too light. This makes it roomy enough for extra layers and flexible enough for tricks. 

686 3 in 1 snowboard bib pant-2

My main criticism is that the mid-layer obstructs the venting, reducing the effectiveness. This is of course the case with every shell bib pant, but insulated pants (like the hot lap) have solved this.

The Best Women's Snowboard Bibs

Clearly I’m not the perfect person to review the best snowboard bibs for women… but fortunately my partner in crime (Sarah) was up for the task!

She has almost as many years riding experience as I do, and is almost as gear obsessed too. I’ll leave you in her capable hands…

Best Overall Women's Snowboard Bib:

Editor's Choice!
1. Burton AK 2L GORE-TEX Kimmy Bib Pants
9.4/10 Our Score

Brand: Burton
Fabric: GORE-TEX 2-Layer
Insulation: Shell
Regular Articulated Fit

  • Best women's snowboard bib!
  • Premium quality materials 
  • Super lightweight
  • Cross-over straps (stopped them slipping down)
  • Excellent venting 
  • Flexible fit
  • Loved the chest pocket (with beacon clip)

✖️On the longer side - less suitable for shorter riders
✖️2-Layer GORE-TEX (Upgrade to the 3-Layer Kimmy Bib if your budget allows!)

Tailored specifically for the female snowboarder, the AK 2L Kimmy effortlessly marries form with function.

Its design boasts a blend of elegance and sportiness, ensuring I felt as confident in its appearance as I did its performance.

I was also pleased to find it didn’t exclusively feature pink flowery designs (which are great, but other options are appreciated!).

gore-tex kimmy snowboard pants

There are more expensive and more “premium” options out there, but you may end up spending a whole lot more for just a little bit more tech. 

If you do want to “level up” then the Burton AK 3-Layer Kimmy Bib Pants are extra nice. But unless you explore the backcountry or hike a lot, they might be overkill. 

Best Budget Women's Snowboard Bib:

Value Pick!
2. Volcom Swift Bib Overalls
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: Volcom
Fabric: V-Science 15k/15k
Insulation: Shell
Stretch Slim Fit

  • Best Budget Option!
  • Excellent value for money
  • Designed for optimal mobility
  • Includes zip-tech 
  • Loads of colorways
  • My park bib of choice! 
  • The perfect balance between price and performance features (in my humble opinion)

✖️Heavier than the Burton AK
✖️Waterproofing and breathability ratings can't beat GORE-TEX

This is now my favorite overall snowboard bib!

It’s essentially the women’s version of the Volcom Roan, which is now a staple of the men’s bib line-up.

I’ve ridden it through some pretty tasty bails in the park, and some pretty hard falls (on some even harder snow.) The reinforced butt and seams held strong!

It’s packed with plenty of tech, whilst coming in at a very reasonable price-point.

Sure GORE-TEX would be nice, but spending the difference on another lift-ticket is probably nicer!

Best Insulated Women's Snowboard Bib:

Insulated Pick!
3. Trew Gear Trillium Bibs
9/10 Our Score

Brand: Trew Gear
Fabric: PNW 2-Layer 20k/20k
Insulation: 60g High-Loft Synthetic Insulation

  • Extremely comfortable 
  • Upgraded 20k materials
  • Super cosy insulation 
  • RECCO® Reflector
  • Massive side zips
  • Crossover straps
  • Retro Styling
  • If you feel the cold, this is the option is for you!

✖️Venting doesn't have mesh
✖️Not as flattering as other options (slightly bulkier)

Last but by no means least, the Trew Gear Trillium Snowboard Bib.

Trew Gear have been making some epic kit over the last few seasons. The Trillium is one of their new releases, featuring a comfortable fit, their new 20k/20k material and a generous 60g of high-quality insulation. 

This thing is so toasty! It’s like a sleeping bag on the slopes. If you really feel the cold, get these pants (and a thick base layer for good measure!). 

The main downside was the vents having no mesh, meaning snow gets in when they’re wide open. I think I tried a pre-production model though, so they may have changed/fixed this.

Snowboard Bib Alternatives

If you like the idea of stopping snow from getting into your gear, but for some reason don’t want a snowboard bib, Volcom’s Zip-Tech is a great second choice. 

This involves zipping your jacket’s snow gaiter to your pants, forming a snow-tight barrier. It works super well. In fact, I swore by it until last season.

However, it is slightly fiddlier than bibs, especially when it comes to bathroom breaks!

Snowboard Bib Buying Guide

If you’ve got your eye on an option that didn’t make the list, here’s a few pointers to consider before pulling the trigger. 

1. Waterproofing is Key

Listen, there’s nothing worse than getting wet and cold on the slopes. It’ll seriously ruin your day. That’s why waterproofing is a must.

Look for bibs with a good waterproof rating.

Gore-Tex is the gold standard, but there are plenty of other materials that do the job. As a general rule, 10k is the minimum for your average rider, with 20k being preferred for backcountry ventures. 

2. Breathability

Now, just as important as keeping water out is letting it escape. I’ve had bibs that felt like a sauna on the inside – not cool.

So, keep an eye out for breathability ratings. Trust me; your future (sweaty) self will thank you.

3. Fit and Flexibility

Remember when snowboarding pants made you look like a marshmallow? Those days are gone, thankfully.

Today’s best snowboard bibs offer a more tailored fit, without compromising on flexibility. You need to be able to throw down your best tricks without feeling restricted, right?

4. Pockets, Pockets, and More Pockets

I can’t stress this enough. Having stash pockets for your lift pass, cash, or even snacks (I mean, who doesn’t love mid-run candy?) is vital. Plus, zippered pockets mean your stuff is secure following a wipeout. 

5. Ventilation

Sometimes, even on cold days, you just need a little airflow. Trust me; after a strenuous run or when the sun’s blazing, you’ll appreciate those zippered vents. They’re a lifesaver.

An added bonus is a snow-safe mesh when they’re open. Otherwise snow will quickly find itself inside your pants!

6. Adjustable Straps and Features

This might seem like a small thing, but being able to adjust your bib straps for comfort or to accommodate layers is massive.

And while we’re talking about features, look for bibs with boot gaiters. They keep the snow out of your boots, which is obviously always a bonus. 

7. Style

Last, but by no means least, is the style. Find a bib that matches your vibe. Whether you’re into classic black, bold prints, or something in between, there’s something for everyone.

How To Wear A Snowboard Bib

To wear snowboard bibs, start by putting on your base layers (and mid-layers if it’s super cold).

Then step into the bibs one leg at a time, pulling them up to your chest.

Fasten the shoulder straps to ensure they fit snugly without restricting movement.

how to wear snowboard bibs

The bibs should cover your torso up to your chest, with the pants section fitting over your boots. Ensure the gaiters at the bottom of each leg go over your snowboard boots. This prevents snow from getting inside.

Pair the bibs with a snowboard jacket. Adjust any zippers or closures for comfort and warmth.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, snowboard bibs are infinitely better than regular pants!

Why would you run the risk of a butt full of snow when you don’t have to?

Moreover, the best snowboard bibs will last you a lifetime (or a couple of seasons anyway). 

Give them a go and let me know how you get on. 

Happy riding, bib buddy!

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