Best Snowboarding Googles? Futuristic Oakley Airwave Goggles Lead The Way

by Fraser

Oakley frequently set the standard when it comes to snow goggles. But this time they haven’t simply raised the bar in terms of visual capability. The Oakley Airwave does more. Much, much more. These Oakley goggles are set to transform the way we take to the mountain forever.

In fact, the features that have been squeezed into these Oakley goggles is almost unbelievable. Even we had to look twice at the list of tech. Should you want to, connecting with your world away from the mountain is now possible. The Oakley Airwave’s heads-up display developed by Recon has been integrated with GPS and Bluetooth. This means the Airwave can connect to your smartphone, and beam emails and text messages directly onto the lens. It’ll even receive incoming calls too, so you won’t miss anything important.

The handy device the Airwave uses to display and relay information, the MOD Live, is unobtrusive too. So it doesn’t obscure your view. Even the way data appears is impressive. Using ground-breaking Prism technology, everything appears to be five feet away across a 14 inch screen. So you won’t need to refocus your eyes.

That fighter pilot-inspired display improves the shredding experience too. Tracking your progress and runs has never been so precise. The Oakley Airwave tells you precisely how fast you’re descending. In the air, the goggle will tell you how high and far you jump, and how much time you’ve actually spent in the air. If you’ve got a favourite playlist to ride to, these snow goggles will access it too. So you’ve got the tunes that keep you pumped ready and waiting at all times.

Even in remote backcountry, the geography of your surroundings is laid bare for you to examine. You’ll be able to find out your vertical feet by run, by day and over the course of the entire season. By using the goggle and it’s associated Android and Apple iPhone app (you can even buy these Oakley Airwave goggles from, you’ll even have the ability to find and track your friends.

Make no mistake, this goggle isn’t just revolutionary for the electronics it carries. Plutonite lenses deliver unrivalled precision and clarity, even in hostile conditions. Oakley’s anti-fog armoury also plays a starring role, with F3 anti-fog technology operating between the lenses to stop moisture settling. The O-Matter frame is extremely tough and light too, and Switchlock Technology allows you to change lenses instantly. Welcome to the future of alpine eyewear.

For more information on these Oakley Airwave goggles check out the Oakley Airwave webpage.

In the meantime, I’ve been discussing whether you should learn skiing or snowboarding first. What do you think?

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Jonathan February 27, 2023 - 11:18 pm

FYI these are about 10 years old. I agree it’s pretty cool and enjoyed demoing them back then but they didn’t take off on initial release nor in the decade since.

Fraser February 28, 2023 - 8:28 pm


I remember when they were first released it felt like some revolutionary tech…

Clearly didn’t really catch on!

For anyone interested, I’d instead recommend one of the goggles in Tom’s article – the best goggles for peripheral vision.

Happy riding!


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