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What Is A Stomp Pad In Snowboarding? Do You Need One?

by Fraser

When it comes to snowboard gear, there’s a lot of weird lingo to learn. For starters, what is a stomp pad? Do you need a stomp pad? Let’s find out!

A stomp pad is a stick on accessory used by snowboarders to provide traction for their back foot. This is mostly used when getting off the lift or when skating with one foot out of the binding. Stomp pads are adhered to the snowboard’s top-sheet, usually on the inside of the rear binding.

If you’re in the market for a stomp pad, I tracked down the best options here. If you want to know more about stomp pads… keep reading!

What Are Stomp Pads For?

Now that we know what stomp pads are, let’s take a closer look. 

Stomp pads are designed with adhesive backs that stick firmly onto the snowboard’s topsheet. The top surface is textured and made out of grippy materials. This provides traction for your back foot when dismounting the lift or skating one-footed. 

Features Of A Snowboard Stomp Pad

A good stomp pad will have a few key features: 

  • Modular system: A modular pad can be applied in varied patterns to fit your preference and shoe size.
  • Snow scraper bar: Used to knock snow off your boot so they fit nicely into your bindings. 
  • Strong adhesive: You don’t want to lose your stomp pad!
  • Tall studs or traction: This ensures you still have grip, even when the pad is covered in snow. 
what is a stomp pad

Do You Need A Stomp Pad?

Most snowboards have a topsheet which is glossy, shiny and therefore… very slippery! This can make it more tricky to firmly plant your back foot. Stomp pads certainly help to solve this issue. But do you need a stomp pad?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need a stomp pad to snowboard, stomp pads do make it much easier to dismount the lift. This can reduce the risk of falls and injury. Most beginner to intermediate snowboarders would benefit from using a stomp pad. 

Personally, even as an advanced rider I still use stomp pads on my freestyle boards. This makes it easier to try one-footer tricks and to ride the tow-rope in the park.

Final Thoughts

Stomp pads are a cheap and easy way to improve your snowboarding experience. I do recommend giving them a go, particularly if you struggle with one-footed riding. 

If you don’t already have one, check out the best snowboarding stomp pads

Happy riding!

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