Snowboarding Headphones, 360s and Rome SDS

by Fraser

For your consideration; three snowboarding things worth looking at…

1. Decent headphones for the hill?

I’m on the look out for on-hill audio options. My current setup of earbuds plus helmet isn’t working for me. I wrap the wires around the helmet strap so I can pop them out and not worry about the dropping, but then it’s a pain to take the lid off…

Well, I’ve been watching a few videos from Torstein lately, and he’s always rocking some ‘phones in the park. So I checked out his setup – he’s using the Kicker HP201 Active-Style Headphones. Not that you should judge a book by the cover, especially with audio, but they don’t look that good. Plus, they’re really difficult to find. Anywhere.


Aerial7 headphones on the other hand – I’ve heard from a reliable source – are pretty legit. Those on the right hand side are the Phoenix headphones. What’s more, there’s a big selection of different models (on-ear, over-ear, buds) and colour-ways, if that’s your thing.  What I like about both those headphones above is that they’re “on-ear”. I’m willing to be proven wrong, but I get the impression that’s a good option for snowboarding (unless you’re wearing a helmet of course).

Aerial 7 Tank Thrash Over-Ear DJ Headphones with In-Line Microphone 02

2. Learning to spin 360s

As well as adding new material to their freestyle program, like the handplants and street-style rails videos, SA are also updating some of their core lessons. In this case, it’s the 360 video.

I’ve reviewed their stuff enough times now, so I’ll just recommend watching the outline below.

3. Rome x2 Snowboard

A double mention for Rome SDS here. First up – the Rome Artifact snowboard. With all the jibbing going on at the moment, I’m tempted by the prospect of a new jib-stick. The Artifact has been on my radar for a few years now. True twin, super buttery, I’d get it in the 150cm option. Probably get it in the Rocker style, but then again, the camber option (featured below) does appeal…


And now the film that Rome released this year, The Shred Remains. It’s about the 100-Day Perspective and features some sick riders: LNP, MFR, Lucas Debari, Bjorn Leines, Stale Sandbech, Rusty Ockenden, Johnny Lazz, Will Lavigne, Marie Hucal, and the Am Army. I’d like to see more snowboarding from Marie-France Roy…

The Shred Remains: Official Teaser.

The cool thing is that it’s available on iTunes. I’m loving the option to download, or rent, snowboard movies from iTunes. Previously I’d gotten to the point where I’d seen so many movies, I felt less inclined to buy new DVDs each season. Probably bought one, each season for the last three years. This is loads more convenient and cheaper.

Ultimately though, these methods are how I now listen to music when I’m on the mountain. Check them out.

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