The Best Way To Heat Your Mold Snowboard Boots

How To Heat Mold Snowboard Boots (Best Home Solutions)

by Fraser

Heat moldable snowboard boots are incredible! If you purchased yours in-store, they probably even molded them for you. Unfortunately, online shoppers such as myself are left to fend for themselves. So I decided to find out how to heat mold snowboard boots…

To heat mold your snowboard boots you can warm them up directly with a hair dryer or boot warmer. You can then cautiously put your feet into the liner to allow a custom mold. Alternatively, some boots are moldable simply be wearing them in. 

In this article, I’ll look at the best ways to heat your mold snowboard boots. Read on partner!

Are All Snowboard Boots Heat Moldable?


First up, there is sometimes some confusion about the term “heat molding”. You’re not actually heat-molding your snowboard boots, rather the liners inside the boot.

As not every snowboard boot has heat-moldable liners, you will need to check if your boots offer this feature. If your snowboard boot liners aren’t heat-moldable but you decide to try heating them anyway, you will likely end up with ruined liners (I’m speaking from experience here). 

Ruined boot liners will go all soft. They won’t provide enough support for your feet and ankles. You’ll basically just be speeding up snowboard boot pack-out and shortening the life of your boots. Don’t do it!

Why Should You Heat Mold Snowboard Boots?

Before we look at the how, let’s think about the why. Why should you hear mold your snowboard boots anyway? 

The reason why heat moldable boots are so popular with snowboarders, skiers and other sports fans is because they give you a custom fit. Not only does this make them more comfortable, it also offers more stability and control over your snowboard.

How Does Heat Molding Work?

Snowboard boots designed for heat molding have a thick, heat responsive liner. This softens when warm allowing it to mold snugly around your feet. Once the liner cools down, you’ll have a beautiful custom fit. 

How To Heat Mold Snowboard Boots

You should therefore have less wiggle room and less heel-lift. This translates to better board control and not having to cinch your binding straps insanely tight. 

How To Heat Mold Snowboard Boots!

Some liners are designed to be molded by the warmth coming off your feet while you’re riding. Other’s require much higher temperatures. 

Check with your snowboard boot brand and then follow the stages below. 

1. Heat Mold Snowboard Boots By Riding.

The easiest method by far. Even some non-heat moldable boots will conform to your feet after a while. Here’s the best way to mold your self-molding snowboard boots at home:

  1. Put on your snowboard socks and snowboard boots.
  2. Tighten down the boa, laces or other closing system. I like to go reasonably tight for a custom snug fit. 
  3. Go snowboarding!

It’s literally that simple. Unfortunately, this does often take a good 3-5 days of riding to fully take effect.

If you want to speed up this process, try wearing your boots around the house or office (if you can get away with it). 

2. Heat Mold Snowboard Boots Using A Hair Dryer.

Other moldable snowboard boots are made of tougher stuff. These will require intense heat before they start to soften up. Unless you have particularly toasty feet, this means using a boot-warmer or hair dryer.

How to heat mold snowboard boots with a hair dryer:

  1. Remove your liner from the outer shell of the boot. 
  2. Put on your snowboard socks. If you haven’t got any, you need to read this article now. 
  3. Insert your hair dryer into the boot liner and turn it on, initially at low heat. You will likely need to warm the liner for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Check in every 20-30seconds and stop if there is any evidence of burning. You’ll know they’re ready when the material feels more flexible and soft to the touch. 
  5. Pop the liner back into the outer shell of the snowboard boots. 
  6. Checking the internal temperature isn’t too hot, cautiously put your feet into the boots. 
  7. Tighten your boots reasonably tight – pretend you’re preparing for a steep run. 
  8. Stand in riding position. Walk around if needed, however it’s better to adopt your riding stance and even rock side-to-side as if you’re riding. 
  9. After around 10-minutes (per boot) you can take them off and let them cool. 
  10. Check the fit. If they’re not quite right, heat them up again using the above steps. You may need to use more heat – but don’t go too far!

Pro tip: Most heat moldable boots will feel pretty darned nice once molded, but don’t expect perfection. Remember that the outer shell is brand new and not a custom fit. The comfort will therefore still improve over time once they wear in. 

3. Use A Specialized Boot Heater.

You can also get boot warmers, made especially for heat molding. These are often expensive and unnecessary – but if you do have one, just follow the same steps outlined above. 

4. Head Into A Snowboard Store.

Many shops will help you out, even if you didn’t purchase your boots there. If you did buy your boots at the store, make sure you get them heat molded before you leave. The stores will often have a brand specific heat molder like this one:

How Long Does It Take To Heat Mold Snowboard Boots?

The entire process of heat molding snowboard boots takes only between 10 and 20 minutes.

The boot liners are removed from your boots, heated up and then placed back inside.

Then, you will need to put your feet into the boots and stand in a snowboarding stance for quarter of an hour.

Do You Need To Heat Mold New Snowboard Boots?

Check the model and brand of your snowboard boots. If they’re non-moldable or self-moldable, simply get out there and ride. 

If your boots require heat molding, it’s definitely worthwhile having this done. However if you don’t have the time or the boots feel comfortable straight out the box – don’t worry too much. 

You can always get them done further down the line or if there are pressure points emerging. 

Final Thoughts

That was pretty much everything you need to know about heat molding snowboard boots. 

If you’re still unsure, check out the video below or drop me a message in the comments section. 

Let me know how you get on with your brand new boots!

Happy riding.

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