The Best Snowboard Wax 2024 [7 Top Picks]

by Fraser

Snowboards might grab the headlines, but the unsung hero? Wax!

The right snowboard wax will improve your speed, performance and agility. It’ll also grant your precious board a long and healthy life (assuming you avoid those pesky rocks). 

But don’t just pitch for the cheap, tacky wax promoted by your local store. Choose one of the best snowboard waxes on the market!

I’ve literally tested dozens of waxes. Here are the ones worth your time…

Our Snowboard Wax Top Picks

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The Best Snowboard Wax

Editor's Choice!
1. Super HotSauce Ski and Snowboard Wax
9.5/10 Our Score

Brand: Hertelwax
Supply: 340g (12oz) 

  • Best Snowboard Wax 2024
  • Super well rated!
  • An all-temp specialist 
  • Lasted way longer than most
  • Amazing in most conditions 
  • Toxin free, enviro-conscious 
  • Made in the US of A!

✖️ Not the cheapest option (though does outlast the budget brands)

Super Hotsauce Snowboard Wax is an all-temperature wax known for its versatility and eco-friendly formula. Sure the packaging may look old-fashioned, but that’s just because it’s been one of the best snowboard waxes for so many years!

I’ve tried it innumerable times, and have always been impressed by the glide and performance. It also seems to wear off much slower than other wax options, even in icy and warmer conditions.

hertel ski and snowboard wax

Plus, the founder (Terry Hertel) is a highly-respected industry pioneer. Having founded the company in 1972 and produced the first ever all-temp wax,  he has recently embarked on his well-deserved retirement. Thanks for everything Terry!

Best All-Weather Snowboard Wax:

Best All-Temp
2. PURL Purple 1lb Brick - Universal Ski and Snowboard Wax
9.3/10 Our Score

Brand: PURL
Supply: 454G (1lb) 

  • Best Bang For Your Buck!
  • Wide temperature range
  • Official wax of the USA team!
  • Super ECO Friendly 
  • Premium wax, generous supply
  • Supports a Colorado-based, family-owned, small business

✖️ Get's slightly sticky at super low temperatures 

Easily one of the best snowboard wax options this year. The PURL purple brick provides a pretty hefty wax supply, at a very reasonable price. Mine lasted almost a full season (though this depends how often you wax). 

Purl are also a small, family-managed company. Always nice to support small business wherever possible!

Best Cold-Weather Snowboard Wax:

Cold-Temp Pick
3. Swix Blue Freeride Speed Brick
9.3/10 Our Score

Brand: North (Swix)
Supply: 180g (6.3oz) 

  • The best in cold-weather tests!
  • A highly respected company
  • Used by freeride ski and snowboarders
  • Melts on easily, scrapes out well
  • Outstanding reviews

✖️ Smaller supply 
✖️ Not designed for below -4°F (-20°C). But then again, neither are we! 

Swix are one of the oldest companies in the ski and snowboard wax game! And North (their sister company) was built to focus on high-quality freeride gear. 

The North Blue freeride speed brick is therefore one of the best cold-weather waxes. It’s fast, efficient and decent value (although it’s a comparatively small supply compared to other options). 

Best Budget Snowboard Wax:

Budget Pick
4. Demon Hyper Wax 1.06 LB/ 480 gm Block
9.1/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Supply: 480g (1.06 lb) 

  • Excellent value!
  • Premium quality, budget price
  • Poured in California
  • Smells fresh!
  • Speedy and easy
  • No PFAS (bad chemicals!)

✖️ Basic packaging and molding
✖️ Not quite on par with HotSauce

Demon United are the masters of accessible and affordable snowboard accessories. Their Hyper Wax Block is incredible value, offering a quality product in a very generous block. 

The benefit of having a generous supply is that you’ll be inclined to wax more often. This avoids those sluggish days between waxes, and ensures your board will live a long life. 

Best Snowboard Wax Bundle:

Best Bundle!
5. Demon United Ski & Snowboard Wax Bundle
9/10 Our Score

Brand: Demon United
Supply: 635g (1.4 lb) 

  • Very generous volumes
  • 5 types of wax!
  • Covers all conditions
  • A great company 
  • Should last all season (and beyond!)

✖️ Probably overkill... the average rider is unlikely to need this many wax options. 

Demon again! This time with a five-fold snowboard wax bundle. 

This includes some of the best snowboard waxes, bundled together to cover almost every imaginable temperature. The downside is that you’re likely to “burn” through the all-temp and universal wax options, leaving you with unused cold-weather wax. 

Choose this option if you travel to different resorts, countries and climates at different times of year.

Best Rub-On Snowboard Wax:

Rub-On Pick
6. ZUMWax RUB On Snowboard Wax
9/10 Our Score

Supply: 70g (2.5 oz) 

  • Best Rub-On Wax!
  • Super simple
  • Buffing cork included 
  • Massive temp. range!
  • Small USA-based brand
  • Travel friendly tube

✖️ Small supply
✖️ Hot waxing will always be superior overall

Regular readers already know my thoughts on rub-on wax… I love it!

