The 11 Best Snowboard Stomp Pads Ever Made!

by Fraser

The stomp pad is perhaps the least “sexy” piece of snowboard gear this season.

Nonetheless, some riders find these little rubber gadgets essential (myself included!).

I’ve therefore done some research into the very best snowboard stomp pads available. They all had a few key features in common:

The best snowboard stomp pads provide excellent traction, an appealing design and a super strong adhesive. They should also be cost-effective and durable. 

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites. I’ve included some crazy designs, so stay tuned!

Our Top Snowboard Stomp Pad Picks

Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad - Night Tropical
  • Molded urethane
  • Three configurable pieces
  • Snow scraper bar
  • Peel and stick adhesive

The best overall snowboard stomp pad! Suitable for most riders, this stomp pad will provide excellent performance at an excellent price-point. If you’re not looking to overthink things, just go for this one.

The Dakine Modular Mat has earned it’s place at the top of my list. It offers super-strong adhesive, reliable boot traction and even a snow scraper in the middle to clean off your boots.

It’s modular design allows it to be split into three sections – you can apply this as wide apart as needed to fit your board and boot size. You can even choose just to use the central section should you decide to keep the footprint minimal. 

There are several different graphics and colors to choose from, though I’m particularly fond of this years “Night Tropical” colorway. Check out the Amazon link to see the various options available. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Dakine also use eco-friendly urethane in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint. 

  • Excellent value for money
  • Great traction
  • Dakine make great gear!
  • Mine has lasted several seasons
  • The snow scraper bar is super handy for cleaning off excess snow on powder days (ensuring your boot fits your binding). 
  • Can be a little fiddly to line up the modular system
  • There are some bolder and more exciting designs available 
Editor's Choice
The Crab Grab Mega Claws Stomp Pad
  • GRIPPPLES – Tiny little gripping nipples for maximum grippy-ness.
  • SCREW GLUE™ – Glued on. Like it was screwed on.
  • C-FOAM™ – A specifically formulated rubbery foam blend that's lightweight, heavy duty, and grabs like a crab.

The Best Foam Snowboard Stomp Pad. These bad boys are big and beautiful. Plus, foam stomp pads tend to retain their grip when wet. This can be better than some of the more slippery rubber options available. 

These beauties are pretty large, which made for excellent board cover and excellent grip!

Crab Grab have used their proprietary foam, which squishes into the tread on your boots. This creates extra traction and a tight bond. 

They’re also super lightweight, and the adhesive has been pretty bulletproof, even after a full season on my park board!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, they’re also pretty unique. A huge difference from the hunks of cheap plastic you see superglued to rental boards!

  • A USA-based, snowboarder-owned company!
  • An extremely innovative design
  • Huge range of setup options
  • Extremely grippy 
  • Excellent adhesive 
  • Look great on my board
  • A little bold for some riders
  • No snow-scraper bar
Burton Foam Stomp Pad, Family Tree,
  • Made in China
  • Package Dimension :0.889 cm x 14.401 cm x 28.092 cm
  • Package Weight :0.032 kg

The Best Burton Snowboard Stomp Pad. Their range of foam stomp pads offer super high-performance at pretty reasonable prices (though not the cheapest on the list).

Burton make great gear and the foam stomp pad is no different. I tested it out on my new board and the grip was excellent. It also has a large footprint which made it easier to find with my flailing back foot. 

The design is more subtle than some of the other pads and adds a touch of class to your board. The family tree logo looks really nice – though the colors did fade more quickly than I would like. 

They also come in the larger horizontal option, which looks awesome too.

There is no plastic in the pad, with Burton opting for “Bloom Foam” made from algae biomass. This uses sustainable practice and works with companies dedicated to saving the ocean and mountains. 

  • Classy, timeless design
  • Excellent grip technology
  • Sustainable Bloom Foam design 
  • Burton make really good quality gear
  • Graphics may fade quicker than on rubber/plastic products
devembr Snowboard Stomp Pad
  • Unique Design: Fantastic snowflake pattern adds more fun to your snowboarding trips
  • Maximum Traction: Special 3D bumps on the stomp pad provide maximum grip and traction
  • Easy to Install: Peel & stick adhesive backing for easy application
  • Size: 5.11" x 4.53"
  • Material: PVC

Best Transparent Snowboard Stomp Pad. This is a great option for those looking for a more discreet pad. With excellent customer reviews, if you like the design, you can’t go wrong. 

This simple design works surprisingly well, all whilst being low profile and subtle. The snowflake pattern covers enough of the board to provide traction, without taking over the top-sheet graphics. 

This pad uses thick, resilient PVC materials which should last as long as your board. The 3D design provides grooves that sink into your boot’s footprint – holding fast when dismounting the lift. 

It was also super easy to install and the glue held strong almost immediately. 

The 60-day money back warranty is a nice touch.

