Thirty Two Lashed Snowboard Boots 2012

by Fraser

The Thirty Two boots are one of the sets that I’m considering for the 2012 season. In this preview I’ll take a look at the general design of the boot, and comment on my experience from trying them on (alongside other boots). My current set of boots are the Lashed so I’ve got history with them. Is this the next snowboard boot for me?

This preview may also help you decide if the Lashed is a good fit for your riding…

One liner from Thirty Two

“Often imitated, never duplicated – your #1 boot year after year.”

My thoughts on the 32 Lashed boots

With my current set, I have absolutely no complaints. Not only that, they’ve last well; I’m still riding the boots from the 2004/2005 season – if you’re interested, read that review.

These are my comments from trying on this season’s Lashed…


Laces better than Fast Track (FT). The set that I tried in the shop were the fast track design. To this date, I’ve not encountered any speed-lacing systems that I like. There may be some good ones out there, but I tend not to like them. For me, the Lashed FT was hard to get tight – or at least to feel that I was tightening them. It’s also harder to tighten/slacken them in specific areas. For me, the basic lace approach is preferred. That said, the way the FT “locks off” is fast to use and it looks like the grippers will hold the laces tight.

Inner boot – very good. I’ve always like the inner boots of the Lashed. The 2012 model seems good too. They’re still using the harness from the outer boot to tie the inner boot. Very good for keeping both parts of the boot moving together and preventing heel lift. I must say that the mechanism on both the Nike Vapen and Burton Hail boots was nicer to use. Nicer in the hand… but the Lashed inner boot still ties up very well.

The inner boot has velcro at the top to secure the tongue. They’ve done a good job of this, but I’d say the old approach of a strap that wraps around the top of the inner boot is better. It doesn’t come undone. Ever. I’d have to ride these to comment more on that velcro… compared to the other boots, it did seem good though.

Good freestyle flex. Trying these on, I liked the flex of the Lashed. Fairly soft, and having ridden Lashed boots for a long time now, I know that the flex works well for freestyle riding.

High on the calf. One potential issue that I did notice was these boots ran quite high up on the calf. The guy in the shop commented that he’s heard from people riding them that they can dig in a little. Less of an issue for taller people most likely (I’m 5′ 8″).

Overall opinion. I’m looking at new boots for the 2012 season. In my mind, a clear option was to replace my current Lashed boots with a new set. They’ve been so good. Having tried them on, I know that the 2012 model ride well and suit my style. They’ll deliver. I was very impressed with the Burton Hail boots, but the main concern there is all-mountain performance.

And that’s the great thing about the Lashed: they also perform around the rest of the mountain. It’s this all round performance, coupled with being light, good basic laces and a good inner boot, that may give these the edge of the Hails…

They’re the number one selling boot for 32 for a reason.

Video explanation of the 32 Lashed tech/design

The following video does a good job of breaking down the complete design of the Lashed boots – with a good look at the inner. It’s worth watching…

Get hooked up!

If you’re interested in the 32 Lashed snowboard boots, check out the stores below. At the time of writing they’re all stocking the Lashed with good size selection. As another option for UK shredders, Bucks Boarding has a good range of sizes and colours for the Lashed (Fast Track lace version) boots.

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