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The 13 Best Park Snowboards [2024]

by Ben

Looking to improve your freestyle game?

Then you should probably check out the best park snowboards of the season! 

These boards are designed with freestyler riders in mind. They provide the right pop, flex, shape and stability for you to finally put down that spin, invert or jib. 

But sifting through the dozens of options can quickly lead to analysis paralysis. 

So this season I tested as many park boards as possible, separating the elite from the weak… drumroll please…

The Best Park Snowboards are the:

  1. Yes Greats 
  2. Bataleon Disaster
  3. Yes Jackpot
  4. Gnu Headspace
  5. Salomon Huck Knife
  6. Rome Agent 
  7. Gnu GWO BTX
  8. Yes Dicey 
  9. Arbor Relapse 
  10. CAPiTA Pathfinder
  11. Burton Custom X Flying V
  12. Ride Twinpig
  13. Jones Tweaker

Spotted your perfect freestyle companion? Keep reading to explore the juicy details.

Our Top Park Snowboard Picks

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Features of The Best Park Snowboards

Freestyle snowboarding requires agility, precision, and a little bit of showmanship. The perfect park snowboard therefore offers a unique blend of performance and style.

Here’s a quick look at the features that make up the best park snowboards.

1. Soft to Medium Flex Ratings

park snowboard flex - soft to medium

Softer, more flexible boards help freestyle riders perform tricks. Flex rating varies, but softer boards allow for better presses and butters. If rails and jibbing are your focus, aim for the softer end of the spectrum. 

However, if you’ll be hitting the XL jump line, a little extra support is often needed. Aim for a happy medium!

2. Twin Snowboard Shapes

Many park snowboards are true twins (symmetrical), meaning the nose and tail are the same shape. This design helps in riding switch (backward) and provides consistent performance.

3. A Forgiving Profile

Your snowboard profile depends on personal preference. But a hybrid combination of camber and rocker is the most popular choice for park snowboards. The camber helps with pop and control, while the rocker adds playfulness.

4. Durable Edges and Base

Park snowboards need to withstand repeated impacts from rails, boxes, and jumps. Look for strong edges and a durable base; they’re going to endure frequent abuse!

5. Medium to Short Length

Park riders often stick to the shorter end of their size spectrum, allowing for more control and easier spins. You can check your freestyle size with our snowboard size charts

The Best Park Snowboards

1. The Yes Greats Uninc

Editor's Choice!
The Yes Greats Uninc Snowboard
9.5/10 Our Score

Flex: 7/10
Profile: Hybrid (Camrock)
Base: Sintered 
Shape: True Twin
Pairs With: Burton Genesis
Additional Features: Poplar / Paulownia / Bamboo Core, Asym Midbite

  • One of the best all-mountain freestyle boards ever made!
  • Extremely versatile, making for a great one-board quiver
  • Features the OG asymmetrical design 
  • Poppy, easy to load up, loves jumps 
  • Surprised me with it's buttering ability
  • Awesome artwork 

✖️ High sell-out risk
✖️ A little too stiff for complete beginners or dedicated rail riders

More Details: 

Admittedly, this is more of an all-mountain freestyle deck. However, Yes Snowboards call it a freestyle board, which is good enough for me!

The Yes Greats Uninc features an Asymmetrical Twin shape, differentiating the heel-side from the toe-side edge. This leads to more natural and efficient turns.

camrock yes greats snowboard profile
Camrock 2-4-2

Meanwhile, the CamRock profile places rocker in the nose and tail and solid camber beneath the feet. This provides excellent responsiveness and pop, all while maintaining float in the soft stuff. 

The “Sintered True” base offers better wax retention and durability, ensuring adequate speed – even on the flatter sections!

Personal Thoughts: 

The first time I strapped into the Yes Greats, I knew I was onto something special.

The board boasts an asymmetrical design that, for me, translated into quick and nimble edge-to-edge transitions. The aim is to make up for physiological flaws on our heel-side turns – and it works!