Okay, it should never replace a comprehensive hot wax. But for those instances in which you don’t have time (or simply can’t be bothered), rub-on wax is a lifesaver. 

Note: If you do choose this option, I still recommend a full hot wax every couple of weeks. This’ll keep your board nice and healthy. 

Best-Smelling Snowboard Wax:

Best Smelling!
7. ONEBALL One Mfg Bacon Snowboard & Ski Wax 150g
8.8/10 Our Score

Brand: One Ball Jay
Supply: 150g (5 oz) 

  • Bacon scented wax!
  • From a legendary company
  • Excellent range
  • Great performer 
  • Has the novelty factor!

✖️ Made me hungry
✖️ Not vegan friendly (joking - it probably is. But please don't eat it!)

Don’t be fooled by the novelty factor, ONEBALL are a highly experienced snowboard wax manufacturer. 

This wax is therefore great quality, all whilst smelling like your favorite breakfast!

The main downside is the minimal supply. It won’t last nearly as long as the more generous blocks higher up the list (PURL and Demon)

Best Snowboard Wax For Speed

The best snowboard wax for speed is the Super HotSauce Snowboard Wax. This excels in most temperatures and is extremely well-rated. Riders using a budget-alternative will almost certainly notice a difference once they switch (I certainly did).

Best Snowboard Wax For Powder

The best snowboard wax for powder is the North Blue Freeride Speed Brick.

Swix (North’s parent brand) have really focused on freeride performance, particularly in cold temperatures. In fact, they state that their “cold formula is best when the mercury drops below 21 degrees and in cold smoke powder”. 

Arguably, not all powder accompanies super cold conditions… but the best kind certainly does!

Best Warm Weather Snowboard Wax

When spring hits and the snow gets slushy, you’ll need a different kind of wax altogether. Pick up the PURL yellow wax brick. It’s a premium quality warm-weather wax with a very reasonable price tag. 

You’re also getting a full 1 pound brick, which is vital in warm, wet conditions (wax melts off much quicker in the spring). 

Best Snowboard Wax For The East Coast

The best snowboard wax for the East Coast is also the North Blue Freeride Speed Brick. The East Coast is notorious for cold weather and icy slopes. All-temp and warm-weather waxes will be of little use to you there!

Alternative Wax Options

If you don’t already have the tools, you’re probably better off picking up a complete waxing kit. Or at the very least, an iron!

I’ve written a dedicated article comparing waxing and tuning kits. Worth a read if you’re in the market.

Snowboard Wax Buying Guide

I’ve been in your shoes, standing in a store or browsing online, overwhelmed by the sheer variety of snowboard waxes available. And if you’re like me, you just want the best for your board.

So, I’ve put together this concise guide to help you choose the right wax for your next adventure.

1. Understand the Basics: Why Wax?

Before diving into the specifics, it’s crucial to understand why you even need to wax your snowboard. By waxing your board, you’re essentially giving it a smoother base, which in turn reduces friction. This helps you glide faster and smoother down the slopes.

Plus, waxing prolongs the life of your board. Trust me, your snowboard will thank you!

2. Know Your Snow Temperatures

There are different types of waxes, each tailored to various snow temperatures. Here’s a basic breakdown:

  • Cold Temperature Wax: If you’re hitting the slopes in sub-freezing conditions, this is the one for you. It’s perfect for temperatures below 20°F (-6°C).

  • Warm Temperature Wax: Ideal for spring snowboarding or days when the mercury climbs above 32°F (0°C).

  • All-Temperature Wax: A good middle ground for those who prefer not to switch waxes frequently. Suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Think about where and when you’ll be snowboarding most often. If you’re unsure, all-temperature wax is a safe bet!

3. Decide Between Rub-On and Hot Wax

There are two main types of wax:

  • Rub-On Wax: Quick and easy. You simply rub it onto your board’s base and buff it. It’s perfect for mid-trip applications, especially if you notice your board slowing down.

  • Hot Wax: This requires a bit more effort and equipment (like an iron). You’ll melt the wax onto your board and scrape off the excess. It generally lasts longer and provides a smoother ride.

While I love the durability of hot wax, rub-on ski and snowboard wax has saved me more times than I can count!

4. Consider the Environment: Go Green

If you’re like me and care about Mother Earth, there are eco-friendly waxes available. They’re made without harmful fluorocarbons and are biodegradable. Not only do you get to ride smoothly, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win!

5. Trust the Brands, But Not Blindly

Certain brands have made a name for themselves in the snowboarding world. Brands like Burton, Dakine, and Swix have been longterm favorites of mine.

But, always read reviews and gather personal experiences. Sometimes, an underdog brand might just surprise you!

You can read about snowboard brands here if you’re interested. 

6. How to Apply Your Snowboard Wax

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me drone on. Remember the PURL wax brick? The company behind this awesome product have made an equally awesome video. It’s pretty much everything you need to know…

Final Thoughts

Navigating the world of snowboard waxes can be overwhelming. But honestly, it needn’t be! 

Simply choose one of the best snowboard waxes above and get cracking. If you like the product, stick with it for life! 

The only time you may need to mix it up is at either extremes of temperature or in specific conditions. 

Happy riding!

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