Guide to buying a used snowboard

by Fraser

Shopping for a used snowboard is a great way to save you cash but there are a few things to bear in mind before choosing your 2nd hand snowboard.

Make sure you pick the right length and width for your height, weight, feet size, riding style, and ability.

Once you’ve chosen the right size snowboard, check the snowboard for any visible damage, especially the top deck. De lamination of the top sheet can be repaired, but you should stay clear of any snowboards that show visible marks. Damaged snowboards are less stable and will have will not be as durable.

Next, be sure to remove the bindings from the snowboard to see if there are any cracks or dings hiding under the bindings. Do the same things with stickers and stomp pads. Inspect the binding holes and test the screws to make sure they have not been threaded or damaged. There is nothing worse than buying a board and then realising your bindings cannot be attached because of damage to the screw fittings.

Also make sure the metal edges around the snowboard is in good condition. If there are any rounding then that’s fine, they can be easily be fixed but gouges cannot and you should avoid snowboards with gouges.

When inspecting the base of the snowboard, look out for cracks or deep cuts which are difficult to repair. Don’t worry too much about scratches or scrapes since they are cosmetic and won’t effect the snowboard’s performance. Lastly, make sure to place the snowboard on a flat surface and make sure the board’s noise and tail make contact, while the middle of the board has ground clearance.

Buying a used snowboard will have imperfections so don’t expect to find a used snowboard in perfect condition. But if you do, well done. They are very rare!

If however, your snowboard is a little worse for wear, consider these options for old snowboards.

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