Best Places To Buy Snowboard Gear Online

The 7 Best Places To Buy Snowboard Gear Online

by Ben

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, one thing’s for sure: having the right gear is essential.

Fortunately, the digital age has made buying snowboard gear even easier. But only if you get the choose the right store!

So, join me on a virtual journey to discover the best places to buy snowboard gear online.

The Top Online Snowboard Stores

Key Factors In Choosing The Best Stores

I’ve bought huge amounts of snowboard gear over the years. Much more than I’d care to admit (especially to my wife!).

I therefore have over a decade of  experience with nearly every snowboard store you can think of. I’ve even worked for several of them over the years!

This puts me in the perfect position to identify the best places to buy snowboard gear online. 

Each of the stores on the list excelled in key areas such as shipping, product selection, returns policies, snowboarding knowledge and general good vibes. 

Snowboard Store Comparison Table

I’ll get straight to the point, here’s a quick comparison table of the best sites to buy snowboard gear. 

For the detailed reviews, keep scrolling. 

Top Pick


  • Shipping: Free over $50
  • Return Policy: 366 days
  • Product Range: Outstanding!
Best Return Policy


  • Shipping: Free over $50
  • Return Policy: Lifetime for unused items, 30-days for used items
  • Product Range: Outstanding for soft goods, limited for hardware
Popular Pick


  • Shipping: Free for members ($50 for non-members)
  • Return Policy: 1-year for members, 90-days for non-members
  • Product Range: Excellent, though a little more outdoor focused
Budget Pick


  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping!
  • Return Policy: 30-days 
  • Product Range: Goggles, Helmets, Accessories
  • Discount Code:  SBDAYS15 
Family Pick
Peter Glenn

Peter Glenn

  • Shipping: Free over $49
  • Return Policy: 30-days (extended in holiday periods) 
  • Product Range: Great range snowboards, including smaller brands
Support Small Business!
Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop

Berg’s Ski and Snowboard Shop

  • Shipping: Free at $49+ 
  • Return Policy: 30-days, may accept later returns with a 15% restocking fee
  • Product Range: A good selection, including some rarer split boards
Fastest Delivery


  • Shipping: Free with Prime
  • Return Policy: Depends on Seller
  • Product Range: Excellent for apparel and accessories. Less comprehensive for snowboards
We may make a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Best Places To Buy Snowboard Gear Online

If you’ve made it this far, you’re looking for the full reviews. Strap in, we’re about to get detailed. 

Best Place To Buy Snowboard Gear!

  • Shipping: Free over $50
  • Return Policy: 366 days
  • Product Range: Outstanding!


Evo is the best snowboard store in the USA.

They have an industry-leading product range, excellent customer service and a user-friendly site. Whilst other snowboard sites have failed to innovate over the years, Evo have always managed to stay on-trend. 

In fact, it's not uncommon to find the latest snowboards on Evo before they're available anywhere else. They also offer some heavily discounted end-of-season options. Check back regularly to grab a bargain!

Customer Service:

The team at Evo are amazing. Over the years they've managed to source several sold-out items for me and on one occasion, a product they don't even stock.

Evo will also price match any product found elsewhere online... and beat it by 5%. How's that for customer service?


Evo has stores scattered around the states. You can find them in Seattle, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake, Whistler, Hood river and Snoqualmie Pass.

They've also now joined forces with Rhythm Japan, with 7 stores spread across 3 incredible Japanese resorts!

  • Most comprehensive product range 
  • Best selection of sizes and colorways 
  • Great source of snowboarding knowledge 
  • Friendly and helpful customer service team 
  • Excellent shipping and returns policy 
  • Awesome mid and late season sales 
  • Best site for backcountry gear
  • Return policy mainly applies to new and unused items (which is industry standard). Backcountry and REI's policies are even more generous. 
Best Outerwear Range


  • Shipping: Free over $50
  • Return Policy: Lifetime for unused items, 30-days for used items
  • Product Range: Outstanding for soft goods, limited for hardware


Backcountry is one of the best places to buy snowboard gear online. 