  • Discreet design 
  • Super easy installation
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Excellent reviews
  • Not made by a true snowboard company
  • Snowflake pattern is not to everyones taste. 
One Ball - Hold My Beer Bottle Opener Stomp Pad
  • Measures 5x3 Inches
  • Snowboard stomp pad with built in bottle opener
  • "Hold my beer, watch this!"

The Best Snowboard Stomp Pad For Partying! This awesome stomp pad doubles up as a bottle opener. The design is epic and the company are legendary in the snowboarding community. 

This might be my secret favorite stomp pad on the list. One ball were the first company to design a stomp bad with a beer opener… and they’ve absolutely nailed it. 

It looks awesome on my board and grips surprisingly well despite the bottle opener design. 


  • Innovative design!
  • Great conversation piece
  • Crack open a cold one on the hill (don’t drink and ride though!)
  • Awesome company 


  • Probably doesn’t grip quite as well as the Dakine options. 
Dakine Spike Stomp - Charcoal, One Size
  • Sections can be cut apart and reconfigured
  • Translucent molded spike pattern for maximum traction

Best One-Piece Snowboard Stomp Pad. This no-nonsense stomp pad has tall spikes to combat snow build up. It’s reliable and works extremely well.  

One of the great aspects of this pad is that it can be cut into separate sections and customized however you like. Want to make it smaller? No problem!

They also make a transparent version which does a good job of showing your board’s graphics through the pad.

Another gem by Dakine – if you like aesthetic, go for it!


  • Tall, grippy, spikes. 
  • Dakine are a super reliable brand
  • Cut and reconfigure as needed 
  • Transparent options available


  • On the larger side
  • Slightly “plain” design
XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs Stomp Pad
  • Snowboard Aluminum Snowboard Stomp Pad Surface treatment:anodic oxidation.It also comes with 3M adhesive so it sticks really well. The raised ridge and spot works really well in providing extra traction and scraping the snow off your boot sole.
  • MAXIMUM TRACTION:The molded spike design creates extra grip for maximum traction when out on the slopes.
  • Size:DIA 7.87inch(20mm) 4 Layer-Cone Studs,The size of this spike big enough to provide enough grid and yet it could still fit nicely on the board.
  • MODULAR AND CONFIGURABLE MAT STOMP:9pcs spikes on stomp pad provides extra grip and perfect traction, 9pcs configurable pieces and moved to perfect traction, where you need it.
  • QUICK & EASY APPLICATION:3M Peel and stick adhesives.Nice pcs per pack.

Best Stud-Design Snowboard Stomp Pad. This option provides excellent traction with a very low profile design. Use as many or as few studs as you like. 

A really well-rated option for those looking for a small, efficient design. Each stud is an individual unit, allowing all sorts of patterns to be used. 

This pad is actually made of durable aluminium pads, making them pretty damn strong!


  • Small, customisable design
  • Durable aluminium build 
  • 3M Adhesive 
  • Add as many packs as you need


  • Some reports that individual studs can occasionally come loose, especially if kicked too firmly. 
Tuner Stomp Pad
38 Reviews
Tuner Stomp Pad
  • Snowboard stomp pad, Peel & Stick adhesive
  • Detachable stainless steel phillips head screwdriver for adjusting bindings and gear
  • SAFE MATERIAL: Made of high quality PVC material,strong and durable, not easy to fracture and deformation,can effectively scrape the snow on your sole. Add more fun to your snowboarding trip.
  • SPECS: Diameter: 4.5 inches, Height: 0.5 inches
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Wipe the paste area clean, and then use the complimentary double-sided adhesive paper to fix the non-slip pad on the snowboard. Due to the low winter temperatures, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer heating plate and adhesive before pasting, which will ensure greater bonding.

Most Innovative Snowboard Stomp Pad. This pad comes with a free binding tool, which can really come in handy on the slopes!

I haven’t managed to use this one myself yet, but my buddies give it excellent reviews. I was concerned that the tool would be prone to coming loose – but this doesn’t appear to be an issue. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring your snowboard tool with you (without the risk of falling on it), then this is the pad for you!


  • Snowboard tool attached 
  • Firm, durable plastic base provides excellent traction 
  • High quality design – patent pending!


  • One Amazon reviewer received a tool with no screwdriver head!
Dakine Primo Stomp - Black, One Size
  • Dakine Friendly Foam biodegradable EVA foam, Light weight molded EVA surf traction
  • Can be trimmed to customize as needed, Peel and stick adhesive
  • 100% EVA
  • 7 x 5.5 [ 180mm x 140mm ] - 1.4oz [ 40g ]

Best Value Snowboard Stomp Pad. This 2024 pre-release model is a great addition to Dakine’s lineup. It has a large footprint which offers an excellent “target” for your back foot. It’s also the cheapest on the list. 

This simple yet effective design is an extremely cost-effective choice. This alone makes it one of the best snowboard stomp pads available. 

