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9 Perfect Personalized Snowboarding Gifts!

by Fraser

Gifting for people is never easy. Especially snowboarders. They speak a whole different language! This makes it almost impossible to keep up with their favorite snowboard brands

My advice? Steer clear of snowboard hardware and instead look for a more personal gift. Introducing the best personalized snowboarding gifts.

Scroll on down and take a look…

1. Custom Snowboard Keychain
  • A great gift without breaking the bank.
  • A really nice personal touch. 
  • Amazing customer reviews!


These guys will replicate any snowboard, transforming it into a nifty keyring!

If you’re thinking of buying one of these for your snowboarding friend or family – make sure you get a peek at their snowboard first. You’re going to need to send a picture across when making the order!

2. Personalized Snowboarding Sign With LED Lights
  • A real statement piece. 
  • Would look awesome in a gear room or office. 
  • Excellent reviews once again. 


These signs will transform any office, living space or gear room. Simply type in your chosen personalization and you’re good to go! 

You’ll notice there are a few signs on this list – take a look through for the style that suits the best. 

3. Personalized Wood Snowboard/Snowboard sign
  • Full sized wooden snowboard sign. 
  • Looks epic in any room.
  • Currently discounted!


This is easily one of the best personalized gifts for snowboarders. You can choose the type of wood used and of course, what name and date will appear. 

Unfortunately, it’s not a rideable snowboard. But it certainly looks the part!

4. Personalized Snowboarding Name Art
  • Names spelled out with snowboard items. 
  • Looks super slick on the wall. 

A more mellow wall sign than the others listed… but it still looks super cool. This might not work for the longer names out there but for most people, it’ll work a treat!

5. Personalized Rustic Ski and Snowboard Trail Signs
  • A kick-ass personalized trail sign.
  • The distressed patterning looks awesome. 
  • 5 Star Seller. 

This has got to be my personal favorite. The sellers did an amazing job at mimicking a real trail sign – only yours will of course be personalized!

The seller also has extremely good ratings and an excellent turnaround time. Definitely worth checking out!

6. Snowboarding Kid's Night Light
  • Great option for kids.
  • Budget-friendly and well-rated. 

Here’s one for the kids. This option is one of the cheaper gifts on the list which makes it a great choice on a budget! 

7. Personalized Snowboarding Layered Artwork Sign
  • Awesome rustic design.
  • Hand-made and hand-finished.

Another amazing personalized snowboarding gift is this bespoke handmade snowboarding sign. I think you’ll agree this looks amazing. Check it out in time for the holidays. 

8. The Snowboarder Personalized Tumbler
  • Hilarious gift for snowboarding dog lovers. 
  • Pretty darn unique!

Here’s one for the dog lovers! This personalized dog tumbler is sure to get a laugh or two. Check it out. 

9. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag
  • A very nice gift for a snowboarder. 
  • Can be personalized with their name.

A really nice, premium product. Either choose a snowboarding design or slap their name on there. Also comes in at a nice price-point for those on a budget. 


There you have it. Some amazing personalized gifts for snowboarders! 

Hopefully you found something suitable. If not, don’t panic!

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