Founded way back in 1996, Backcountry started as an avalanche safety gear specialist. They have since expanded, offering a huge range of snowboarding goods. More recently, they acquired Alpine Trek (also known as Bergfreunde) and so now supply snowboard gear across Europe. 

They have a pretty good range of snowboards, bindings and boots - but their strong point is apparel, accessories and soft goods. 

Customer Service:

Backcountry have an awesome support team. Their chat feature works well, as does their "text a gear-head" advice system. 

Their return policy is one of the best in the business, with no time limit on unused items and a 30-day return period on used items (usually for store credit). 


Backcountry have 7 bricks and mortar stores across the US. These include Bozeman (Montana), Park City (Utah) and West Valley City (Utah). 

  • Incredible returns policy 
  • Fast and free shipping ($50+)
  • Best snowboard store for soft goods
  • Intuitive website and chat features
  • Stock some smaller, niche brands
  • Very knowledgable about backcountry products (as you might expect from the name)
  • Product descriptions can be limited compared to Evo
  • Previous over-enforcement of their trademark on the word "backcountry", which affected small businesses
Best Membership Benefits


  • Shipping: Free for members ($50 for non-members)
  • Return Policy: 1-year for members, 90-days for non-members
  • Product Range: Excellent, though a little more outdoor focused


REI is the nation's largest outdoor store, boasting an impressive 176 stores across 42 states. 

Unlike Evo and Backcountry, REI offer a unique membership program; pay $30 for lifetime access to perks such as free machine waxing, extended returns windows, free shipping, regular product discounts and 10% cash back on full-priced products. 

Whilst I usually resist any mention of a membership program, REI's genuinely makes sense for most riders. 

They also have a massive range of camping, climbing and biking gear, which comes in handy in the off-season. 

On the flip side, they're certainly less dedicated to snowboarding than sites like They stock the major brands, but with fewer options and a narrower product lineup. 

Customer Service:

REI offer an excellent shipping and returns policy... for members. Unfortunately, non-members are penalized with shorter return windows and a higher threshold for free shipping. 

However, if you're close to one of their many stores, you can have anything shipped there for free. 

On a positive note, several seasons ago I had issues with my delaminating Arbor Coda. The online customer service team were outstanding. I had a new board within a week!


I won't bore you with a full list.

Click here to find your local REI store.

  • Excellent membership benefits 
  • Stocks the biggest snowboard brands 
  • Super solid customer service team
  • Excellent delivery times 
  • Customer-focused returns policy 
  • Nationwide store presence (though often quite limited on their in-store snowboard stock) 
  • Charge extra to ship snowboards ($20)
  • Less ideal for non-members
  • More outdoor focused than snowboard-focused
Best Budget Snowboard Gear


  • Shipping: Free worldwide shipping!
  • Return Policy: 30-days 
  • Product Range: Goggles, Helmets, Accessories
  • Discount Code:  SBDAYS15 


Outdoor Master (OM) is the best place to buy budget snowboard gear. More specifically... goggles, helmets and accessories.

Launching in 2015, OM set out on a mission to provide high-end snowboard tech at low-end prices. They tackled this mammoth task by manufacturing their own gear, from start to finish.

You'll therefore only find their own branded products on their site. Whilst I was initially sceptical, I'm now a fan of Outdoor Master products. They offer pretty good bang for your buck. 

For example, their Ultra goggles offer toric frameless lenses, HD tech, anti-fog coating and a magnetic lens change system. Comparable snowboard goggles retail for over $200, OM managed to come in at around $100. 

Customer Service:

OM offer free worldwide shipping on all orders. 

Their return policy is slightly less generous, offering only a 30-day return window. However, my buddy exchanged his goggles after around 60-days when one of the lenses was faulty. Apparently the team were super friendly and helpful. 


Outdoor Master is 100% online (though some retailers now stock them). 

Best Products:

Diamond MIPS Helmet
Ultra Snowboard Goggles

  • Budget gear with high-end tech
  • Worldwide free shipping service 
  • Huge R&D budget for new products 
  • Now the official supplier of team USA
  • Massive savings compared to name-brands 
  • Their cheaper products are less impressive
  • Can't quite compete with premium brands (though this is to be expected at <50% of the price). 
Peter Glenn
Best Product Range For Kids

Peter Glenn

  • Shipping: Free over $49
  • Return Policy: 30-days (extended in holiday periods) 
  • Product Range: Great range snowboards, including smaller brands


Peter Glenn have been in the game for over 60-years. While originating in Vermont, they now have a huge bricks-and-mortar store presence in the Southeast. 

