what is a jerry in snowboarding

What is a Jerry In Snowboarding? [The Painful Truth]

by Fraser

Ever since humans decided to strap boards to their feet, a diverse community of snowboarders has emerged.

There’s the pro shredder, the soul-carving veteran, the enthusiastic newbie, and then… there’s the “Jerry”. 

But what is a Jerry in snowboarding and skiing?

I’m glad you asked!

The Unmistakable Art of Being a 'Jerry'

A Jerry, dear reader, is an endangered species that are wonderfully oblivious to their existence in the snowboarding world. They can turn a simple lift ride into a sitcom, and make the rest of us question if gravity works differently for them.

From their eccentric fashion choices to their over-enthusiastic maneuvers, Jerry-ism is a school of snowboarding that entertains, enlightens, and of course, occasionally frightens.

It’s not about how good or bad they are, it’s about the unique touch of chaos they bring to the art of snowboarding.

Let’s take a journey into the quirky world of the Jerry…

1. The Technicolor Dreamcoat

There’s no such thing as “too much” in the Jerry fashion handbook.

Much like our friend, the Gaper, they have an inexplicable affinity for clothing that could be spotted from space. Neon greens, hot pinks, glaring oranges, you name it, they’ve worn it. Sometimes all at once!

If there’s an award for ‘most likely to be mistaken for a yeti in a disco outfit’, it’s definitely going to a Jerry.

2. The Equipment Enigma

Jerrys don’t “gear up”, they put on a fashion show. You might see a Jerry wearing ski or snowboard boots from the 80s, one glove from a dollar store, the other a high-tech heated one, and, the crown jewel, a helmet with more attachments than a Swiss army knife. A GoPro? Check. A beer holder? Double-check.

jerry snowboard helmet

3. Gravity? What's That?

One of the unmistakable traits of a Jerry is their love-hate relationship with gravity. They have this uncanny ability to fall, tumble, somersault, and crash in ways that physicists are still trying to figure out.

Their downhill journeys often resemble an interpretive dance, with gravity as the unwilling partner.

4. Confidence or Confusion? Both!

When it comes to overconfidence, Jerrys are Olympic champions. They will attempt a double black diamond run, ignoring the fact that they just somersaulted down a bunny hill. It’s not that they’re undeterred by failure. No, no. They just didn’t realize they failed.

5. The Chairlift Chronicles

Ah, the beloved chairlift, a peaceful ride with panoramic views… unless there’s a Jerry nearby. You’ll witness flailing arms, misjudged jumps, or the classic ‘one-chair-per-person’ scenario. They might even bring their own snack for the ride, turning it into a bespoke dining experience.

what is a jerry in snowboarding

6. Post-Snowboarding Wisdom

Jerrys can turn a day on the slopes into a philosophical experience. “Why walk when you can roll?” A conversation with a Jerry is a wisdom-filled joyride. 

What Is A Jerry in Snowboarding? [Summary]

A ‘Jerry’ is the term used by the snow sports community to humorously describe an individual, typically a beginner or someone lacking in skill, who is oblivious to the proper etiquette and unwritten rules of the slopes.

Characterized by their overconfidence, questionable fashion choices, and an uncanny ability to bungle even the most basic tasks, Jerrys create amusing situations wherever they ride. 

However, they also embody the endearing spirit of unabashed enthusiasm for snow sports, reminding us of the importance of humor, humility, and fun.


This article is intended as a bit of light-hearted fun only!

I do not condone the use of the term “Jerry” to belittle or discourage beginners. Remember, we all started from the bottom (or on our bottoms). Even experts look like a “Jerry” from time to time.

Long live the Jerrys. For without them, the slopes would be far less colorful, and our laughter far less loud! 

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