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The 5 Best Snowboard Locks Ever Made [2024]

by Fraser

The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your snowboard!

Whether you’re taking a break at the lodge or grabbing a beer, having a reliable snowboard lock provides peace of mind.

A worthy investment!

So let’s take a look at the very best snowboard lock (plus a few close competitors).

The Short Answer

The best snowboard lock depends on the facilities at your resort. If they have SkiKey-compatible racks, the SkiKey is the top choice for its security and ease of use. If not, cable locks from Bosvision or Dakine are excellent alternatives.

Our Ski & Snowboard Lock Top Picks

Our Top Ski and Snowboard Lock Reviews

1. The Bosvision Ultra-Secure Snowboard Lock

Bosvision Ultra-Secure Snowboard and Ski Lock
  • 4-Digit combination lock with 3 feet retractable cable

If you’re looking for a reliable cable lock, the Bosvision Ultra-Secure is hard to beat.

While slightly bulkier than others, its longer and stronger vinyl-coated steel cable is nice and secure. 

What’s more, the Bovision lock includes a convenient push-button retraction system and a four-digit combination. With over 10,000 possible combinations, it would take a genius (and several months) to crack the code. 


  • The best rated snowboard lock on Amazon
  • Solid and premium construction
  • 4-digit combination code
  • Good cable length 
  • Strong for it’s size
  • Choice of colors


  • Some feel that 4 digit codes are harder to remember (I just set mine to the same as my phone). 

2. The Dakine Micro Snowboard Lock

The Dakine Snowboard Lock
54 Reviews
The Dakine Snowboard Lock
  • Compact 3-digit combination lock with 30" [ 76 cm ] retractable cable
  • Set your own combination

Dakine’s offering is pretty similar to the Bosvision – though it’s lighter, cheaper and more compact. 

This makes it one of the best snowboard locks for most riders. 

You can simply throw it in your pocket each morning before heading out. 


  • Super compact and portable 
  • Easy to remember 3-digit combo 
  • Dakine make some great gear 
  • Great retractable cable mechanic,


  • 3 digit code (fewer possible combinations)
  • Doesn’t feel quite as sturdy as the Bosvision

3. The Allnice Snowboard Cable Lock

If you’re looking for a cable lock, check out The Allnice. 

It doubles up as a bike and luggage lock for those looking for versatility. 


  • Versatile 
  • 4 digit code
  • Super flexible 
  • Thick cable 


  • Not as convenient or pocket-friendly
  • If you were leaving a bike for extended periods, I’d choose a thick, saw resistant lock. 

4. Lewis N. Clark Snowboard Lock

Lewis N. Clark Snowboard and Luggage Lock
  • KEEPS VALUABLES SAFE: When traveling, it is important to keep your luggage, suitcases, bags, carry-ons, purses, and miscellaneous equipment safe. This lock can also be used in your home on cabinets, sheds, gates, doors, and more..Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Our products are designed to last, so this travel lock was made with durable thermoplastic rubber and ABS. The 30-inch braided steel cable is retractable allowing you to use it for different situations and attach it to multiple items.
  • SET YOUR OWN COMBO: Our luggage lock can be easily reset whenever you choose. The 3-digit resettable combination makes it simple to change your combo and protect your valuables. Say goodbye to tiny little keys!
  • A TRAVEL NECESSITY: Our small lock is TSA approved, so whether you travel local or abroad, you know your belongings will be safe and secure.
  • LEWIS N. CLARK has been a leader in the Travel & Outdoor Gear for over 30 years. We are passionate about travel and exploring the wonder of the world around us, and our designs focus on making any trip more organized, secure, comfortable, and convenient.

Another of the best snowboard locks!

The Lewis N. Clark lock doubles up as a TSA approved travel lock – perfect if you’re travelling to your favorite snowboard destination


  • TSA approved
  • Durable thermoplastic rubber
  • Small and convenient


  • Not specifically designed for snowboards

5. Master Lock Python Cable Lock

Master Lock Python Cable Lock
  • Outdoor adjustable cable lock with key is best used as a trail camera lock, kayak locking cable, bike cable lock, tools and job boxes lock, and to secure other outdoor equipment.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
  • Adjustable cable bike lock with key has a patented locking mechanism that holds the cable tight at any position for a perfect fit
  • Cable lock is made with braided steel for strength and flexibliity, and rust-resistant lock and vinyl coated cable provided superior weather and scratch resistance
  • Bike lock cable is 6 ft. (1.8 m) long and 3/16 in. (5 mm) wide in diameter
  • Includes one adjustable cable lock, two keys

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Master Lock?

They’ve been top of the padlock game for years – and for good reason!

The Master Lock Python is super high quality, with a 6ft braided steel cable. 

Those looking for a lock and key accessed snowboard lock should definitely check this one out!


  • The only key and lock option 
  • Super strong and durable cable 
  • Massive 6ft cable length 
  • Great option for those needing to lock up multiple snowboards or skis at once


  • Cable a little long for most riders
  • Risks losing the key

How Do I Lock My Snowboard?

Here’s how to safely lock up your snowboard. 

  1. Choose a Reliable Lock: Some of the lower quality options won’t hold up in cold weather or against metal snowboard edges. Choose one of the options above!

  2. Find a Secure Location: Look for designated snowboard racks or lock-up areas. These areas are typically well-monitored and provide a safe environment for your precious board.

  3. Secure Your Board*: Wrap the lock cable around an immovable object, such as a metal bar or designated snowboard rack. Loop the cable through both bindings and around the board.

  4. Lock the Cable: Double-check that the lock is securely fastened and you’ve spun the dial to hide the code. 

  5. Secure Your Gear: If you have other gear, such as boots or helmet, you can use the same lock to secure them. Take valuables with you when you can!

  6. Be Cautious: While a snowboard lock adds an extra layer of security, determined thieves may still find ways to remove or bypass the lock. Keep an eye on your gear and choose well-populated areas.

*If there’s no obvious tethering point, you can attach your board to friends and families boards. This makes it harder to take without being noticed. 

Do Snowboard Locks Work?

Whilst snowboard locks do work, they are designed to be used for short periods of time only. 

Snowboard locks are effective in deterring thieves by signalling that your gear is secured. They also increase the time and effort required to steal the snowboard.

Unfortunately, they will not stop a determined thief. Most locks or cables can be broken. Thieves have been also been known to remove bindings in order to steal the board.  

Personally, I think that locks are a worthwhile investment but you should still be mindful of where you leave your board and how long for. 

Features of The Best Snowboard Locks

When choosing a snowboard lock, look for features like durability, sufficient cable length, cable thickness, weather resistance, a reliable locking mechanism and portability.

Good customer feedback from other riders is also essential!

Final Thoughts

Those are the best snowboard locks of the season. 

If you’ve tried any others, let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

Now that you have a lock, check out some of the top all-mountain boards –>

Happy riding!

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