Carving felt almost intuitive, even on icier patches. The asym midbite brings a narrower waist, further improving turn ability, without limiting nose and tail width.

Asymmetrical Midbite

What caught me off guard though was its pop. Launching off kickers or natural terrain, the board felt super lively underfoot. And when it came to jibs? That true twin shape with camber underfoot allowed for a buttery feel – without sacrificing stability.

No wonder it’s called the Greats… for park riding, this truly is one of the best greats.

The Verdict: Overall, the Yes Greats Uninc is the best park snowboard of 2024. Sure, it’s a little more versatile than your average park board, but that can only be a good thing.

If you want one board to destroy the park, but handle business on the rest of the mountain, this is it.

2. The Bataleon Disaster

A Jib Machine!
Bataleon Disaster
9.4/10 Our Score

Flex: 3/10
Profile: Camber with 3BT 
Base: Sintered (Hyper Glide S)
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Rome 390 Boss
Additional Features:
Shock Walls, 3BT

  • One of the best park snowboards 2024
  • A buttery, playful, jib and press machine
  • Super easy going and easy to ride
  • Great for experimenting on flat ground and rails
  • Forgiving enough for park beginners 

✖️ 3BT is not for everyone (though I love it personally)
✖️ Too soft for larger riders or those throwing down on the bigger jump line

More Details: 

Bataleon’s Disaster is known for its innovative Triple Base Technology (3BT). The board’s profile consists of camber, but with a flat center base and uplifted side bases… starting just outside the bindings.

This unique design provides the benefits of camber (edge hold and stability) but with a way more forgiving ride.

You’ll also find a softer core, perfect for flexing on rails and boxes. 

The Hyper Glide base ensures low maintenance without compromising on speed, making it perfect for park rats looking for performance and durability. 

bataleon disaster park snowboard base

Personal Thoughts:

Don’t be fooled by its name. The Bataleon Disaster is anything but disastrous for budding park rats.

Its softer flex is a dream for those who love pressing on rails and buttering their way around.

The Triple Base Technology (3BT) is a game changer. The raised contact points were super effective at reducing edge catches. They also allowed rolling edge-to-edge transitions. For someone like me, who loves to ride a little loose and mix it up, this was a godsend!

The Disaster is playful and forgiving but with just the right amount of snap for those ollies and nollies. A true park junkie’s delight.

The Verdict: The Disaster is the quintessential park board. It’s soft but playful, precise but forgiving, premium but inexpensive. If you’re looking for an out-and-out park snowboard, look no further. 

3. The Yes Jackpot

Best Jump Board
The Yes Jackpot
9.4/10 Our Score

Flex: 7/10 (feels like a 5)
Profile: Camber
Base: Sintered True
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Burton Cartel
Additional Features:

  • A more versatile all-mountain freestyle park board
  • Handled jumps of all sizes with ease
  • Awesome for aggressive spins and side-hits
  • Super capable of keeping up outside the park
  • Good choice for riders tackling icy/hardpack conditions

✖️ On the stiffer size for jibbing and buttering (try the Yes Dicey)
✖️ A little too aggressive for beginners 

More Details: 

The Yes Jackpot is a masterpiece in snowboard engineering. And it now features a mostly camber profile!

This results in increased responsiveness and the added pop associated with traditional camber.

Midbite creates a narrower center for increased maneuverability, while maintaining width in the tip and tail for stability.

midbite snowboard tech explained

The premium Sintered True base not only makes this board durable, but also fast, ensuring you have all the speed you need for the bigger park features.

This thing is all action, all the time. A stiff and poppy twin tip freestyle board in the tradition of park and resort boards before it – with throwback graphic vibes to match. The Jackpot was the first of the Yes. line to showcase MidBite, a feature we've incorporated into every twin since. Triple burning 7s all day long!

