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What Are Canted Footbeds? | Why I Love Canting [2024]

by Fraser

Having trouble choosing snowboard bindings? I don’t blame you! There’s so much marketing jargon around these days, it can be hard to work out what you actually need. 

For example, you might have seen the term “canted footbeds”. But what are canted footbeds exactly? 

The Short Answer

Canted footbeds are when the footbed of your snowboard binding has a downward angle towards the inside of your foot. This ensures that your ankles and knees are more naturally aligned, reducing stress on the joints. Canting also maximises the power exerted through the nose and tail of the snowboard, improving board control. 

The most notable benefit of canted footbeds is that they’re more comfortable. This is easier to explain with a diagram…

Canted Footbed Diagram

what are canted footbeds? (explained)

The green line on the diagram represents the alignment of your lower leg and ankle.

Now… there’s no way that your leg will normally point straight upwards, so something’s gotta give – and that’s usually your knees and ankles!

As you can see, the canted footbed allows a much more natural angle. This helps to prevent your ankles and knees from sitting in abnormal positions. This is even more important for riders who rock a wide stance.

Canted footbeds also ensure that all of the power you generate is transferred to the right area of the board. This translates to higher ollies and tighter presses. 

Note: The diagram is slightly exaggerated. Most canted footbeds offer angles from 1.5-4 degrees. 

The Benefits Of Canted Footbeds

  • More natural alignment of your feet and legs. 
  • Reduced stress on your joints, particularly your knees. 
  • Increased power transfer for ollies, presses and rails. 
  • Allows for wider stances without as much strain on the knees. 
  • Many riders find canted footbeds more comfortable.

My tired old knees certainly love them. I recently rode a day on my buddies non-canted bindings and boy could I tell the difference!

Bindings With Canted Footbeds

Here’s a few of the best snowboard bindings with canted footbeds:

  1. Rome Katana: My favorite option! These offer both canted footbeds and canted highbacks. The Katana are a super premium binding but worth it if you have the budget. 
  2. Burton Malavita*
  3. Burton Cartel*
  4. Salomon Hologram

*Burton uses AutoCANT. This involves softer padding on the inside of your foot, providing the same angles as canting but without the visible footbed slope.  

Most modern bindings now offer some degree of canting. Check the product description if you’re unsure. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately you don’t need canted footbeds in your bindings – many riders survive without them – but they are a nice bonus. Particularly if you abuse your knees as much as I do!

Hope that helps.

P.S. Check out our snowboard gear articles for some more great tips.

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