Snowboarding Socks and Locks

by Fraser

Two things to look at/think about this week – snowboarding socks and locks.

Sterling snowboard socks

I’ve known about Sterling Socks for a while now. I follow Jamie Nicholls on twitter and he mentions them from time to time. I followed the links and took a look. Not heard of them before? Here’s the low-down:

“A snowboard sock company bought to you by Dan Wakeham and Nick Atkins with help from Jamie Nicholls, Ben Kilner and Aimee Fuller”

With people like that involved, I feel compelled to support them. I haven’t tried any of their socks yet, but they do look pretty sick. I’ll hook some up before the Breckenridge trip. Who knows, I might get some socks that I want for Christmas…


The three examples above, from left to right are the Nicholls Pro, the Fuller Pro and the Rasta Sock. They’ve got 6 of the 7 different designs/socks available…

Anyone tried them?

Snowboard locks?

The place we’re staying in Breckenridge – one of the reasons we picked it was so that we can go straight from the hill to a bar, then walk back. Leave your board outside, have a few beers, maybe some food…



I don’t hesitate when it comes to leaving my snowboard outside of the bar or restaurant. That’s one of the great things about snowboarding, the culture, the community, being in the mountains – the people tend to be ok. Trustworthy.

But you do hear about boards being stollen from time to time, which sucks.

The thought of buying a snowboard lock kinda annoys me. Once I do that, I’ll be thinking about it. “Well, I brought this lock with me in case some dude tries to steal my snowboard…” I kinda prefer being ignorant to it. If it happened I’d be mad for sure, but I won’t sweat it in the meantime; act like it wouldn’t, and shouldn’t happen.

Naive? Maybe. Or perhaps it helps contribute to a positive environment?

What’s your take on the subject? If a snowboard lock seems to make perfect sense, you can pick them up for £10 or less.

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