Personal Thoughts: 

Every time I ride the Yes Jackpot, it feels like I’ve hit the lottery.

This board screams versatility. It’s not just confined to park laps (although it truly excels there). With its mid-stiff flex, the Jackpot offers the perfect balance between stability for jumps and adequate flexibility for rails (jumps are its speciality though). 

The Camber dominant profile gave me that confident locked-in feeling and enough pop to boost off jumps.

All in all, the Jackpot is the ace up my sleeve when I’m in the mood for park domination.

The Verdict: It’s precision and locked-in feel make the Jackpot a perfect option for jump-focused riders. It’s also more than capable of hitting the rail line, but probably for the more experienced or aggressive rider. 

4. The Gnu Headspace

An All-Rounder
The Gnu Headspace
9.3/10 Our Score

Flex: 4/10
Profile: C3 Camber (Hybrid Rocker)
Base: Sintered
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Rome D.O.D.
Additional Features:

  • Best all-rounder for jumps, rails and butters
  • Exceptional edge hold, thanks to Magne-traction
  • The right balance of forgiveness and pop
  • I had a blast across the whole mountain

✖️ No longer asymmetrical (if that's what you're looking for)
✖️ On the more expensive side

More Details: 

The Gnu Headspace is a testament to Forest Bailey’s design prowess. Its C3 camber profile is a hybrid blend, strategically placing camber zones between the feet for control and mild rocker towards the tip and tail.

One of the standout features is the Magne-Traction technology, which incorporates serrated edges for exceptional edge hold, especially in icy conditions.

The board uses a combination of aspen and paulownia woods in its core, striking a balance between weight, strength, and pop.

With its unique and artsy top sheet graphics, it’s not just a functional board but also a visual treat.

Personal Thoughts:

Crafted with the genius that is Forest Bailey, the Gnu Headspace has been a revelation in my snowboarding adventures. It’s just so darned fun!

Its C3 camber profile, a mix between camber and rocker, ensured I got aggressive drive and playful feel in one package.

c3 camber gnu snowboards

Add in Magne-Traction edges? A life-saver on icy park days. They bit down hard, ensuring I never washed out on the icier landings.

The board’s graphics are just an added bonus, although they might be an acquired taste.

Other than the price-point, I’d happily recommend the Headspace to most riders. Maybe not complete beginners… But if you’ve got your turns down, you’d be fine transitioning into the park on this.

The Verdict: One of this season’s best park snowboards, providing the right balance of rail, jib and jump performance. The edge hold technology is an added bonus, worth considering for East Coast riders.  

5. The Salomon Huck Knife

Best Pop!
The Salomon Huck Knife
9.25/10 Our Score

Flex: 6/10
Profile: Quad Camber (Hybrid Camber)
Base: Sintered
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Salomon Hologram
Additional Features:
Freestyle Edge Bevel, Rubber Sidewalls

  • A super poppy, lively and versatile park board
  • More than capable of riding outside the park 
  • Feels quite forgiving, despite a camber-dominant profile 
  • I'm a big fan of the clean, cut-back aesthetics 
  • Pairs b-e-a-utifully with the Hologram Bindings

✖️ May be a little stiff for complete beginners 
✖️ No edge hold tech 

More Details: 

Salomon’s Huck Knife stands out with its Quad Camber profile (essentially a less aggressive version of traditional camber). This offers enhanced responsiveness and pop, with a little less bite.

quad camber salomon snowboards

Salomon have also added in their Freestyle Edge Bevel, further reducing the risk of catching your edge. 

The EQ Rad sidecut allows for smooth, quick edge transitions, while the Slingshot sidewalls incorporate carbon inlays to absorb shock and improve maneuverability.

The sintered base guarantees speed and longevity, making it an all-round performer in the park.