They have a super dedicated customer base, mostly down to the incredible customer services team (the crazy end-of-season discounts don't hurt either).  

They carry the "big names" such as Burton whilst also giving shelf-space to the up-and-coming niche brands. 

They've also made it their mission to kit-out the whole family. Their kids section is one of the largest in the industry! 

Customer Service:

These guys are super passionate about the outdoors and snowboarding. This is evident any time I've needed help from their excellent customer services team. 

They even held the last Lib Tech Orca for me when I was on a desperate mission to find one. For that (and the epic lines I had on my Orca) I will forever be grateful. 


Peter Glenn have stores scattered throughout the South East (mainly Florida). Click here to find your nearest location


  • Super passionate founder and team 
  • A solid selection of hard goods 
  • Excellent product range for kids 
  • Fast shipping times (in my experience)
  • For the tech savvy riders amongst us, they accept Bitcoin payments
  • Can't quite compete with the returns policy of REI/Backcountry or the product range of Evo. 
Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop
Best Family-Owned Snowboard Store

Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop

  • Shipping: Free at $49+ 
  • Return Policy: 30-days, may accept later returns with a 15% restocking fee
  • Product Range: A good selection, including some rarer split boards


In the 1900's, 18-year old Alfred Berg travelled the states in search of the American dream. He settled in Oregon and in 1955 founded his very own ski shop.

In 1987, soon after snowboarding burst onto the scene, Alfred added an adjacent snowboard store. 

The family business has remained in the same spot ever since. In fact, his son and grandson work there to this day!

If you're passionate about supporting independent family businesses (which you should be) then look no further. 

Fortunately, they now stock a much wider product range than when they started. Their friendly team will help you find whatever you're looking for. 

Customer Service:

Berg's team make a point of riding and testing everything they stock. With literally decades of snow sports experience, you're in safe hands. 

They also run a very well-stocked rental service with bus services to local resorts.


The one and only Berg's Ski and Snowboard Shop is based in Eugene, Oregon. 


  • A fine example of the American dream
  • Support a smaller, family-owned business! 
  • Extremely knowledgeable owners and team 
  • Still has an authentic and personal feel 
  • Great product range - they test and support every product they sell
  • Can't match the bigger companies when it comes to product range and sizes stocked
Fastest Shipping


  • Shipping: Free with Prime
  • Return Policy: Depends on Seller
  • Product Range: Excellent for apparel and accessories. Less comprehensive for snowboards


This particularly site needs no introduction!

Whilst I'm not the biggest fan of Amazon, I can't deny how amazing they are for smaller items and last-minute deliveries. 

When it comes to accessories, goggles, helmets and soft goods, few companies can compete with prime delivery. Amazon also offer a super simple returns process and 24/7 customer service. 

However, be careful what you order. Anyone can be an Amazon seller these days, and cheap knock-offs have flooded the market. 

Amazon also lacks the personal touch and you're unlikely to get any meaningful advice or product suggestions. Don't trust the customer reviews, they are very often fake!

I recommend using Amazon for cheaper items, or when you know what you need. Sometimes the prices are irresistible. 

Customer Service:

Varies depending on the seller. However it's likely to be very robotic and automated. 

If you're making a big purchase and need advice, don't go to Amazon for it!


  • Lightning fast delivery (with Prime)
  • Huge range of products 
  • Often has crazy crash sales 
  • Choice of multiple sellers for each item 
  • Great for smaller items or last minute purchases
  • Unlikely to receive any meaningful advice 
  • Poor range of snowboards and bindings 
  • Means feeding a global powerhouse rather than supporting the snowboard industry 

An Honorable Mention

I can’t discuss the best sites to buy snowboard gear without mentioning The House.

The House was a staple of the snowboarding scene for almost two decades. They offered a huge range of gear, expert product round-ups and some incredible seasonal sales. 

