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Best Asian Fit Ski Goggles | 3 Perfect Low-Bridge Options

by Ben

People with smaller faces or low nose bridges often have difficulty finding ski goggles that fit snugly. Fortunately, more and more brands are designing Asian-fit goggles (or low-bridge fit goggles). Never compromise your comfort again. Let’s explore the best asian fit ski goggles.

The Smith I/O Mag Low Bridge Fit are the best Asian-fit ski goggles on the market. They offer premium technologies such as a magnetic interchangeable lens system and ChromaPop lenses. 

This article offers a detailed review of some of the best Asian fit ski goggles. I’ll also discuss the features that make these ski goggles unique…

Top Choice!
1. Smith I/O MAG Low Bridge Fit
9.4/10 Our Score

The Smith I/O Mag Low Bridge Fit were easily the best asian fit ski goggle we tested. The super fast MAG inter-changeable lens system is simply awesome. The rapid magnetic system is also backed up by a quick lock insert for added security. Smith's lenses are universally well-rated and the ChromaPop technology really does work. The I/O comes with two lenses as standard, including a bright and low light lens. The I/O Low Bridge Fit were also very comfortable and the ventilation system is top-notch.

  • Best-in-class
  • Extremely comfortable
  • ChromaPop Lenses provide great contrast
  • Ground-breaking magnetic lens change system
  • Excellent Ventilation 

✖️ Often sold out! 
✖️ Premium products demand a premium price-tag

More details:

Smith were the first brand to create snow goggles with a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. Needless to say, the guys over at Smith know a thing or two about improving user experience!

The Smith I/O MAG Asian Fit Goggles (re-named “low bridge fit”) are an excellent example of the company’s attention to their customers’ needs.

These goggles not only come with a triple-layer foam for maximum comfort but also with a responsive fit frame to ensure they conform to your face.

Moreover, these goggles also feature Smith’s excellent anti-fog technology. This consists of AirEvac venting that enhances airflow and 5x Anti-fog treatment of the inner lens, ensuring clear vision at all times.

Personal Thoughts: I love Smith’s Chromapop technology.  It really does enhances clarity and depth. I was super glad to see it featured on a low-bridge option!

The only drawback of these goggles is that they cost a pretty penny. If your wallet can stretch to it, pick up your pair here

Otherwise scroll down for some more budget-friendly options

Runner Up!
2. Giro Method Asian Fit Ski Goggles
9.2/10 Our Score

The Giro Method Asian Fit Ski Goggles come with triple-layer face foam and a plush micro-fleece lining. This makes them pretty darned comfortable! They will conform to your face very well, providing a snug fit and great field of vision. The EVAK Vent Technology absorbs moisture and releases it into the environment, reducing the chance of fogging.

  • Excellent peripheral vision 
  • VIVID Lens tech gives snappy contrast and definition 
  • EVAK vent tech works really well 
  • Includes 2 lenses - sun and low light
  • Worked great with our helmets (3 different brands tested). 

✖️ Lens change tech is no match for the I/O MAG!

More details:

I really enjoyed the Giro Method. They were extremely comfortable and offered excellent contrast, even on an overcast day. I was surprised by how well the EVAK Vent Technology seemed to work, especially as I wore them whilst hiking. Full disclosure, I did top them up with my anti-fog spray – but I always do this before a long hike. 

Other notable features of the Giro Method Goggles include an Expansion View (EXV) frame for better peripheral vision. The patented VIVID lens technology (with Optics by ZEISS) also really helped with contrast and definition. 

Personal Thoughts: 

These goggles were awesome during testing. I was surprised by the visual clarity given their relatively affordable price tag. 

The only downsides to these goggles is that they don’t allow space for eyeglasses.

Additionally, whilst the “Slash Seal Lens Change System” does work, it’s no-where near as slick as the I/O MAG. It essentially works by lining the lens up with the frame, and pressing around the edges to seal them in. I found this slightly fiddly with cold hands. 

Best Value!
3. Smith Frontier Low Bridge Fit
9.1/10 Our Score

Another gem from Smith! The Frontier is one of the best asian fit ski goggles for those on a budget. It smashes all of the basics and remains a super solid choice. The Frontier offered a surprisingly large field of vision for a goggle in this price-range. We found that the ventilation was excellent and as with all Smith goggles, the helmet compatibility was on point. 

  • Amazing bang-for-your buck!
  • Ventilation is excellent
  • Great field of vision 
  • Offered a good seal, even with a helmet
  • Wide range of spare lens options (though only one included)

✖️ Doesn't offer the premium technologies of the I/O (No ChromaPop)
✖️ Primitive lens change system

What Are Asian Fit Goggles?

Everyone’s face is different, which makes finding ski goggles rather challenging. 

Fortunately, ski goggles are now designed to fit different face sizes, nose bridges, and more. Still, to get that perfect fit, you might have to test a bunch of different options. One of which is the “Asian fit.

Asian-fit ski goggles are designed for people with smaller faces and low nose bridges, not just Asian people. The slightly contentious name is therefore more commonly now referred to as “low bridge fit”. 

These goggles have an extra layer of foam at the nose-bridge, ensuring there are no pesky gaps. This reduces the risk of unwanted airflow and fog formation. 

Do I Need Asian Fit (Low Bridge) Ski Goggles?

If you struggle to form a tight seal with regular goggles, you should definitely try out some low bridge options. 

This diagram from Smith is a handy reference. If in doubt, try some out. You can always return them if they’re not quite right!

Goggles are an often overlooked part of your gear. Vision is more important than having the newest board or skis. Take it seriously!

How We Tested The Goggles

Myself and the team tested over 10 pairs of goggles during the local ski and snowboard expo. Between us, there were 4 highly experienced riders with all different face and nose shapes – 3 of which exclusively wear low bridge goggles.

The conditions were foggy in the morning, clearing up by the afternoon. There was a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight, making for some nice powder shots.


Finding ski goggles that fit is a hassle, particularly if you are blessed with a smaller face or low nose bridge (like myself). 

Fortunately, more and more skiing and snowboarding brands are designing ski goggles with us in mind.

The three goggles on this list are worth checking out if you are in the market for the best Asian fit ski goggles. If you want even more options, the Anon range by Burton narrowly missed out on making the list.

Got any other suggestions? Drop us a comment below. 

Happy riding!

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Paul 25/08/2023 - 7:43 pm

Can’t tell you how stoked i was to find this. Went with the Smith’s and they work a treat!

Fraser 26/08/2023 - 10:46 am

Awesome! Glad to hear it 🙂


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