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The 5 Best Snowboard Vises [2024]

by Fraser

If you’ve ever tried to wax a board without a vice, you know why they’re so essential. Not only do they speed up the process, they help prevent wax sticking to literally everything. 

Vises are also an absolute must if you’re planing on tuning your board. 

This season, I was therefore determined to find my snowboard’s perfect match, and oh boy, did I discover some gems!

If you’re looking for the very best snowboard vises on the market, I’ve got you covered…

The best snowboard vise is the TOKO Board Grip 2.0. It's super sturdy, excellent quality and hits the perfect balance between price and performance.

As always, I’ve considered price, quality, customer reviews, reputation and my own personal experience. Keep reading for more of this season’s best options.

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Our Snowboard Vise Top Picks

The Best Snowboard Vises

1. The TOKO Board Grip

TOKO Board Grip 2.0
Our most universal vise! Used by shops and techs worldwide! Solid, stable construction. Super soft, rubber grips.

The TOKO Board Grip has rapidly become my favorite snowboard tuning vise. 

As soon as you handle it, you can feel the quality. The solid, metal construction feels reassuringly stable, and once your board is locked in, there ain’t no shifting it!

The highlight is the wide and soft rubber top section, which is perfect for horizontal snowboard support. The customer reviews are also resoundingly positive. 

Whilst this isn’t the cheapest option on the list, it’s definitely the best balance between price and performance. Most riders will be super happy with this option!

  • Wide Platform: Specifically designed for snowboards, unlike the skinny ski models!
  • Quality Construction: Uses a strong metal frame for longevity and a flex-free work station.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Placements
  • Super Grippy: Held onto my board much better than most models. 
  • Padded Grip Ends: Thick rubber caps to prevent board damage.
  • Durable: Should last you a lifetime (if you're kind to them). 
  • Best Bang for Your Buck!
  • No 45 Degree Placement Option: For this, choose the XCMAN vise

Most Premium Snowboard Vise:

2. The Swix Pro Snowboard Vise

Swix Pro Snowboard Adjustable Aluminum Tuning Vise, Red
27 Reviews
Swix Pro Snowboard Adjustable Aluminum Tuning Vise, Red
  • CONSTRUCTION - A bomber two-piece snowboard vise, built of aluminum and painted a racy red.
  • SIDE EDGE TUNING - The board can be clamped edge-up for side edge tuning thanks to a unique integrated clamping system. Clamp fits benches up to 2.25" (57mm) thick.
  • SUPPORT - When the board is laid base up the platforms slide out to create a full ten-inches of support.
  • RUBBER HELPS - keep the board in place when waxing and scraping.
  • VISE MEASURES - 6.25" (160mm) from bench top to vise top

The Swix Pro is basically a professional-level snowboard vise. It’s super wide, super grippy and super durable. It’s a beauty!

swix pro snowboard tuning vise

If your budget is flexible, this would be the perfect choice. Treat it well and it’ll last your whole snowboard career!

However, if you’re not yet a die-hard snowboard fan, or are keeping an eye on your wallet, the Toko vise is more than good enough. 

  • Super-Wide Platform: Even wider than the TOKO vise - perfect for snowboards!
  • Quality Construction: Uses a strong metal frame for a stable and durable work station.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Placements
  • Super Thick Padding: The grippy rubber pads hold your board in place without causing scratches. 
  • Durable: Should last you a lifetime (if you're kind to them). 
  • Most Premium (Professional) Option!
  • Most Expensive Option
  • No 45 Degree Placement: For this, choose the XCMAN vise

Best Budget Snowboard Vise:

3. The WSD Snowboard Tuning Vise

WSD Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vise
  • WSD Ski and Snowboard Vise is made of a high quality and extremely durable plastic body. Easily fits all skis and snowboards . Awesome for waxing and tuning skis and snowboards.
  • High-impact plastic body, Two side edge positions: standard 90° and easy 60° ,Binding clearance: 6.25 inches The clamps that fix to the tuning bench/table open up to 2.25 inches (fit most tables)
  • The perfect universal vise for waxing and tuning Works with all skis and snowboards regardless of width
  • Set-One pair ,Universal easy to use ski or snowboard vise For tuning all types of snowboards and wide skis .Easily fits all skis and snowboards and can be adjusted to fit on almost any edge or table 2.25” clamp Special rubber to grip the snowboards and wide skis during side and base tuning.
  • Durable Nylon construction-Designed to hold wide skis and Snowboards of any size , easy edge work and will accommodate binding clearance of about 6.25” . Multiple Rubber surfaces keep your skis and boards secure

Times are tough, money is in short supply. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a cheap piece of junk!

