What To Do With Old Snowboards? 11 Creative Solutions!

by Ben

It’s winter again, and you’re all set to get the latest snowboard model. Unfortunately you have a stack of unused snowboards in the garage and there’s simply not enough storage space for a new one (according to your partner or Mum). So you’re probably wondering what to do with old snowboards. Here’s some ideas…

You can do a lot with old snowboards, including repurposing them into a bookshelf, whiteboard, or bench. You can also use old snowboards to make a wine rack, an armchair, a coat rack, a mailbox, a coffee table, a shoe rack, or DIY wall art. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these crazy upcycling snowboard solutions! 

what to do with old snowboards

But First - How Long Do Snowboards Last?

Snowboards last between 70 and 200 days, depending on usage. Most companies give an estimate of 100 days without aggressive riding. If you’re a more gentle rider, your board can last up to 200 days.

Even if your board survives more than 100 days, the effectiveness will probably have deteriorated over time. The flex is likely to have softened up significantly, losing pop. The edges are likely to be less sharp and the base may have gouges and struggle to hold wax. 

But how long a board lasts depends on other factors, including your riding style, riding frequency, and how well you care for the board. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these and whether it relates to you. 

Riding Style

Your riding style can determine how long your board lasts. For example, freestyle park riders will be hitting different boxes and rail tricks. This can take a toll on your poor old snowboard!

If you enjoy backcountry snowboarding, there are often hidden dangers lurking beneath the powder. It only takes a rogue branch or stone to cut your snowboards life short. 

Riding Frequency

How long you ride can significantly influence your snowboard’s lifespan. If you only ride for a few days (less than 20) every season, your board can last several seasons. But if you ride from the beginning to the end of winter, you’ll be lucky if the board lasts a season. 

How Well You Care for Your Board

Proper care for your board can also boost its lifespan. While there isn’t much you can do whilst riding, correctly storing the board will help keep it going. Wax and wipe the board regularly to remove dirt and excess moisture. You can also sharpen it in between trips to enhance its performance.

Rub on wax can is my new favorite way to keep my boards healthy. Try it!

Are Old Snowboards Worth Anything?

Another question you should definitely be asking before dismantling your board in the various creative ways below! Are old snowboards worth anything?

Old snowboards are worth anything between $10 and $200, depending on their model and condition. If your snowboard is the latest model and is in good condition, it will likely sell at the upper end of the $10一$200 range. The reverse is true for a worn-out older model.

Your snowboard’s worth depends on its current condition. Some people change their boards for a better model or comfort, not necessarily because the board is dying. With proper maintenance, such boards remain in good condition despite being old.

Put some feelers out with your local snowboard shop or create an online listing on the likes of Craiglist. If you’ve found a really old board and are struggling to find it’s worth – drop me a comment below. I’ve seen them all! 

Can You Recycle Snowboards?

You can recycle your snowboards if they’re in good condition. Snowboarders now commonly recycle their boards by turning them into skateboards with a few modifications. If you choose this recycling method, ensure you get the correct measurements, shape, and flex.

Companies like NoK will now recycle your old snowboards by turning them into skateboards, clocks and even mirrors. Some companies will even buy your old snowboards for a small amount in order to do this. 

Let’s take a look at some of their recycled gear!

recycled snowboards

Note: If your boards are broken or affected by moisture, recycling or reusing them is impossible. The best thing you can do with such boards is to dispose of them appropriately to avoid littering.

11 Creative Uses for Old Snowboards

There are many creative uses for old snowboards. Be warned though, once you start making miscellaneous snowboard items from them, you won’t be able to stop!

Here are 11 creative ways to use your old boards.

1. Make a Bench

You can use old snowboards to make a front or back yard bench. The idea is to have something unique and attractive, so consider mixing colors by using boards from different brands. You can make it like a regular bench, but it would help to use metal or a stronger piece of wood for the legs.

Source: Pinterest

2. Skateboards

As already discussed – snowboards can be cut down into various skateboard shapes. This includes penny boards, longboards and cruisers. This won’t be easy without the right tools though, so be careful!