Our flagship true-twin freestyle board, the Huck Knife, was built for jumps, transitions, and rails using our most aggressive camber profile and paired with a versatile flex for precise maneuvers. A steeper nose and tail design provides snap, response, and swing weight reduction while a long list of tech enhances pop and stability at high speeds.

Personal Thoughts:

The moment I mounted the Salomon Huck Knife, I felt at home. It seemed to respond to my every whim, whether I was slicing through groomers or getting airborne off kickers.

The board’s agility was a clear standout, making every spin and flip (I wish) feel like second nature. Plus it’s not just a snowboard; it’s  a springboard!

The Verdict: Most riders’ would love the Huck Knife. It’s fun, snappy, spinny and affordable. Complete beginners may prefer a less-cambered approach (the GWO).

6. The Rome Agent

Side-Hit Slayer
The Rome Agent
9.2/10 Our Score

Flex: 5/10
Profile: Hybrid Camber 
Base: Sintered
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Rome Vice
Additional Features:
Bamboo Hotrods, Double Kick

  • What an incredible snowboard. Kudos Rome!
  • This thing loved to pop and spin over every side-hit
  • Just as capable on boxes/rails/jibs
  • No slouch when carving up the groomers
  • Rome SDS offer an industry-leading warranty

✖️ A little chattery at high-speeds
✖️ Not quite as forgiving as other options (beginners would prefer the GWO)

More Details:

The Rome Agent comes with a Fusion Camber, blending positive camber underfoot with rocker at the contact points. This makes the board both lively and forgiving.

Rome have also thrown in their Double Kick tech, seeing 2-part rise added to the tip and tail to maximise pressability. 

The Pop Core Matrix ensures lightweight strength, while the “Sinterstrong” base ensures top-tier durability and wax absorption.

Additional tech like Bamboo Single Barrel HotRods amplifies pop without adding unnecessary stiffness.

Personal Thoughts:

Riding the Rome Agent felt like reuniting with an old friend. Its reliable and consistent performance ensured that I had the confidence to push my limits, knowing it had my back.

Every feature in the park felt within reach, and carving on this board? Surprisingly tasty. 

It was slightly chattery at super-speeds, but was still more than capable of handling steep run-ins. 

The Verdict: A reliable park board that loves to jump but is happy on rails too. The camber dominant profile and supportive build make for surprisingly effortless carves too. A solid choice. 

7. The Gnu GWO BTX

Beginner Pick
9.1/10 Our Score

Flex: 4/10
Profile: Banana (Hybrid Rocker)
Base: Extruded
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Burton Mission
Additional Features:
UHMW Sidewalls, Magne-Traction

  • Best Park Snowboard for Beginners
  • Extremely easy turn initiation
  • Capable of progressing to intermediate level (and beyond)
  • Can handle ice and hardpack (Magne-Traction)
  • A forgiving, accessible, all-rounder

✖️ Banana profiles aren't for everyone
✖️ Not the cheapest option (though makes a good investment)


The GWO BTX from Gnu showcases their renowned Banana Technology (BTX). This uses rocker between the feet and mild camber towards the tip and tail.

gnu banana snowboard profiles

This offers improved float in soft snow and a forgiving, playful ride. It’s extremely accessible for beginners, whilst being more than capable of advanced level park riding.

Coupled with Magne-Traction’s serrated edges, edge hold on icy terrain is top-notch. The blend of aspen and paulownia woods in the core ensures a balanced strength to weight ratio, making it both snappy and durable.

Fun, easy to ride and packed with performance features the GWO is the culmination of decades of all terrain freestyle resort focused snowboard design. A ready for everything, catch free, carvy, floaty BTX Hybrid contour. Magne-Traction® serrated edges offer effortless edge hold on ice and hardpack. Lively, poppy, long lasting eco-friendly construction with a fast low maintenance base.

Personal Thoughts:

Riding the Gnu GWO (Gnu World Order) BTX was a pleasure. 

