Snowboard Bindings and Goggles

by Fraser

New goggles fall into the category of must-have. I smashed mine last season, so they need replacing.

New bindings on the other hand, come under nice to have. My MLBs are great bindings, it’s just the buckles play up on them now that they’re old. I’ll get by with them for another couple of weeks – worst case scenario I need to buy some new buckles in resort, or a new strap or something. But it would be nice to get some new ones…

I tried on some Oakley Crowbars at the weekend. I was surprised at how comfortable they were – although I haven’t tried them with a lid yet, which I wear around half of the time. Can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of the Crowbar styling, but they are designed to work well with helmets… They’re an option.

I do however like the style that most Von Zippers have. My previous goggles (von zipps) were a good fit and had a good lens.

Anon goggles also have a small, squarish style, similar to the Von Zippers. For example, I prefer this over the pointy shape of most Dragon goggles, or the over-roundedness of say, Smith goggles. Quiksilver goggles also have a nice shape, in my opinion – but they’re harder to get a hold of.

So although I’ve never tried any Anon goggles, I would consider a set – especially as they seem to be fairly cheap.

Of course, I’m thinking mainly about the look here. A bit lame really when the comfort and visibility (lens) are more important factors. But if you order on-line, it’s hard to judge the comfort, and goggle lenses can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. Anyone got a favourite brand, or know of some that they hear perform consistently well? Anyone always take a spare lens with them?


Hmm. My approach to bindings always seems a little boring. With boards, I’m quite particular about a whole range of design features. I always want to try new boards – wondering how they ride. Maybe I’m naive when it comes to bindings, or perhaps I haven’t tried as many different models as I have boards…

I’d always settle for some Burton Missions. They’ve never let me down and they’re comfortable. The only problem with them is that Burton have hiked the price up. Lame.

The Drake MLBs have been exactly what I want from a binding. No nonsense, basic adjustments, not too stiff, average sized high-back and decent buckles! Unfortunately it’s the last point that continues to be a problem now. The buckles get stuck. But to be fair, the straps in general are tired.

So, continuing on this theme, I might look to get some Burton Missions, or, I’ve been checking out the middle of the road, slightly freestyle oriented, Ride Delta bindings…

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