3. Make a Bookshelf

Books look neater on shelves. A few old snowboards can make the perfect bookshelf for your collection. Check out this awesome example. 

Source: NeoGAF

4. Construct Armchairs

You can also construct armchairs from your old snowboards. The complexity of this DIY endeavor will depend on how sophisticated you want the chair to be. 

The simplest approach would be to create the legs and frame of the chair from a sturdy material such as wood or metal and then use one snowboard as the seat (the part of the armchair you sit on) and another as the backrest. You can also cut pieces of snowboard into sleek-looking armrests.

Source: Pinterest

If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with different snowboard cuts to add character to your chair. Pinterest is a good place to get ideas for this project, so be sure to make the most of it.

5. Snowboard Coat Rack!

A handy and functional way to use your old snowboards!

Source: Pinterest

6. A Coffee Table

Snowboards can also make a unique coffee table. If a simple table is all you need, you can simply stick or drill some legs into your board. Looks pretty good to me.

7. Wine Rack

If you are a wine person without a wine rack, why not make one from your old snowboards? Of course, there are many variations in wine racks. You can make some holes on the board, and you’re good to go. Alternatively, secure the board on a wall and attach several bottle holders like this creative Pinterest user.

Source: Mpora

8. A Light Fitting

This is perhaps an acquired taste, but I think they’ve made pretty good use of their old snowboard here. What do you think?

Source: Pinterest

9. Wall Art

If you love art, there’s no better way to preserve your boards than using them as wall art. You can even cut them into different shapes and paint them to make them more spectacular. If that seems too much work, simply hang several snowboards creatively. The example below uses old Hollywood style film reels – pretty cool.

These are the best snowboard wall mounts if you wanted a simpler solution.

Source: Mpora

10. Mailbox

Instead of the usual boring mailboxes, you could make a unique one from an old snowboard. Just mix the colors well and ensure there’s no leakage. You can even make some for your neighbors.

Source: Instagram

11. A Snowboard Clock

I’ve seen some pretty awesome designs out there. They’re not cheap though. I’m sure if you wanted you could make some form of DIY snowboard clock based on the amazing designs below. 

Source: NoK

What To Do With Old Snowboard Bindings?

Snowboard bindings usually last longer than your boots and snowboard, so you can use them for several seasons (or until they’re worn out). But if you’re a technology lover, you might change them more often to get the latest version. So what can you do with the old snowboard bindings?

There are several things you can do with old snowboard bindings. If they’re in good condition, you can sell or donate them. If they are torn or broken, you can use some parts to repair other bindings. Failing that, you will unfortunately need to dispose of them.

Snowboard bindings are always in demand; if yours are in good condition, you can sell them. Alternatively, you can donate or gift them to someone who can’t afford a new pair. You can also use parts such as the straps to repair other bindings.



You can also use the bindings for some DIY work. For example, use the bindings as plant hangers if you love house plants and flowers. If however they’re worn out and unusable, ensure you dispose of them responsibly.

What To Do With Old Snowboard Boots?

Last but not least, your favorite pair of snowboard boots. At some point, you’ll sadly realise that they are simply past repair. This is usually when they’re leaking or offering no support. So what can you do with your old snowboard boots?

There isn’t much you can do with old snowboard boots because they usually aren’t in great condition by the end of the snowboard season. But if you aren’t an aggressive rider, they may still be in good enough condition to sell or donate. 

You unfortunately can’t recycle or reuse snowboard boots due to the materials used. If you have some in good condition, donating them is best. If they are unusable, ensure you dispose of them properly.


Hopefully you now know what to do with old snowboards.

Ultimately, a snowboard can last up to 250 days depending on your riding style, frequency, and how you care for it. But even if your board doesn’t break, there’s a limit on how long it remains effective… However, there’s life in the old boy yet!

People are refashioning snowboards into all sorts of household items. Benches, chairs, clocks, desks… you name it. I’m sure some of you will have thought of some even more creative ideas for your old snowboards. Let me know in the comments below. 

If your old board has sadly died, check out my snowboard recommendations here

Happy riding.

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