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The 7 Best Snowboard Wax Scrapers Of All Time!

by Fraser

Every seasoned snowboarder knows the importance of a pristine wax job. But the true linchpin? A top-tier scraper!

In my quest for the best, I’ve landed on a wax scraper that’s affordable, efficient and durable. Here’s the lowdown on the best snowboard wax scraper.

The best snowboard wax scraper is the XCMAN Alpine Wax Scraper. It's made from high-quality materials and is wide enough to easily cover your snowboard base. It also has a handy corner notch for easy edge cleaning.

To find out why this is the best scraper, keep reading. Alternatively, avoid a full hot wax by learning about rub-on snowboard wax. The choice is yours!

1. The XCMAN Alpine Snowboard Wax Scraper

XCMAN Alpine Ski and Snowboard Wax Scraper
214 Reviews
XCMAN Alpine Ski and Snowboard Wax Scraper
  • The snowboard waxing scraper measure is 230*57mm with 4mm thick(9.0*2.24*0.15in).Cannot break easily.
  • They are precision cut and all four edges are planed smooth, square and straight to efficiently scrape excess wax from ski and snowboard bases
  • They are sharp, durable and can be resharpened with any of our scraper sharpeners,with corner notch for edge cleaning.
  • We recommend using snowboard waxing scrapers rather than steel scrapers to remove wax, steel scrapers can take off more than just wax.
  • Easy carry. XCMAN logo,with a OPP bag.2 piece more economical,and save money.

This is the best snowboard wax scraper available. Is it the most expensive or most premium brand? Nope. But it’s so much better value than the other options!

The XCMAN scraper is wide enough to cover your whole snowboard base with ease (check their video on Amazon for evidence). It also does all of the basics really well. Stick it in your bag and you’re good to go. 

It also comes in a handy 2-pack, so you’ll always have a backup.

  • Amazing value for money!
  • Great customer reviews!
  • Corner notch for edge cleaning
  • Wide enough for snowboards
  • Could be sharper

2. The RaceWax Snowboard Wax Scraper

RaceWax Snowboard Wax Scraper
  • Sharp snowboard wax scraper for scraping large surface areas.
  • 9 inch x 2-3/8 scraper and 4 mm thick.
  • Precision ground, polished edges with corner notch for edge cleaning.
  • Orange with RaceWax logo.

Another of the best snowboard wax scrapers is the RaceWax scraper. It’s a quick and simple solution to the wax scraping issue. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, this is it! 

I also liked the bright orange colorway, much harder to lose amongst my unorganized pile of snowboard gear!

I didn’t rate it quite as highly as the XCMAN, mostly based on the fact that the XCMAN option provides 2-scrapers for only a few extra bucks. 

  • A budget-friendly buy!
  • Strong and polished.
  • Corner notch for edge cleaning
  • Eye-catching colorway
  • Some users reported the plastic becoming blunt over time.

3. The OutdoorMaster Snowboard Waxing Kit!

The Full Kit!
OutdoorMaster Ski Snowboard Tuning and Waxing Kit
9.4/10 Our Score
  • I highly recommend this option! 
  • 15% Off: SBDAYS15 
  • A complete waxing kit, including cleaning tools, fibertex pad, metal scraper, plastic wax scraper, horsehair brush, waxing iron and wax apron.

If you don’t already have a full waxing kit, this is a great option!

The OutdoorMaster waxing kit includes everything you need for a full hot wax. This includes two great scrapers – one plastic one for wax removal and one metal one for repairs and P-tex application. 

With this kit you can repair gouges, sharpen your edges, wax your base and clean your board. Job done. 

I’m in the process of doing a full video review of mine, so stay tuned!

  • Includes everything you could ever need to wax, clean and repair your snowboard.
  • The scrapers included are high quality.
  • Fast delivery, great service. 
  • Makes for a great setup in your kit room.
  • Handy case and apron. 
  • More pricey than just buying a scraper. 
  • May include even more equipment than you really need.

4. WSD Triangle Snowboard Wax Scraper

WSD Triangle Snowboard Wax Scraper
  • Triangle Scraper Tri Scraper ski and snowboard wax scraper,Great for skis or snowboards Remove excess wax from ski or snowboard base Corner notch for edge cleaning
  • The Triangle Scraper is the perfect addition to your tuning tools. Compatible with snowboards and skis, this little guy packs a punch. With more scraping leverage than traditional rectangle scrapers, the WSD Triangle Scraper won't disappoint!
  • Notched for edge scraping good scraper, sturdy and stiff, triangular shape works well Great for skis and snowboards If you ski or snowboard you Always need another scraper Six sharpened edges there are multiple edges and a little notch in it for the edges . Trishape gives more scraping leverage This fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is very ergonomic. It made the scraping process much faster. Key Features of Tri Scraper: Six Sides Mean There''s Always a Sharp Edge
  • What puts our scraper in a geometric class of its own is its triangular shape. Six edges guarantee that there’s always a sharp edge to scrape excess wax from your base. A scraping notch ensures your board’s edges remain free of excess drippage or waxy buildup.

Here’s one with a different shape! This makes it handy when packing or even keeping in your pocket (though I would avoid this due to the risk of falls).

I keep one of these in my snowboard bag and car at all times. On the downside, the smaller size makes the wax-scraping process take much longer than normal.

