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The 15 Most Unique Gifts For Snowboarders

by Fraser

Do you have a snowboarder in your life? Are you scratching your head and scrolling through useless websites (not including this one!) looking for the right gift? 

Your search is over… You’ve found the holy grail! 

Welcome to the official list of unique gifts for snowboarders! 

Each item has been very carefully studied and researched. I’ve tried to offer some suggestions for even the most difficult snowboarder in your life. 

Take a look!

This article contains affiliate links. If you do make a purchase I might receive a small commission at no cost to yourself. This helps to keep the site going – thank-you!

1. Board Ape Impact Shorts

Every snowboarder should own some crash shorts. These protect their butt and legs from all but the hardest of falls. 

What’s so unique about this pair? Not only are they one of the highest rated impact shorts on the market, the eye-catching Board Ape design is a true standout.

At the time of writing this, the Board Ape version are on pre-order… but due back in very soon. Definitely worth the wait! 



  • Super unique design. 
  • Great company and great product. 
  • Excellent impact protection.

2. The Hydrastash Snowboard Jacket

If you’re looking for a super impressive gift, this jacket from 686 is very unique. The jacket has a hidden water stash and a mouth piece in the neck to allow easy access. It’s also a super dope jacket – 686 are known for making premium gear. 

The Gore-Tex Hydrastash Jacket
686 Hydrastash Jacket
  • My new jacket of choice 
  • Built-in water system
  • Gore-Tex technology

This is a super-premium jacket, solving the water carrying issue once and for all. Unfortunately the premium build comes with a premium price. But it's a worthy investment for those who'll make good use of it. There's also a cheaper non-goretex model available on Evo and The House.

3. Snowboard Binding Beer Holder

This one is a great value gift for your snowboarder! Yes it’s a bit of fun, but it’s also an effective way to get the party started early. It’s insulated, well-designed, compatible with most snowboard bindings and extremely unique!

Snowboard Binding Beer Holder
  • A unique gift for snowboarders!
  • Handmade in Montana.
  • Bit of a gimmick - but it works!


4. A Snowboard Website or Blog!

A super unique gift idea for snowboarders is a website hosting subscription. This allows your snowboarder to own, design and manage their very own website. There they can upload videos, photo’s and other snowboard content.

It’s actually surprisingly cheap and might even inspire them to start their own online venture or business. If they need some help getting started, point them in the direction of this article – how to start your own snowboard blog or website

#1 Blog Hosting Platform
  • Super user friendly 
  • Most popular blogging platform 
  • Cheapest blog provider - from just $2.50 a month
  • Great customer support

5. Thermal Phone Cases

The phones of today are smart but very temperamental. They don’t cope well in the cold mountain air. Your snowboarder wasn’t lying when they said they couldn’t text you back! 

A thermal phone case or pouch will protect any device from these temperatures and keep them in good working order. 

This is a pretty budget-friendly option. See our price search tool below to find the best price available!

Best Thermal Case
PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case
PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case
  • Keeps your phone alive. 
  • Best rated on amazon. 
  • Even worked in Alaska!

6. The Snowboard Boot Banana.

At the risk of offending them a little… consider gifting them a solution for the awkward issue of smelly snowboard boots

The most unique offering is Boot Bananas. They work super well and make for a standout gift. They also come in at a great price point! If you want something a little less comedic, the Stankstix are also super effective.

Boot Bananas Original Shoe Deodorizer

Boot Bananas Original Shoe Deodorizer

  • Novel idea that really works!
  • Leave in your boots overnight. 
  • Lasts for ages...
Glovestix StankStix Shoe Deodorizer

Glovestix StankStix Shoe Deodorizer

  • A great alternative to the boot banana.
  • As seen on Shark Tank!
  • Fits nicely into snowboard boots.

7. Snowboard Wall Mounts 

Most snowboards have some pretty awesome designs. With wall mounts, the special someone in your life can display their favourite boards – old or new – anywhere in their home. 

The Burton Collector series is one of the most stylish snowboard wall mounts available. However, if your budget can stretch to it, the SV20 on Etsy is a true work of art. Check them out!

Burton Collector's Edition Snowboard Wall Mounts
  • Unique wall mounts.
  • Add some style to their snowboard wall.


Editor's Choice
SV20 Snowboard hanger | Vertical mount
  • The ultra-premium option.
  • Looks incredible and functions well.
  • If you have the budget, go for this one!

8. Custom Metal Wall Art.

One of the most unique gifts for snowboarders is this personalized wall art. I ordered one myself and it looks incredible in my kit room. The seller also comes very highly rated. Worth a look.

Custom Snowboarding Metal Wall Art
  • Looks incredible! 
  • Easy to hang.
  • Pretty darn unique. 


9. Snowboarding Illusion Bedside Light

This one is a great budget option and is also suitable for kids. Great for last minute gifts as it’s available with prime delivery! Probably less appropriate for the older snowboarders in your life but perfect for everyone else.

DowBier 3D Illusion Snowboarding Nightlight
  • 3D Illusion Night Light. 
  • 7 Colors in 1
  • Lights never get hot. Fit for children. 

10. Beardski Ski Mask

Before you shrug this off as a novelty item… consider that that this is one of the warmest face-masks I’ve ever worn. A great price point and a fun product for the holiday season. Pretty unique too right?

Beardski Ski Mask
  • Novelty facemask for winter
  • High quality, fun and functional
  • One size designed to fit most

11. JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker

Ok, maybe this isn’t entirely unique. You’ve probably already seen (or heard) a few of these bombing around the slopes. However, it’s a super cool gift and one that has been designed extremely well for snow sports. Clip it onto a belt loop or bag strap and you’re good to go!

JBL Clip 4 - Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof. 
  • Bring the party with you.

12. Ski Pass Tickets

If none of the above gift ideas are quite what you’re looking for, why not spend your money on a ski pass. Every snowboarder needs (or wants) more time on the slopes. Why is this unique? I bet no-one else bought them ski tickets this year! 

Use GetSkiTickets to compare providers and find the cheapest prices. 

13. Rechargable Hand Warmers

This is one of my favorite pieces of kit. The particularly unique aspect of the product below is that it also doubles up as a power bank. Your snowboarder can charge their phone and warm their hands at the same time!

Rechargeable Hand Warmers
  • Quick hand warmer & Power bank 2-in-1.
  • Charge your phone and warm you hands!
  • Cheaper (and greener) than disposables.

14. Snowboarding Gift Cards

Another valuable use of your hard-earned cash is a snowboarding gift card. Your snowboarder can then select a unique item of their choosing. 

All of the below options would be well suited to every snowboarder I know – all of whom would be immensely grateful for the chance to acquire more gear! 

15. Snowboarding Leather Toiletry Bag

A classic Christmas or birthday gift… with a snowboarding twist. This is a very nice option if you’re still stuck despite my best efforts.

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag
  • A very nice gift for a snowboarder. 
  • Can be personalized with their name.


There you have it,  the most unique gifts for snowboarders. 

Hopefully you’ve found it helpful and I’ve managed to solve your conundrum. To put your mind at ease, I’m pretty confident that several of these options would be suitable for nearly every snowboarder out there – the crash pants, gift cards and wall mounts for example. 

If you still need further inspiration, check out my article on the best snowboarding gifts for him

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