Pre Season Training for Snowboarders: Review

by Fraser

The season is starting to gain momentum. Snow is falling, some resorts are opening, snowboarders are planning trips and buying new gear. But what about fitness? Is that on your radar?

Snowboarding can be a tough activity – whether you’re riding for one week each year, you’re a regular in the park, or you’re hiking in the backcountry.

General fitness will always be a help. If you’re fit, strong, supple, have good coordination and balance… these things will put you on a decent platform for snowboarding.

Like most activities however, there are elements of snowboarding that benefit from specific fitness training.


Pre Season Training Program Review

And that’s what the guys at Snowboard Addiction have done – designed a pre season training video, specifically for snowboarding. Focussing on your strength, your balance and flexibility – and also a bunch of exercises designed for injury prevention.

There’s a teaser/introduction to the program below. It’s split into two videos: first a tutorial that explains all of the exercises, using Nev as the test dummy, which is funny at times 😉 The second video is the full 30 minute exercise program, played out with all the timings.

I’ve been through the tutorial: the exercises are explained well and they’re design so you can do them at home. You might struggle finding somewhere to do the pull-ups at home, but the rest are do-able (for the warm down you might be walking/jogging or using stairs rather than an exercise bike).

The 30 minute guide is actually really good. First of all it gives you an idea of difficulty as it shows Nev running through the whole program. That’s always comforting. It’s probably worth watching it through at least once as it reinforces the exercise motions.

Once you’re doing the program, again, you might watch and listen for the first run through. However, when you’re familiar with the exercises you can simply use it as a timing guide and listen only.

If you want something that’s easily accessible and can be done from home, this is a good workout to get you ready for snowboarding.


How do you get it?

The pre season training is available to Snowboard Addiction subscribers, which costs $27 per year. The subscription gives you access to all of their new material – as it’s released.

Snowboard Addiction are still hand-down, the best instructional material that I’ve watched. I wouldn’t opt for an individual tutorial of theirs. The freestyle package of theirs is so good – I’d recommend getting that. If you buy any of their tutorials, you can get 6 months of the subscription program for free, which is a good benefit.

If you do take a look at their tutorials, remember to use the code “afterbang” – as it will get you 10% off when you check out. Here’s the teaser…

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