  • Triangle shape makes it easier to hold.
  • Corner notch for edge cleaning
  • Easy to pack!
  • Nice sharp edges.
  • Smaller diameter may mean it takes longer to cover the whole snowboard base.

5. The OneBallJay Metal Snowboard Wax Scraper

OneBallJay Super Snowboard Wax Scraper
  • QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Specially made for Snowboards and Skis, a steel scraper is a must for any tuning kit. Intended for base repair, but also useful for reshaping sidewalls, topsheets, etc...
  • EXTRA SHARP STEEL SCRAPER MEASURES 6" x 2.5" [15cm x 6cm]- Not made for wax, a steel scraper is what you need for flattening high spots in your base, and for removing excess Ptex after base repair.
  • MULTI PURPOSE TUNING TOOL - Keep this scraper handy, you'll find other uses for it besides base repair. It can be used to reshape sidewalls to help with edgework, smooth damaged topsheets, etc...
  • INSTRUCTIONS - When you hit a rock, in addition to the hole in your base, surrounding areas may be slightly raised. Steel scraper to the rescue! Flatten by scraping from the tip towards the tail using multiple short, light, overlapping passes.
  • REMOVING PTEX AFTER BASE REPAIR - There is an art to applying Ptex so it stays put and looks good. YouTube and practice will make you an expert. To remove excess, a sharp steel scraper is key. Use light pressure and multiple passes for best results.

Here’s something a little different for you. This snowboard scraper is not made of plastic or plexiglass, it’s made of metal! This means the edges are super sharp and super strong. 

However… metal scrapers are best for base repairs rather than for waxing.

If you’re buying a scraper to use just for wax, metal is actually a hindrance. You run the risk of gouging out the P-tex (the base). However if you need a scraper to straighten out chips or bumps in the board, this is the one!

  • Solid construction
  • Super sharp
  • Heat resistant 
  • Dope aesthetic
  • Better for P-Tex repairs than for wax scraping

6. One MFG Ski & Snowboard Wax and Scraper Kit

One Mfg Mini Ski & Snowboard Wax Kit
  • Contains F-1 All Temperature Universal Wax for skis and snowboards.
  • Includes a plastic 6-inch scraper, always use plastic and not steel.
  • One Manufacturing makes high performance snowboard products, manufactured in the USA.

I picked up this awesome little kit in Colorado (having forgotten my previous one). The scraper itself is wider, allowing for a better grip with your palm. This was great for combatting stubborn areas of build up. 

You also get a really decent block of all-temp snowboard wax. At this price, that’s a bargain!

On the downside, the scraper is shorter than the XCMAN which means it doesn’t quite cover your full base width. 

  • Great bang for your buck!
  • Wax included
  • Extra width = extra grip
  • A little shorter than other options

7. The PURL Wax Scraper

PURL Wax Scraper (Small- 6')
4 Reviews
PURL Wax Scraper (Small- 6")
  • Ski and Snowboard Wax Scraper
  • Choose from 6" or 9" size wax scraper
  • 5mm thick
  • Notched corner for removing wax from edges.

Regular readers know how much I love PURL wax. They’re a great little family-led, USA-based brand. 

They even landed a top spot on this year’s list of best snowboard waxes!

The wax scraper is as high quality as their other products. Unlike any of the other options, it comes in a choice of sizes (I recommend the 9″). It also has a cutout for attachment to a carabiner or bag strap. 

Once again, avoid the metal option unless you’re planning some base repairs. 

  • USA-based business
  • Family owned 
  • Nice and wide
  • A choice of sizes
  • A little more pricey
  • No prime delivery (yet)

How To Find The Best Snowboard Wax Scraper.

The elements that make a good snowboard wax scraper are fairly simple. When choosing a scraper, consider the following:

  1. Wax Scraper Material: Choose plastic or plexiglass. This is forgiving for the P-tex but still strong enough to scrape off the wax. Avoid metal except for base repairs and applying P-tex.
  2. Sizing: I find that a longer scraper is much easier for snowboarders. If you do choose a short one, triangular ones are easier on your fingers.
  3. Durability: Choose a well-rated brand. Super cheap products are tempting but will quickly snap or wear down. Don’t worry, every scraper in the list above uses premium materials. 
  4. Cost: You don’t need to spend any more than the prices listed above. With more expensive products you tend to pay mainly for the branding. 

Why Do You Need A Wax Scraper?

When you wax your snowboard, it leaves a thick layer of wax on your base. But it’s actually the wax absorbed into the base materials that helps your snowboard to glide.

Any extra wax on the surface will actually be a hindrance and cause more drag. This is where a wax scraper comes in! 

You need to scrape all of the extra wax away from the base of the snowboard. You can then polish the base into a smooth riding, speed machine!

How To Use A Wax Scraper

Using a scraper is fairly straightforward, but you do want to make sure you’re not causing damage to the base.

Here’s a handy video from OutdoorMaster on how to wax your base (and use your scraper). 


Those were the best snowboard wax scrapers!

My personal advice is not to obsess too much, just choose one and go for it. Ultimately, they’re one of the cheapest snowboard tools and fairly straightforward to make. Most of them will serve you just fine! 

To reduce how often you need to wax your board, check out whether rub-on wax is any good. You might also want to know how long snowboard wax lasts.

Happy riding!

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