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The 3 Best Snowboard Waxing Tables [2024]

by Ben

Gather ’round, snowboarders! If you’ve ever tried waxing your board on a makeshift table or, heaven forbid, on the floor (guilty as charged!), then you’ll appreciate the magic of a dedicated snowboard waxing table.

Join me on my quest for the perfect surface to pamper our beloved boards!

The best snowboard waxing table is the Swix T75W Waxing Table. It's the sturdiest wax table available, whilst still being compact and well-priced.

If you’ve like to know more, keep reading. Let’s start with the best snowboard waxing tables of the season!

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The Best Snowboard Waxing Tables

1. The Swix T75W Wax Table

Swix T75W Wide Waxing Table, 120 x 35cm | Compact Lightweight Wax Table for Skis & Snowboard with One Leg Height Adjustment
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The Swix T75W Wide Waxing Table measures 120 cm x 35 cm; Compact and lightweight, this folding table can be used as a tuning and waxing bench for both skis and snowboards to facilitate the working process
  • RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION - The Swix tuning table comes with four rubber feet for anti-slip and optimal stability; This wax table for snowboards and skis fits the Swix T0766 Cross Country Profile Set that can be mounted directly to the table without clamps
  • ADJUSTABLE LEG - Space efficient and stable, this ski waxing table is equipped with one adjustable leg for better stability on uneven surfaces; Height adjustment of 87 cm, 85 cm, or 75 cm ensures a perfectly flat work surface in all conditions
  • EASILY PORTABLE - Thanks to its compact dimensions and a net weight of 11kg / 24lbs, the T75W wax table is quite easy to set up, clean, carry, and transport; This portable table folds up quickly for convenient storage or road trips
  • SWIX WAXING TABLES - Use the Swix waxing tables to make the preparatory job even easier for you; Swix offers a variety of compact, lightweight, and reliable tables for alpine, downhill, cross-country skis and snowboards for both beginners and ski experts

The Swix T75W is the best snowboard waxing table of the season. It hits the right combination of price-point, performance and durability. 

As you’d expect, there are 4 rubber anti-slip feet. One of these can be independently adjusted to level the table on un-even ground. 

swix t75w snowboard waxing table

The overall height is also adjustable, which is super important for your back! 

I attached a vise and wax iron holder to mine, creating the perfect home snowboard maintenance setup. 


  • Height adjustable 
  • Individual leg adjustment for levelling 
  • Large table top area 
  • Reputable company (Swix)
  • Folds down for storage and portability


  • A little unstable if over-weighted on the outside edges 

2. The Swix Economy Waxing Table

Swix Economy Waxing Table
  • The most widely used waxing table in the world
  • Proven and trusted at races industry demos and on snow events
  • Designed to mount any Swix tuning vise for skis or snowboards
  • Folding legs are sturdy and fold 96cm x 45cm with a 83cm working height 25 pounds
  • Quality ski goods since 1946 make your time on the snow better

Another waxing table option from Swix!

Strangely, at the time of writing this, the “Economy” is actually more expensive than the T75W. If this is still the case when you’re reading this, I’d recommend going with the T75W!

However, if the price has reverted to normal, the economy is an excellent second choice. 

This is also the better option if your workspace is limited. It’s smaller, whilst still folding flat for storage. 


  • Smaller table top for smaller spaces
  • Individual leg adjustments for levelling 
  • Trusted company (Swix)
  • Folds down for storage and portability (great for travelling)


  • More expensive than the larger T75W option (at time of writing)

Best Budget Snowboard Waxing Table:

3. The DEMON United Snowboard Bench

DEMON UNITED Ultimate Ski and Snowboard Tuning and Wax Bench
  • New and Improved** Demon's new tuning bench is the answer to your issues. Easy cleanup, high quality, easy to fold and store. Easily attach all Demon Vises (sold separately) to this table to customize your personal workstation. The perfect addition to your at-home tuning station. The total weight of the table is 22.4 lbs
  • High Quality- Built to withstand the wear and tear of tuning skis and snowbaord year after year. High quality steel provides a solid base for your at home tuning station.
  • Easy Storage- Easily fold the table and store when not in use. Table top dimensions are 4 feet long X 16 inches wide. Table is 3 feet tall.
  • Heavy Duty- We undertand what it takes to build a quality product. No corners have been skipped in the using quality materials to create this perfect tuning bench.
  • Comes with Bench only***vise and other accessories purchased separately***

My buddy kindly allowed me to use his Demon waxing table for this review. My first impressions were that it looks awesome. The legs are notable thicker and more sturdy (at least in appearance). 

It has a nice wide surface area for tools, vises and wax iron holders. 

demon united snowboard waxing table

The price is also very attractive, at around 33% less than both Swix options.

The downside was that on concrete ground, it was prone to slide around following lateral pressure. Demon really need to add some anti-slip feet! This likely won’t be a problem for you if working on a rug or carpet though. 


  • Excellent price-point!
  • Compatible with most tuning vises
  • Demon make some great snowboard gear
  • Folds flat for storage 
  • Clean, understated aesthetics 
  • Thicker, more sturdy feeling metal legs


  • More prone to sliding around than the Swix options (no anti-slip feet)
  • No independent leg adjustments for uneven ground
  • A little fiddly to fold down

Alternatives to Snowboard Waxing Tables

If you’re looking for an alternative option, you could grab a reputable snowboard vise and stick it on any table.

Just make sure the table is narrow enough to fit the vise. 

I’ve used anything from quality oak tables (less advisable) to pre-packed IKEA ones. As long as you have a decent vise – it’ll work. 

Snowboard Waxing Table Buying Guide

Some of the cheaper waxing tables are downright dangerous. When handling a hot snowboard iron, the last thing you need is an unsteady surface!

Here’s a few pointers for choosing the best snowboard waxing table. 

1. Stability is Key

The first time I tried to wax my board on a wobbly table, it was a disaster waiting to happen. A stable table ensures your board stays put and you’re safe. So, test it out; if it wobbles or shakes, swipe left!

2. Size Does Matter

Too small, and you’re constantly readjusting. Too large, and it’s eating up unnecessary space. Find that sweet spot where your board comfortably fits with a little extra space for your tools and wax.

3. Adjustable Height – Save Your Back!

I can’t stress this enough! Bending over for an extended period is a recipe for back pain. Look for a table where you can adjust the height to your comfort. Your back will be most grateful!

4. Portability for the Nomads

If you’re like me and never stick to one area for very long, a foldable and portable table is a lifesaver. It should be easy to set up and pack down, without needing a Ph.D. in engineering.

5. Surface Material Matters

Look for a surface that’s smooth enough that your board doesn’t get scratched but grippy enough so it doesn’t slide around. A table with a rubber or non-slip mat? Jackpot!

7. Price and Quality – The Eternal Struggle

There are budget-friendly options and luxury tables that cost a pretty penny. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always guarantee superior quality. Do your research (like you’re doing now!), read reviews, and weigh the pros and cons.

Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect snowboard waxing table turned out to be an adventure of its own. But every waxing session since has been a breeze.

Remember, investing in the right table means investing in your snowboarding experience…

Don’t settle for less – your board deserves the best!

Happy riding!

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