It’s playful yet stable nature made the most of every park session. With each run, I found myself increasingly in tune with its rhythm, making jumps, jibs, and spins feel almost choreographed.

Now I will say, Banana Technology is not for everyone. It’s slightly loose board-feel equals fun for most riders (like me), but others find it disconcerting. Beginners who aren’t used to traditional camber won’t notice the difference though, and usually love it. 

The Verdict: The GWO is this season’s best park snowboard for beginners. It is forgiving enough for new riders, whilst still being capable of advanced shredding (per the video). A worthy investment for the budding park rider.

8. The Yes Dicey

Great Value!
The Yes Dicey
9/10 Our Score

Flex: 6/10 (feels like a 4-5)
Profile: CamRock (Hybrid Camber) 
Base: Extruded
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Rome Vice
Additional Features:

  • The Jackpot's more forgiving little brother
  • Complete with a softer flex and a friendlier hybrid camber profile
  • More buttery and playful, while still excelling on jumps
  • Excellent bang for your buck 

✖️ Extruded base (slower but more durable)
✖️ Some minor chatter at top speed

More Details:

Another board from Yes Snowboards? I’m afraid so… they’ve had an awesome year!

The Yes Dicey boasts a versatile CamRock profile (similar to the Greats), with camber between the feet and rocker at the tip and tail. This combo provides a balanced blend of stability, pop, and float.

The mid-bite outline reduces the waist width for quick, responsive turns while maintaining a broader tip and tail for enhanced stability and float (though this is no powder board).

With a sturdy extruded base, the Dicey is not just durable but also requires less maintenance.

yes dicey park snowboard

Personal Thoughts:

The Yes Dicey instantly became my go-to for great-value freestyle fun. Its intuitive design made park features and natural hits all the more enticing.

It felt a decent amount softer than the Jackpot, making it more accessible for early-intermediate riders. It was also much more at home on rails.

Whilst I try not to let price influence my reviews too much, the Dicey is also a fair amount cheaper than the Jackpot (though not as cheap as the next option on the list!). 

The Verdict: The Jackpots’ more forgiving, more accessible and more affordable sibling. Whilst still more jumpy than jibby, the Dicey is more well-rounded. Perfect for adding a park specific snowboard to your quiver. 

9. The Arbor Relapse

Budget Pick!
The Arbor Relapse
9/10 Our Score

Flex: 4/10
Profile: Parabolic Camber
Base: Extruded
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Arbor Hemlock
Additional Features:
50-50 Fenders, Grip-Tech

  • Outrageously good bang for your buck 
  • Performed excellently in the jump and jib line
  • Thanks to Grip-Tech, a surprisingly good carver
  • Relatively beginner friendly, though the GWO is better suited
  • 50-50 Fenders and the built-in detune provide a forgiving park and street performance

✖️ Extruded base (slower but more durable)
✖️ Limited size options*

*If they don't do your size, go for the Disaster or Dicey. Both are great value.


The Arbor Relapse is a nod to traditionalists with its full positive camber profile, delivering power, pop, and precision.

One of the standout features is the 50-50 Fenders. These lift the outside edges slightly off the snow, resulting in fewer edge catches and a forgiving ride… especially for those who love to press and butter (who doesn’t!?).

Arbor’s commitment to craftsmanship shines through with its Hand Dyed Ash Power Ply topsheet, which not only looks stunning but also acts as an additional structural layer.

The Single Malt Core, crafted from 100% sustainably grown poplar, ensures durability, while the extruded base offers an easy-to-repair and long-lasting ride.

The Arbor Relapse Snowboard is a park board for the people. This pro-caliber deck built to handle Erik Leon's blend of park, street, and freestyle riding, but true to the mission of his C.O.R.E. Initiative, it's also super accessible for a wide range of riders. The soft flex and durable construction that do so well in the park also make it an easy board to learn to ride on, and the relatively modest price tag offers unbeatable value.

