are snowboard socks worth it

Are Snowboard Socks Worth It? Essential Reading!

by Fraser

You might be wondering why everyday cotton socks are not suitable for snowboarding. They’re affordable, thick, warm and… to be avoided at all costs! But are snowboard socks worth it?

Snowboard socks are definitely worth the investment. The high-quality material will keep your feet warm, comfortable, relaxed and free of moisture and odor. Regular cotton sports socks have painful seams and absorb moisture.

I’ll explain why snowboard socks are truly essential and reveal my all-time favorite. Keep reading! 

are snowboard socks worth it

Why You Should Go For Snowboard Socks!

Snowboarding socks are unlike any other pair.

Their unique design makes them the best for the job. You don’t want your standard cotton socks gathering water and ruining your day!

But let’s take a look at the pros and cons. 

The Pros and Cons Of Snowboard Socks

Snowboard Sock Pros
  • They take the shape of your foot. Snowboard socks are made with the shape of your foot in mind. They fit correctly and don't crease or slip as you ride.
  • They are long enough. Snowboard socks cover your full lower leg, preventing pressure points!
  • Most come with padding. Snowboard socks have soft materials in areas experiencing compression during snowboarding, for example, the shin.
  • They're seamless! Snowboard socks have no seams, especially at the heels and toes. This prevents rubbing and blistering. 
  • They use special material. You don't want to wear socks that suffocate your feet. Right? Snowboard socks are made of a unique material that allows your feet to breathe.
  • They keep your feet warmer. High-quality snowboard socks use merino wool or other synthetic fibers. These unique materials prevent your feet from getting cold or numb and absorb sweat from your feet.
Snowboard Sock Cons
  • They are more expensive. A pair of snowboard socks will cost you more than your regular socks. Worth it? I think so!
  • There’s a lot to consider. Choosing the right snowboard socks is no walk in the park. You have to consider size, material, smell resistance, ability to absorb sweat etc. 
  • They serve one purpose. Unlike regular socks, snowboard socks are only ideal for wearing with snowboard boots.

Which Snowboard Socks Do I Recommend?

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that I’ve tried literally dozens of snowboard socks over the years. From the cheap off-brand bargains to the high-end luxuries. 

In the end, I’ve found it’s best to keep it simple!

The below are the best all-round snowboard socks for most riders. 

Best Snowboard Socks!
Burton Mid-weight Snowboard Socks
Burton Mid-weight Snowboard Socks
  • A true snowboarding essential 
  • Never underestimate the value of good, specialized seamless socks!
We may make a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

However, if you’d prefer to take a look at a few more options, head over to the best snowboard socks available

So Are Snowboard Socks Worth It?

Snowboard socks are worth it. However, you’ll have to cough up a couple more dollars to purchase a pair.

My feeling is that investing in the correct gear allows you to enjoy the sport with minimal injury or discomfort. Sounds worth it to me!

Equally, once you’ve got the right socks, make sure the rest of your gear is up to scratch. Check out this article on what to wear when snowboarding. 

Happy riding!

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