The eco-friendly biodegradable EVA foam is soft yet grippy. You can also trim it to size and customize it as needed. 


  • Super cheap!
  • Simple, stylish design 
  • Can be cut to size 
  • Biodegradable 


  • Lower profile grip may be less effective in deep snow. It’s also not ideal for scraping your boots. 
One Mfg Flying Cat Snowboard Stomp Pad
  • LIGHT WEIGHT, HiGH IMPACT, THERMOPLASTIC, SNOWBOARD STOMP PAD - Molded 7mm spikes provide great grip for boots, with a smooth finish that won't abrade or tear clothing or gloves when carrying your board.
  • CATS ALWAYS STOMP THEIR LANDINGS! - This little guy might help you channel your inner flying feline, and get those feet back under you no matter how tweaked you get.
  • 6" x 4" [ 15cm x 10cm ] SIZE - Too cute to step on? Don't worry, you won't hurt him.
  • EASY TO APPLY - We only use the best Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, so your stomp will stay stuck down on any type of smooth or textured top sheet.
  • INSTRUCTIONS - Make sure board is clean, dry and warm. Test place stomp in front of rear binding, and mark corners with pencil. Carefully remove backing paper and place the stomp pad. Press down with firm pressure over the entire pad. Let dry overnight.

Most Unique (Cutest) Design. This snowboard pad is incredible. I mean, just look at it! If you’re in the market for a unique pad, that also works, this is for you. 

This outrageous design uses high impact thermoplastic with an incredible flying cat shape and graphic. There are also 7mm molded spikes to ensure adequate grip. 


  • Unique 
  • Crazy design 
  • Ideal for cat lovers 
  • Works surprisingly well 
  • Conversation starter 


  • Not exactly subtle 
  • Other options which focus more on grip/traction may perform better.

More of a dog lover? Try the ONEBALL Labrador Stomp Pad.

Volcom Big Stone Snowboard Stomp Pad
  • Peel and Stick Using 3M Adhesive Backing

Best Newcomer. New to the list this year, Volcom have made a simple but super effective stomp pad. It’s big, bold and blue!

This one is pretty straightforward. Simply peel and stick using the 3M backing. 


  • Great if you love Volcom!
  • The grip is nice and deep
  • Multiple color choices


  • Not as large as it appears in the pictures

Advice For Using Snowboard Stomp Pads

1. Why Use A Stomp Pad?

Snowboard stomp pads are applied to the area inside your rear binding to provide traction when riding “one-footed”. This makes it easier to skate flat sections and dismount ski lifts. 

Without a stomp pad, many snowboard top-sheets are glossy and therefore extremely slippery. It’s rare to find a top-sheet with any traction these days!

2. Do You Need A Stomp Pad?

Many riders swear that they get enough traction by jamming their rear foot against the inside of their binding. Whilst this is true to a degree, there’s no denying that life is easier with a stomp pad. 

Admittedly, the more advanced the rider, the less they’ll rely on a stomp pad. However, despite years of riding experience, I often slap on a stomp pad. Why? Because why make life harder for myself? 

3. Where Do You Place Your Stomp Pad?

Stomp pads are applied to the top-sheet of your snowboard, in the area where your rear foot will stand when out of the binding. This allows you to grip the snowboard when skating, cruising or even trying one-footer tricks. 

4. How To Install A Stomp Pad

This is surprisingly simple,  but take your time!

Rushing the process will reduce the lifespan of your new pad. If the edges start to lift and the adhesive dissolves, your stomp pad is a goner. 

Nearly all of the best snowboard stomp pads outlined above will come with their own instructions.

But here’s the generic version (and a video) if needed. 

  1. Give your snowboard topsheet a good clean with a damp cloth, then allow it to fully dry. 
  2. Decide the positioning for your pad carefully. Once you commit, there’s no going back! Aim for the area in front of your rear binding, preferably where the center of your boot will land. 
  3. Some pads don’t need this step – check your instructions. Heat up the area intended for your pad with a hairdryer. Apply a little heat to the adhesive side of the pad also. 

  4. Stick the stomp pad onto the board and press out any air bubbles. Now apply some pressure!

  5. Let the adhesive dry. Avoid riding for 24-hours if possible. 

5. How To Remove A Stomp Pad

The quick answer? Apply heat to the adhesive with a hairdryer. Now peel the pad off slowly, starting at the edges. Don’t use a knife!

Final Thoughts

Those are the best snowboard stomp pads on the market.

I highly recommend checking them out, even if you’re an experienced pro. 

In recent years, new riders are increasingly being told that stomp pads are unnecessary, or even “uncool”.

My response to this is simple… who cares? If they help your riding and reduce your risk of injury, I’d say that’s 20 bucks well spent. 

Ok, they might interfere with your graphics a little. But that’s a small price to pay for traction and security. If you’re unsure which one to get, just for for this one

Found this article helpful? We have loads more snowboarding gear tips for you. 

Happy riding!

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