Personal Thoughts:

The Arbor Relapse took me back. Its no-nonsense design and exceptional performance felt like a throwback to the golden days of snowboarding (where style and substance were still valued). 

The traditional camber provided plenty of pop, whilst the 50-50 Fenders and detuned edges added a dose of forgiveness. 

Despite a very generous price-point, Arbor have also thrown in Grip-Tech

arbor relapse best park snowboard - grip tech

In a similar way to Magne-Traction, Grip Tech adds additional contact points along the boards’ edges. When holding your own on hardpack or icy conditions, these dig deep to provide more leverage. An amazing piece of tech!

The Verdict: The Arbor Relapse is the best park snowboard on a budget. Despite being a helluva lot cheaper than most other options, Arbor have still packed it with tech. It handles jibs, rails and jumps, whilst still holding it’s own on groomers.

Sadly though, it has very limited size options. If you’re one of the lucky few who can ride it, consider adding it to your arsenal. 

10. The CAPiTA Pathfinder Reverse Camber

Best Flat Profile
The CAPiTA Pathfinder
8.9/10 Our Score

Flex: 4/10
Profile: Park V2 Profile (Flat to Rocker)
Base: Extruded
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Union Force
Additional Features:
Magic Bean Resin,

  • A park snowboard masquerading as all-mountain!
  • Is a poppy, snappy, lively and fun ride
  • Has CAPiTA's renowned build quality 
  • Super-affordable and great value 

✖️ Can feel a little loose underfoot (which some riders like)
✖️ Not the board for high-speed freeride

*Also comes in a camber version for more experienced riders or those wanting more pop


The CAPiTA Pathfinder is now available with a Park V2 profile! Essentially, a flat section underfoot, but the mild camber sections have been swapped out for Rocker (reverse camber). 

This provides a super forgiving and looser feeling ride, perfect for getting spinny!

CAPiTA park v2 snowboard profile
Park V2 Profile

As you can see, they’ve kept the Flat Kick tip and tail, ensuring easy pop initiation and a tasty platform for presses and butters.

It’s FSC Certified Dual Core ensures a consistent, lightweight feel without compromising on strength.

The Superdrive EX base combines the durability of a sintered base with the ease of maintenance of an extruded one, providing the best of both worlds (they’re calling this “sintruded”). 

Personal Thoughts:

As much as I loved the original Camber Pathfinder, the reverse camber model is the upgrade I never knew I needed.

It’s way more forgiving, still holds a strong edge and is a joy to press. By adding a long zero camber section between the bindings, they’ve also managed to retain most of the pop and responsiveness. 

Of course, it’s not quite as locked in as the camber variant. This can make it feel a little squirrely when bombing at speed, although admittedly this is not what the board is for. 

Overall, I had a great time on the Pathfinder. 

The Verdict: A lively, forgiving and poppy new profile, combined with the spirit of a park snowboard classic. At this price-point, it’s an excellent option.

11. The Burton Custom X Flying V

Aggressive Pick
The Burton Custom X Flying V
8.85/10 Our Score

Flex: 8/10
Profile: Flying V (Hybrid Rocker)
Base: Sintered
Shape: Directional
Pair With: Burton Cartel X EST
Additional Features:
Pro-Tip, Dragonfly™ 600G Core, Frostbite Edges

  • An aggressive board for aggressive park riders!
  • Uses Burton's finest materials and tech
  • Super-lightweight, super responsive
  • Built to ride fast, hard and high 
  • A great option for extra-precise, pipe riders

✖️ Not for the faint-hearted
✖️ A little too specialist to score higher up the list, especially given the price point


The Burton Custom X is a park board on steroids. It’s built for aggressive, precise, no-nonsense riding. Although… by adding their Flying V profile, they’ve taken the edge off (slightly).  

