What Is A Snowboarding Yard Sale? (Ouch!)

by Fraser

A large part of learning to snowboard is understanding the language. Plenty of expressions you’ve heard elsewhere have an entirely different meaning on the mountain. So, what does a snowboarding “yard sale” mean? 

A yard sale in snowboarding is when someone takes a nasty fall resulting in their goggles, hat, gloves, or other equipment spreading across the slope. This term is a lighthearted way of looking at the aftermath of a bad fall on the mountain. 

This article looks at what a yard sale is in snowboarding. If I’ve already provided a super comprehensive answer for you, why not move onto more of our entertaining snowboarding chat. 

Does A Yard Sale Have The Same Meaning in Snowboarding As Skiing?

A yard sale in snowboarding is when someone falls so hard they lose their belongings in the snow and have to walk around collecting them. 

Many of us have seen this from a birds-eye view from the chair lift and, if you are a regular snowboarder, it has likely happened to you. 

It’s sort of a right of passage.

Have you had your first yard sale yet?

If it makes you feel any better, yard sales also happen to skiers!

A yard sale in snowboarding has the same meaning in the skiing world. In fact, the term was first used for skiers because they would often lose their poles and other equipment when falling. 

Here is a video showing what a yard sale looks like on a snowboard. Ouch!

And here’s a classic skiing yard sale…

How To Avoid Yard Sales In Skiing And Snowboarding?

You can’t.

Or rather… you shouldn’t. 

Yes of course you should do your best to land tricks. But if you’re not pushing the envelope, you’re not progressing. 

Falling is not a sign of failure!


There’s your brief explanation of the phenomenon known as a snowboarding yard sale. 

A beautiful spectacle… just as long as they ride away from it afterwards. 

Now I strongly suggest you find your next snowboading destination to (hopefully not) yard sale at!

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