best ski goggles for peripheral vision

The 3 Best Ski Goggles For Peripheral Vision

by Tom

When skiing or snowboarding, few things are as important as seeing clearly! Unfortunately, many goggles will actually obstruct your field of vision. After some in-depth research (and lots of snowboarding), I’ve put together a list of the best ski goggles for peripheral vision. 

The best ski goggles for peripheral vision are the Anon M4 Toric MFI Goggles. These ultra-premium goggles have a huge field of vision and offer high end technology such as MAGNA-TECH and PERCEIVE optics. 

However, they do come with a particularly tasty price-tag. To decide whether they’re worth it, keep reading. Don’t worry, I’ll also offer some alternative options. 

Editor's Choice!
9.4/10 Our Score

Brand: Anon (Burton)
Lens Change System:
Bonus Lens Included: Yes
Lens Technology: PERCEIVE Toric Lens
Bonus features: Magnetic Facemask, Microfiber goggle bag, Lens compression case

  • An insanely premium product
  • Ventilation system works well
  • Field of vision is unparalleled. 
  • Comes with spare lens and a magnetic face-mask
  • Huge range of lens options and colorways
  • Quickest lens change system on the market

✖️ The price-tag!

Review: These are hands-down the best ski goggles for peripheral vision. Not only because they offer excellent field of vision, but because the rest of the goggle is industry-leading too.

The 40% thinner face foam and medium-large frame allows the lens to extend right around the sides of your face. This means that you’ll barely notice the goggle frame, even if you try. 

The PERCEIVE lens offers awesome terrain definition and contrast. The toric lens is designed to mimic the human eye and therefore offers insane clarity. You can also swap between cylindrical and toric lenses in a flash with the MAGNA-TECH system. 

You’ll notice that there’s a whole lot of marketing jargon in the product description. The important thing is that… they do actually work. 

The downsides? All these features come at a cost… a substantial one. The ANON M4 will certainly put a dent in your pocket, but for serious riders they are a worthy investment. 

The magnetic facemark is also an acquired taste. I personally grew to love it. But other’s have felt that the material is too thin and prone to blowing into your mouth at high speeds. 

Best Value!
2. OutdoorMaster ULTRA Snow Goggles + Lens Bundle
9.2/10 Our Score

Brand: OutdoorMaster
Lens Change System:
Bonus Lens Included: Yes
Lens Technology: Super HD Toric Technology
Bonus features: Spare lens, Protective case, 2 Microfiber pouches. 

  • Currently on sale at only $99!
  • Designed to fully optimize peripheral vision
  • Has most of the features of the Anon M4
  • Magnetic lens change system is great
  • Lenses are top-notch and the anti-fog properties work well
  • Look much more expensive/premium than price would suggest

✖️ Shipping can be slow at times
✖️Build quality not quite as premium as the Anon. 

We may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Review: Who doesn’t love a bargain? The OutdoorMaster Ultra manage to offer most of the features of the Anon M4 at a fraction of the cost. This includes magnetic lens changing, toric lenses, HD lens technology, a protective case and a microfiber bag (two!). 

Whilst the build quality can’t quite match up to Anon’s offering, at this price tag it’s pretty remarkable. OutdoorMaster are also the official supplier to the US Ski team, which tells you a lot about their reputation and quality. 

3. Oakley Line Miner Snow Goggle
9/10 Our Score

Brand: Oakley
Lens Change System: Manual
Bonus Lens Included: No
Lens Technology: PRIZM Tech
Bonus features: Microfiber bag

  • Super low profile
  • PRIZM lenses are amazing 
  • These look incredible 
  • Hard-wearing, flexible frames
  • Lenses work in wide range of light conditions

✖️Fiddly lens change system
✖️The OutdoorMaster offers better bang for your buck


We may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Review: Oakley are a huge name in action sports for a reason. They offer excellent gear, which happens to look amazing too. The Line Miner has Oakley’s classical look and offers amazing peripheral vision. As for their price, they are relatively affordable compared to other Oakley models. 

Unlike the other options on the list, the Line Miner has a cylindrical design. These work surprisingly well, but can’t quite beat a toric lens for peripheral vision. A pro of the cylindrical lens is that it allows a lower profile frame, which can wrap close around your face. As you can imagine, this enhances your field of view. 

Note – these goggles are on the larger size. This adds to the peripheral vision but is worth bearing in mind if you have a smaller face. 

Final Thoughts

Goggles with excellent peripheral vision are well worth the money! Impaired side vision can cause accidents and an overall poor skiing experience.

I’ve tested upwards of 30 pairs of goggles and now swear by my Anon M4. However OutdoorMaster’s offering come surprisingly close for a goggle that costs nearly 3 times less. 

Do you agree? What do you think are the best ski goggles for peripheral vision? 

Let me know in the comments below!

What’s next? Well, if the above goggles are slightly above budget, check out the best budget snowboard goggles under $100!

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