Flying V profile brings a blend of rocker and camber, providing the pop and precision of camber with the float and playfulness of rocker.

burton flying v profile (park snowboards)

The Custom X’s Dragonfly 600G Core uses end-grain woods in impact zones to reduce weight without losing durability. Incorporating Carbon Highlights, the board hyper-optimizes each layer of the fiberglass matrix, adding life while reducing weight.

The sintered WFO base ensures consistent speed and durability, making it a top choice for riders pushing the boundaries.

custom x flying v

Personal Thoughts:

You’ve got to be brave to ride this one… but once you’re dialled in, it’ll reward you handsomely. 

It’s an absolute dream to carve, with an incredibly responsive spring out of every turn. This also makes it an awesome pipe board (for the experienced rider). 

Jumps, spins and grabs are super precise and locked-in… but they need to be, or you’ll quickly pay the price (my bruised backside knows this only too well). 

The other thing I noticed is that this thing is so darn light. How Burton manage to put so much pop and response into such a lightweight package is beyond me. It’s also probably why the price-point is fairly daunting. 

The Verdict: Let’s be honest, this is an incredible board, with incredible technology and exceptional build quality. But… it’s only really appropriate for a small number of riders.

These riders know who they are: experienced, aggressive and strong snowboarders who value precision, response and lightweight performance. Anyone else will have way more fun on a more forgiving option. 

12. The Ride Twinpig

The Ride Twinpig
8.7/10 Our Score

Flex: 5.5/10
Profile: Twin Standard Camber (Hybrid)
Base: Sintered
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Rome Katana
Additional Features:
Asymmetrical Sidecut, Cleave Edge™

  • An exciting and innovative new park snowboard
  • Wider waist width allows deeeep carves
  • Shorter length makes it nice and spinny
  • Premium build quality - super durable

✖️ Heavier than expected
✖️ Quite a niche option, probably for an experienced freestyle rider who wants to experiment


Introducing the most unusual park board on the list.

The Ride Twinpig is a spectacle, with its asymmetrical sidecut and volume-shifted shape. In fact, it’s designed to be ridden 3-6cm shorter than your standard size (I recommend the full 6cm).

It also sports a hybrid rocker profile with more rocker than camber (despite being called “Twin Standard Camber”!). This provides ample float and a super playful feel.

ride twinpig - best park snowboards

The board’s Slim Wall technology (the lightweight version of  Slimewall) involves durable urethane sidewalls, ensuring a smooth ride by absorbing shock from any impacts.

They’re also super-durable for those inevitable rail dings and lift queue clashes. Add in the Cleave Edges, which use 50% more steel, and it’s indestructible (disclaimer: I’m exaggerating). 

With its high-end sintered base, expect speed and resilience in all conditions.

Personal Thoughts:

I loved it. However, it took me a while to decide whether I was blown away by the performance or the novelty. 

Probably a bit of both. 

The Ride Twinpig certainly enhanced my heel-side carving prowess, making edge transitions feel effortlessly fluid. The shorter length and effective edge made for some super quick, agile turns… despite the extra width.

ride twinpig park snowboard

Speaking of width. While not quite as wide as the now infamous Ride Warpig, this board allowed me to get extremely low to the snow, with no fear of toe drag.  

However, at high speeds, I was certainly aware of my shortened edges. It also felt a little heavy, which hindered my expectations of spinning off of everything in sight. 

The Verdict: This is one of the best park snowboards, but for the experienced park rider looking to mix it up a little. To really appreciate its unique volume-shifted personality, you probably need put in some time on a classic park board first. 

It’s one to add to your growing quiver, rather than replacing your primary board.

13. The Jones Tweaker

Best Newcomer
The Jones Tweaker
8.5/10 Our Score

Flex: 6/10
Profile: Camber (with 3D Contour)
Base: Sintered
Shape: True Twin
Pair With: Jones Mercury
Additional Features:
Forever Flex, Blunt Nose

  • Snappy, playful, fun and built to last
  • Pretty forgiving (for a camber board)
  • Makes the whole mountain into a park
  • Decent edge hold for a park snowboard

✖️ On the pricier side
✖️ More chattery at speed than you'd expect from Jones


Jones’ are of course renowned for their industry-leading free-ride board collection. But has their first venture into the world of park snowboards missed the mark? Let’s take a look. 