Sure, they were a little less polished than the more professional sites, such as Evo and Backcountry. But that was part of the charm! 

Sadly, they closed their doors this season. The site is still live, but the company has been liquidated. If you’re a die-hard fan of The House (like me), Evo have proved a worthy replacement for my snowboard gear needs so far. 

Farewell old friend. Thanks for the gear and the good times!

How To Choose A Snowboard Store

If you’re anything like me, you like routine. Once I find my favorite store or retailer, I stick with them to the bitter end!

Sadly, as we’ve learned from The House, this doesn’t always work. 

So, when choosing the best places to buy snowboard gear, consider these factors:

1. Snowboard Equipment Availability

Hard Goods

This includes your snowboard, snowboard bindings and snowboard boots. Pretty essential, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Of course, most snowboard stores will stock the most popular snowboard brands. What sets the best snowboard stores apart is their selection of the more niche products and brands. 

best snowboard stores for hard goods

For example, stock over 30 different brands of snowboard. REI – the biggest outdoor goods retailer in the country – only stock 14. 

Furthermore, both Evo and Backcountry offer a much wider product line-up within those brands. 

Buying from stores with a wider product-range will increase your chance of finding the perfect board. 

If you’re in need of inspiration, here are the top all-mountain boards of the season.

Soft Goods

Soft good includes outerwear, base layers, mid-layers, gloves and more. 

These are much more straightforward and most retailers have a pretty huge inventory. 

best places to buy snowboard gear - soft goods

If you prefer snowboard-focused and snowboarder-owned brands (which you should) then use a dedicated snowboard store like Evo or Backcountry. If you’re happy with generic brands, Amazon has you covered.

2. Knowledge and Support

One of the reasons I love Evo and The House (RIP) is the vast amount of snowboarding knowledge they offer.

Both companies publish dedicated articles with super helpful instructional guides and size charts. 

You’ll notice that the product listings are also packed full of details and product breakdowns.  

3. Shipping Info

I’m all for supporting small business, but I also don’t want to wait several months for my gear! 

The best snowboard stores offer fast and free shipping services. You’ll notice all of the sites listed above meet this criteria. 

The only store which charges extra for snowboard shipping is REI (booo) for which I marked them down heavily. 

best snowboard gear sites - shipping

All of the stores listed offer free expedited shipping during the holiday periods. Merry Christmas!

4. Return Policy

As you’ll have noted from our snowboard site comparison table, I only use stores with a bulletproof returns policy. 

Whilst every site chosen is pretty solid, Backcountry* and REI are the standouts here. They both offer year-long returns windows on unused items (though you need to be an REI member to access this).

Generous returns windows give you time to try on boots, helmets and other items, without the threat of missing the return window if they don’t fit.  

*Update: Backcountry now offer lifelong returns on unused items. Unheard of! 

5. The Team!

This is one of the biggest factors in determining the best sites to buy snowboard gear from. 

You’ll get an idea of the quality of a store or retailer pretty quickly once you’ve talked to the team. 

Sites like Evo, Peter Glenn and Berg’s have a super dedicated team, some of whom have worked there for years. Most of them are just stoked to be working in an industry they’re passionate about. I was one of them!

Warning. Once you get them talking about snowboarding, you might struggle to get them to stop. But that’s exactly who you want in your corner when you’re choosing your snowboard gear!

Snowboard Store Price Comparison Tool

With so many stores out there, I’ve built a tool to compare prices across them all. Simply type in the product you’re looking for and we’ll search 150 USA stores. 

Try the snowboard store price comparison tool. 

Final Thoughts

Those are the best sites to buy snowboards and snowboard gear from. 

Sure, there are hundreds more stores out there. But I’ve had some pretty terrible experiences with several of them, and I’m hoping this article will spare you the same!

Have I missed your favorite snowboard store?

Let me know in the comments below!

Happy riding. 

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Isaac 12/11/2023 - 2:38 am

Evo is definitely my favorite place to buy snow gear. I see that The-House is still online? Thought they were closing down?

Fraser 12/11/2023 - 2:44 pm

Hey Isaac – So did we! I think they got new investors and managed to stay afloat. I can see 2024 gear being listed currently. I’ll reach out to them and check!


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