remind medic impact insoles review

Remind Medic Impact Insoles Review

by Ben

The Remind Medic Impact Insoles are reportedly a cushioning powerhouse. They come highly recommended, particularly within the snowboarding community.


Because a good pair of insoles can be a game-changer, promising comfort, support, and reduced fatigue. 

As someone who spends a fair amount of time landing flat and hitting knuckles (with progressively creaky knees!) I was keen to put these insoles to the test.

Here’s my honest and in-depth review!

Remind Medic Insoles Overview

The Remind Medic Impact Insole Review
9.3/10 Our Score

Brand: Remind
Model: Medic Impact
Arch Height: Mid-High

Who are they for: Over-pronators, riders looking for improved shock absorption and riders in need of arch support.

Alternatives: For a softer insole, check out the Remind Cush.

  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Slim Profile
  • Great arch support 
  • Awesome aesthetic 
  • Minimal pack out 

✖️ A little firm initially 

About The Testing Process

Insoles are tricky to test, and even tricker to film. That’s why I’ve done this one as a written report. 

I tested these insoles over a 6-week period, which is (in my opinion) the minimum amount of time needed to get an accurate picture. 

This allowed me to wear them in the park, backcountry and even on a splitboarding adventure. These insoles have since travelled with me to Canada, France and even Japan!

Insoles Used for Comparison

To allow a fair comparison, I simultaneously tested:

  • The Remind Impact Cush
  • The Remind Remedy 
  • The DC Judge Stock Insoles
  • The Burton Ion Stock Insoles
  • The FP Gamechangers 

I personally tested each of these on-snow and around the house. This gave me a pretty good idea of their performance and comfort. 


I focused on the following criteria when assessing each insole:

  • Comfort
  • Impact Absorption 
  • Durability (including pack out) 
  • Arch Support 
  • Volume (how much of your boot they take up)

My Credentials

As a flat-footed snowboarder of over 20-years, I’m no stranger to a supportive snowboard insole! 

I’m also a PSIA-AASI certified snowboard instructor, and a self-certified snowboard gear addict. I’m therefore pretty experienced at testing gear and dishing out advice!

First Impressions

The packaging of the Remind Medic Impact Insoles is simple yet secure, meaning they arrived in pristine condition. It also does a great job of explaining the intended benefits – particularly in terms of correcting your knee and ankle alignment. 

The first thing I noticed was the awesome graphics on the footbed. Obviously, this shouldn’t really matter – but it’s always a bonus to be stoked on the aesthetics. 

(For reference, I went for the Travis Rice Pro Model). 

remind medic impact insoles review

I also noted the quality of the materials— sturdy yet with a reasonable degree of flexibility. They’re notably slimmer than the Remind Cush Impacts too (which have an extra 2mm thickness in the heels). 

Fit and Comfort

Sizing and Fit

Finding the perfect fit was straightforward with the sizing guide provided. Unlike some of the other options, they go up in half-sizes – which is great. 

They can also be trimmed for a custom fit, though I didn’t feel the need to. 

I did find them pretty hard to slide into my snowboarding boots (Burton Ion and DC Judge). They hold their structure better than your average stock insole. Make sure to fully loosen your Boa or laces before battling with them!

Once in, the fit was snug without being restrictive.

Comfort Level

They felt pretty firm initially… however I’m told this is normal. They’re designed to mold to your feet with heat and pressure, a process that takes around 24-hours. 

They have notably better cushioning than almost every other option I tested. When jumping off of furniture (much to the annoyance of my wife) I could feel (and hear) the impact being absorbed.


Hitting the slopes, I immediately noticed a comfort boost, especially compared to my stock insoles. The foot cramps I often get when holding toeside traverses were almost non-existent. 

I even intentionally knuckled a few smaller jumps (madness I know). Whilst still not pleasant, my ankles and knees did feel less jarred. 