The Tweaker hit the scene with a traditional camber profile, only softened by their 3D Contour base. This is essentially a spoon shape, a little like Bataleon’s 3BT. 

Jones also used a blunt tip and tail, reducing swing and optimizing spin performance. 

Add in forever flex, bringing perfect flex right out of the wrapper, and you’re ready to hit the park!

Personal Thoughts:

I had a ball on the Tweaker, but I have a confession to make… it dumped powder the entire week I tested it!

Of course it’s a park board at heart. But slashing powder on any board is enough to bias my review a little.

I will say that the contoured nose provided better powder float than a park board has any right to! However, it also created a slightly uneasy feeling when hitting high speeds on hard-packed terrain. 

The pop is super easy to access, way more springy than I expected. It’s therefore great for small to medium jumps, but the chatter at speed made the XL jump line feel a little sketchy. 

The Verdict: A more powder-capable newcomer to the park snowboard scene. Not quite as honed in as it could be, but watch this space in the next few seasons!

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best park snowboards of the season!

I had a blast testing them, and I have no doubt you’ll have a blast on whichever board you choose. 

There really isn’t a bad choice on the list above. Pick one based on your ability, budget and personal preference – and don’t look back!

But if you’re still in any doubt, or need help with the snowboard tech lingo, head to our complete snowboard buyer’s guide

Happy riding!


Your most frequently asked questions - answered!

A park snowboard is specifically designed for freestyle riding, often within snowboard parks. These boards are optimized for tricks, jumps, rails, and halfpipes.

They typically have a twin or asymmetrical twin shape, a softer flex, and may have certain tech features to improve durability and performance on park features.

These are the best park snowboards of the season

Park snowboards are usually designed to be ridden slightly shorter than all-mountain or freeride boards. A shorter length, often 2-5 cm less than your all-mountain board, provides better maneuverability, making spins and tricks easier to execute.

However, the exact length can be a personal preference and depends on the rider’s style and the specific park features they tackle.

I’d recommend using our snowboard size tool for a more accurate answer.

A “poppy” snowboard refers to a board that has a lively and responsive feel, allowing riders to easily get air or “pop” off of jumps, bumps, or even flat terrain.

This is often achieved through the board’s flex pattern, construction materials, and camber profile. A poppy board provides an energetic ride and is especially suited to freestyle riders who perform ollies, nollies, and other aerial tricks.

Some of the best park snowboards in the game include the Yes Greats, which boasts an asymmetrical shape for more responsive edge control; the Bataleon Disaster, known for the Triple Base Technology which makes catching edges nearly impossible; the Yes Jackpot, a true testament to balance and pop; the Gnu Headspace with its C3 profile for precision and control; and not to forget, boards like the Salomon Huck Knife which has garnered acclaim for it’s pop and performance in the park.

When selecting a snowboard for park riding, consider its flex, shape, profile, length, width, and durability.

Park boards typically feature a soft to medium flex for better maneuverability during tricks and jibs.

True twin or asymmetrical twin shapes are preferred for consistent performance in both switch and regular riding. Profiles like flat, rocker, or hybrid are common for their playful feel and reduced edge-catch risk.

The Yes Greats and the Bataleon Disaster are perfect examples.

Park and all-mountain snowboards differ in purpose, flex, shape, and length. While park boards are tailored for freestyle riding, including jumps and tricks, all-mountain boards are more versatile, designed for varied conditions including groomers and powder.

Park boards generally have a softer flex and are true twins, while all-mountain boards have a medium to stiff flex and can be directional. 

These are this season’s best all-mountain snowboards.

The best park snowboards can be found here

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