New Burton Tech Lite Carry On Luggage

by Fraser

Some snowboarders will think more about luggage than others. No doubt. If you’re the type who likes to pack your stuff well, or even just have luggage that looks good, then you may be interested in this.

New Burton Tech Lite Carry On LuggageBurton’s Tech Lite Carry On Luggage is designed for exactly that, to be carried on to the plane. Check the dimensions (21 x 11 x 9.5 in) vs most airline carry-on regulations and you’ll find that it “fits”. Good stuff – because if it didn’t, we’d call that a fail.

So who uses these types of bags? And are they worth the cash, because they’re not particularly cheap!? Well, carry-on luggage is handy on any trip where you don’t want to check luggage in… but then again that’s probably not your typical snowboard trip…

Take a look at the afterbang Luggage Survey for some ideas – it identifies the combination of the all-in-one boardbag plus carry-on luggage as a useful setup. Backback on your shoulders and two hands free – one for the carry on and one for the boardbag. Big capacity. If you’ve already got that boardbag, something like this could be a nice addition.

Getting back to the bag in question – this year’s Tech Lite Carry-On looks pretty sick in the green colourway, or more precisely, Astro Buffade Plaid 😉 For sure, it’s not the only carry-on bag out there, but Burton do make good quality luggage. Their cram zones around the zippers work well – as do the skate straps, if you ever carry a skateboard.

The lack of a dedicated laptop compartment may be a miss for some, but the interior is compartmentalised and overall this bag looks good. Bring on more of the 2011/2012 gear.

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