The WSD ski and snowboard vise bucks the trend, providing a practical and functional vise with a very reasonable price-tag. 

Of course, you get what you pay for. It’s notably less premium than the previous options, particularly given the amount of plastic used.

Whilst it held up perfectly well during our testing, I’m unsure how long it would last following intensive use. 

Nonetheless, it was leaps and bounds above the other options in its price-point. They were pretty much useless and should be avoided!

  • Price-Point Leader: These were so much better than alternative vises at the same price point (which should be avoided!).
  • Decent Quality: As far as plastic goes, these felt pretty sturdy.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Placements - including the standard vertical 90° and a bonus 60° angle for easier edge tuning.
  • Reputable Budget Brand: I've owned other items from WSD, all of which have been great.
  • Excellent Value for Money.
  • Plastic Construction: Whilst they feel durable, they're unlikely to outlast metal options.
  • Slightly Bendy: The vise can bend a little on pressing down with the wax iron. 
  • Thinner Padding: The rubber padding is notably thinner, which risks breaking down more quickly. 

Best Snowboard Vise Package Deal:

4. The Demon Charger Plus Complete Wax Kit

Demon Charger Plus Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit with Vise
71 Reviews
Demon Charger Plus Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit with Vise
  • Demon Charger PLUS Ski and Snowboard Tuning Kit with Iron, Wax, VISE, Brush Kit, Base Cleaner and Wax Apron
  • Tools included: Edge Tuner for 88 / 90 degree side edge angles (includes shavings brush), a metal scrapper for ultimate tuning options and for P-tex repairs, a Brass file brush, a 10 mm Brass Brush that is used for renewing base structure and opening pores during prep before you wax, a 10 mm Nylon Brush that is stiff and perfect for removing the bulk of wax during the tuning process, a fine horsehair 8 mm brush for removing wax from your skis or snowboard base structure.
  • Wax Spec- 1.06 Lbs (good for 50+ waxings) High Quality Demon Hyper Wax Big Block- Universal Blend for Any Temp wax. Also included is 133g Demon Orange Crush, 133g Demon Blue Blur, 133g Demon Modified Hydrocarbon, and 133g Demon White Lightning wax. This kit also includes our 40z. Citrus Base Cleaner to clean your ski and snowboards bases during prep. Our waxes are blended, scented and made with our proprietary blends in Southern California.
  • Also includes 1 Clear P-Tex, 1 Black P-Tex, Two Ski Brake Retainers, Tuning stone, Wax scrapper with edge notch, Polish pad, Tune instruction guide and full size waxing Apron to keep clean. Bag Spec: Internal strap to secure wax iron, three internal open-access tool pockets, zippered mesh pocket, elastic pocket, and zipped mesh pouch. Heavy duty carry strap and easy wipe off material make is easy to keep your kit clean!
  • Dual Voltage Iron Spec: This Travel Edition Slide Iron is capable of using 110-220v. Simply adjust the switch in the back from 110-220 and plug in your country adaptor. Comes set up for USA 110V. Temperature adjustable Demon Wax Iron with dual voltage option and a WARRANTY covered by Demon! Easy temperature dial adjusts from Low to High and allows for plenty of heat options to melt your wax just right.

Now this is a serious piece of kit!

The Demon Charger kit is my favorite wax kit, providing every gadget and maintenance tool you could possibly need. And now they’ve thrown in Demon’s proprietary snowboard vise for less than $50 more!

the demon charger plus snowboard tuning and waxing kit

This means you’ll get 5 types of wax, a wax iron, brushes, edge tools, base cleaner, edge files, a carry case and more.

The vise itself is great quality, offering 3 snowboard placement types. It’s not quite as top-end as the Toko and Swix vises, but that would be asking far too much given how much you’re already getting. 

This is the perfect option if you’re starting fresh and need the whole kit and caboodle. Otherwise, it’s probably a little overkill. 

