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The House Snowboard Shop Closes It’s Doors [2023]

by Fraser

Today I have some bittersweet news to share.

It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you of the closure of The House Snowboard Shop, a beloved haven for snowboarders of all ages and abilities.

After many years of catering to the snowboarding community, this iconic shop will be riding its final slope.

Join us as we reminisce about the good times and explore what this closure means for the snowboarding scene.

Farewell to a Snowboarding Powerhouse

The House Snowboard Shop has been more than just a store.

It has been a vibrant hub where passionate riders, beginners, and seasoned pros alike converged to fuel their passion for snowboarding.

With its vast selection of boards, boots, bindings, and gear, it served as a gateway to a world of adrenaline-pumping adventures.

Their product selection was matched by their unwavering passion and extensive snowboarding knowledge. In the early days of my snowboarding obsession, Matt “Guf” was always there to answer my questions, however small. 

Memories of Powder Days and Gear Upgrades

If the House’s walls could speak, they would echo with tales of epic powder days and high pitched joyous yells. From excited rookies picking up their first boards to seasoned riders seeking out the latest gear, The House Snowboard Shop was a witness to countless milestones.

My garage wall is now a sort of sad shrine to all of the gear I’ve been recommended by The House over the years. 

Those were the days!

Expertise and Community Spirit

What set The House Snowboard Shop apart was its dedicated staff who were not just employees but also passionate snowboarders.

Their expertise, experience, and infectious enthusiasm created a sense of community within the store and the site. Whether it was helping you find the perfect board or sharing tips for tackling a challenging run, they were always there to lend a helping hand.

The Shift to Online Retail

The closure of The House Snowboard Shop is not just a reflection of its own journey but also a sign of the changing times.

In recent years, online retail has experienced tremendous growth, transforming the way we shop for snowboarding gear. While this shift has its advantages, such as convenience and a wider selection, it can never fully replicate the personal touch and sense of community found in a physical store.

Unlike many stores, The House had managed to change with the times. Their site is intuitive and packed full of information. So why are they closing?

Why Is The House Snowboard Store Closing Down?

The House was acquired by e-commerce giant Camping World back in 2017. 

So what caused their previously friendly relationship to go downhill so rapidly?

Whilst Camping World did not respond to my request for comment, I did manage to speak to several employees at The House. 

It sounds as though the demise of the House was dropped on it’s staff rather abruptly. They have not been told much, but are aware the decision came from the head honchos over at Camping World. 

Having done a little detective work, I discovered that Camping World saw significant Q4 losses in 2022. In fact, Yahoo News reported an earnings drop of 1,900%. Additionally, January marked the biggest fall in earnings for the U.S. retail section in 12-months, according to Reuters

Sadly, it would appear that The House has been a casualty of the broader economic climate. 

The Legacy Lives On

As we bid farewell to The House Snowboard Shop, we must remember the legacy they’ve left behind. They’ve inspired snowboarders around the country. 

The House may be closing its doors, but the spirit it embodied will live on through the riders it nurtured and the local slopes it helped conquer.

Am I being a little dramatic? Perhaps. But The House has been a part of my snowboarding journey (and life) for nearly 2 decades!

The Future?

While we say goodbye to this snowboarding oasis, it’s important to recognize the opportunities that lie ahead. As the snowboarding industry continues to evolve, new avenues of opportunity will open up. 

In the meantime, are my preferred snowboard retailer. They have a similar passion and ethos to The House, and a similarly awesome range of gear. 

I highly recommend checking them out. 

For more options, explore the best places to buy snowboard gear online.


The House Snowboard Shop’s closure marks the end of an era in the snowboarding scene.

But as one door closes, another opens (or so I’m told).

Keep riding, keep exploring, and keep the stoke alive! 

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