Over the course of the day, the insoles seemed to mold to my foot shape, providing a custom-fit feel. It’s a nice touch that added to the overall comfort and performance.

Performance Enhancement


The solid support from the insoles made a notable difference in how my feet felt, even after hours on the board. The arch support was especially beneficial – though I admittedly have quite flat feet. 

If you have a natural high arch, you might prefer the Dustin Impact insoles. 

Impact Absorption

The impact absorption technology did wonders on rough terrain, significantly reducing the jolts transmitted to my (aging) legs. The “chatter-reduction” was surprisingly good too. 

Remind report that these bad boys reduce shock impact by up to 90% (as measured by ASTM F1614). 

I’ve no idea how accurate that is, but they certainly work!


As with most after-market insoles, you do run the risk of reduced board feel. When compared to the paper-thin DC Judge stock insoles, you can certainly feel the ground less with the Medics.

In reality, I didn’t feel that this translated to reduced board feel when riding though.

Arguably, if you have a little too much room in your boots, adding these insoles should improve feel and performance (whilst combatting heel lift).  

Durability and Longevity


After several months, the insoles have held up well. There are with no significant signs of compression or wear and tear. The resilience of the materials is impressive – Remind even advertise zero pack out!

remind the medic impact front and back

Longterm Comfort

Once past the initial 24-hour settling in period, these things are super comfy. 

The comfort level remained consistent over time, a testament to the quality and durability of these insoles. They’ve become a permanent fixture in my snowboarding gear.

Performance Retention

Despite continuous use, the insoles have retained their supportive and cushioning properties. I do snowboard more than your average rider (100+ days a season) so I’m not sure how long this’ll last. But they’ve already been a worthy investment. 

Value for Money

The Remind Medic Impact insoles aren’t exactly cheap. But if you’re a dedicated rider they’re still excellent bang for your buck.

Trust me. I’ve tried dozens of insoles, from the $5 Walmart variety to my $300 3D-printed custom footbeds. The fact that I’m mostly rocking the Remind Medic Impacts (or the Remedy) is a testament to their quality.  

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent support and cushioning
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Enhances performance on the slopes
  • Custom-fit feel
  • Designed for snowboarders, by snowboarders
  • Higher Initial investment than standard insoles
  • May take a ride or two to fully adapt to foot contour


The Remind Medic Impact Insoles have proven to be a valuable addition to my snowboarding arsenal.

The blend of comfort, support, and performance has certainly made my riding more enjoyable and less taxing on my body.

Despite the slightly higher price tag, the benefits make them a worthwhile investment for any serious snowboarder looking to elevate their riding experience.

If you want to give them a go, I’d recommend picking them up through Remind’s website. Supporting USA-based, snowboarder-owned businesses is always an added bonus!

Additional Tips and Alternatives

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your Remind Medic Insoles live a long and happy life, let them air dry after each session. Avoid exposing them to direct heat or leaving them in sunlight.

They are coated in an anti-smell material, but no material in the world can hold up to a whole season of snowboarding…

Check out my guide to dealing with smelly snowboard boots. Following the cleaning instructions provided by Remind will also help. 

Suggested Pairings

These insoles should slot into pretty much any snowboard boot brand. They do require a little more space than your average stock insole though.

Will These Fix Boot-Fitting Issues?

Sadly, no after-market insole will make up for disastrously uncomfortable boots. But they’re certainly worth a try if your boots are around half a size too big. 

I managed to fix heel lift in my Northwave boots just by adding the FP Gamechanger insoles. 

Alternative Options

  • If you like the sound of these, but have relatively high arches, take a look at the Remind Dustin
  • If you have wide feet (and wide boots), you’d be best suited to the Cush Impact
  • Worried about not having enough space in your boots? The classic Remind Medic (not the Impact version) is lower profile. I found the shock absorption to be pretty similar – plus they’re cheaper.

You can see these insoles in action in the video below: 

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