  • The Best Snowboard Wax Kit, with a quality snowboard vise thrown in!
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes pretty much everything you could ever need for snowboard maintenance. 
  • Proven Quality: Each item in this kit has been tested and approved (by me!). 
  • Vertical and Horizontal Placements - including 90° and 60° angles for easier edge tuning.
  • Outstanding Value: Buying all of these items separately would cost up to $300!
  • A Significant Upfront Investment
  • Vise not quite as premium as the top options

Most Innovative Snowboard Vise:

5. XCMAN Ski and Snowboard Vise

XCMAN Snowboard Vise for Tuning, Waxing and Repairs
  • Snowboard and alpine ski jaws vise set and included 2 brake retainers.Have a Specially designed - Beer opener,for the detail,see the pictures.
  • Alpine Ski and Snowboard VISE Plus-Ultra wide space 23cm(9.05 in).
  • Vises clamp to workbenches or tables up to 2.36inch(60mm) thick.
  • Has Non-slip rubber pads on top of the vise and so that you can safely rest your bases on while adjusting bindings or doing top sheet work.These end supports also feature independent clamps to secure the skis for side edge work.
  • Durable and Stable:High strength engineering plastics construction and rubber construction material to keep durable and stable.

The final option to sneak onto our list of best snowboard vises is the XCMAN. This bad boy offers a built in bottle opener and a 45 degree placement for easier edge tuning. 

Pretty cool huh?

xcman snowboard vise
xcman snowboard tuning vise

The price is also pretty generous. 

Sadly, it’s built from plastic rather than metal – but it does admittedly feel very sturdy regardless. If you like the additional features and would prefer to have the option of 45° placement, this is the option for you. 

  • Best Range of Angles: Includes horizontal, 90° and 45° tilt setups.
  • Includes a Bottle Opener! 
  • Highly-Durable Plastic: High-Strength engineered plastic construction.
  • Excellent Price-Point
  • Outstanding Customer Reviews
  • Reputable Company: XCMAN are well-known for producing quality snowboard accessories.
  • Plastic vises (no matter how well-made) don't feel as sturdy as metal. 
  • Rubber pads are on the thin side.
  • Encouraged me to drink every time I waxed my board (though I'm easily tempted).

Alternatives to Snowboard Tuning Vises

Maybe you don’t have an adequate workspace, or an adequate table to attach the vise to. In this case, you’re probably better off picking up a snowboard wax bench. 

You can add your snowboard vise to the bench, or lay your board directly across the table for waxing (this is less ideal for tuning though). 

Snowboard Vise Buying Guide

I’ll let you in on a little secret: not all snowboard vises are created equal. I learned this the hard way, with a toppled board, spilt wax and a bruised ego.

If you’re keen on tuning your snowboard at home, listen closely to my vise adventures (and misadventures).

1. Understand the Purpose

Before diving into the world of snowboard vises, it’s essential to know why you need one.

A vise holds your snowboard steady while you wax, edge, or repair it. Think of it as an extra pair of hands… that doesn’t get tired!

2. Grip is Everything

The primary function of a vise is to grip your board. But here’s the catch: it needs to hold tight but not so tight that it damages your snowboard.

I’ve come across some aggressive ones that left unsightly marks on my board. Not cool!

3. Is Three The Magic Number?

Most guides will tell you to aim for 3-piece snowboard vises. Two for the tip and tail, and one for the center.

In reality, this is more common with ski vices and is not necessary for snowboards (which are wider and shorter). 

In reality, 2-piece sets are more than enough. Plus you’ll struggle to find a quality 3-piece snowboard vise for under $150!

4. Rubber is a Snowboard’s Best Friend

Always ensure the parts of the vise that come into contact with your snowboard are made of rubber or have a soft protective layer. This precaution prevents scratches, dings and other heartbreaks.

5. Vertical or Horizontal – You Choose

Some vises allow you to position your board vertically, perfect for tuning and edge repairs. Others lay it flat, which is great for waxing. The best ones? They offer both. And trust me, having that flexibility makes a world of difference.

An extra bonus is the 45 degree angle position, which makes edge tuning even simpler. This isn’t a necessity for most riders though. 

6. Size Matters

And by this, I mean the size of the vise itself. If you’re short on storage space (my garage is already packed with snow-related goodies), opt for a compact, stow-able vise.

You also need the flat section of the vise to be wide enough to comfortably fit a snowboard.

7. Price isn’t Everything, But…

There are expensive vises and affordable ones. Pricey doesn’t always mean better, but if you’re serious about your tuning sessions, consider it a worthy investment.

My middle-of-the-road choice (the TOKO Board Grip) has held up super well, saving me heaps on professional tuning fees.

8. Reviews Are Your Compass

Before I commit to any purchase, I dive deep into reviews (like you’re doing now!). They offer real-world insights into a product’s performance, quality, and durability. 

But be wary of Amazon reviews or unreliable websites. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the right snowboard vise can be the difference between a smooth, enjoyable tuning session and a frustrating, board-toppling disaster.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Equip yourself with the best snowboard vise within your budget. Your snowboard (and sanity) will thank you!

Happy tuning!

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